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IDC: Who's HOT and who's NOT (in object storage) in 2014



Does anyone have an updated Object Storage "marketscape"?

EMC's hardware 'quantum leap' is more of a brisk catchup stroll


Since when was $60k a deal?

Meanwhile... In the real world shouldn't an entry-level appliance actually provide some performance and ROI for the company? $60k for 6-core per node list price isn't a small business or ROBO cost.

Small companies are embracing the benefits of Storage Spaces and flocking to the Microsoft-Defined DataCenter architecture. It's easy to grab a higher performing appliance with minimal SW (Standard Edition) costs when comparing VM and storage. Just look at these kind of hyper-converged appliances promoted by HGST.


ps... and oh yeah, it was released nearly 2 yrs ago these came out.

Pure Storage pushes all-flash array purification


Maybe math's just not my game, I know! Let's have a spelling contest!

OK so there are 20 SSD bays each able to house 2 SSDs with a max capacity of 1TB per SSD. Wouldn't that equal a 40TB design?

How does the Pure Storage website, video and PR claim that a FlashArray//m can pack "120 terabytes in a 3U chassis" or "40TB per U" ???