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Amazon’s cloudy Macs cost $25.99 a day. 77 days of usage would buy you your own Mac


“Azure has had cloudy Macs for months”

Really? I can’t find anything on Azure’s website that is the equivalent of this - ie. a full Mac virtual machine.

There is even a feedback item still open:


Attention adults working in the real world: Do not upgrade to iOS 11 if you use Outlook, Exchange


Working fine here with iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad with an Office 365 Exchange mailbox.

Only thing that isn’t working is push notifications for new emails.

You're mulling GitHub Enterprise. Not keen on on-prem hosting. You don't totally hate cloud...


Yes you can, but you don't get a management interface, or any of the additional functionality outside of the git CLI like issue tracking, wikis, pull requests, web viewer/editor etc.

Having said that, GitHub Enterprise is ridonculously expensive. Other alternatives such as Gitlab or Gogs are much more affordable (Gogs is very close to being a GitHub clone and is open source.)

Tuesday's AWS S3-izure exposes Amazon-sized internet bottleneck


Re: Cloud = Eggs in one big basket

"It's just a matter of time before the first massive DDOS attack on Cloud providers occurs. That'll be interesting"

Like the one against Linode in 2015 you mean, that took most of their data centres down a number of times over the Christmas period?


AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world


Re: Should be the mother of all wakeup calls but I doubt it

I have an internet-connected DVR with 5 cameras. I can view live or recorded footage on my smartphone wherever I am in the world.

Guess what... it records to a local 1TB hard drive, and depends only on my broadband line. I can't believe there are devices out there that cease to function without an internet connection. Surely an ISP or local phone provider exchange would be more common than an entire AWS DC failing, and manufacturers would have realised the flaw in their design by now?

Power cut interrupts UK.gov cloud service supplier


Re: The outage continue till ~ 11-ish

I think that only relates to the setup status - I.e. Pending, live, on-hold, expired.

Their is another "server status" indicator on the server detail page itself.

However I wouldn't mind betting at least some of their monitoring servers are in Reading...


I thought exactly the same, but after making this known on Twitter Simply/Poundhost's commercial manager phoned me to insist they own their own data centre and it couldn't possibly be the same problem.

Although it was suspiciously the same circumstances, power outage followed by generator failure... hmm.

Power 'issue' fells UK web registrar's servers


Not so isolated

I'm hosted with Memset who have a DC in Reading. Based on the similarity with Names/Simply, I'm guessing they are colocated in the same DC.

If that's the case I find it hard to believe it was an "isolated" incident to a "small number" of Simply's customers.

Memset's status page is quite informative:

"An area of Reading experienced a power failure earlier this morning which affected both the primary and secondary power feeds to the data centre. Issues transitioning onto generator power resulted in power loss to our entire estate. Currently all power has been restored to the data centre and we are working to resolve any outstanding secondary issues affecting a small number of customers.

We will issue a full report once our internal investigation is complete."

Microsoft to Windows 10 consumers: You'll get updates LIKE IT or NOT


For anyone complaining that it will restart PCs randomly: have you actually tried the preview build?

At least in build 10166, it still gives you the option of when you want to install them.

As for roaming charges, Windows has been clever enough since 8 to know when it's roaming. The issue I guess is for capped broadband connections - but even then as long as you're keeping up to date regularly(which Win 10 will do by the sound of it) it should only be a matter of megs not gigs, especially as I imagine they will still stick to a patch Tuesday - I.e. Once a month.

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year


"going as far as to nag them"

I'm fed up of this scaremongering already, and the Get Win 10 app was only released yesterday.

The app does no nagging, it simply allows you to click on it IF YOU WANT.

I didn't even notice it was there until I'd read about it online! Hardly nagging.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: You Know Windows 10 Is Going To Be Good...

It's not being forced down your throat - you're given the opportunity to upgrade. Don't want it? Don't use the icon or uninstall the update that provided it.

It's no different to Apple advertising a big banner on the home page of the Apple Store when a new version of OSX is available.


Scare mongering as usual

The headline of this article is scare mongering. The Get Windows 10 app is optional. If you want it, you click it. If not, you ignore it.

I've not seen anywhere that it forces an upgrade on you, or annoys you by putting loads of banners and pop-ups everywhere (like Adware does.)

Plus is it really adware when it's MS offering a FREE upgrade (not up-selling) on its own OS?