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What’s Your Agile Value?

Thomas Guest

I disagree!

I'm not left hanging by the values in the Agile Manifesto; they ring true to me. Your re-wording is something very different. It doesn't standalone -- it's a comment on the original, and I think it misses the point.

You say: "For example (being tongue-in-cheek here), it wouldn’t matter as much if the team were to launch straight into coding without first eliciting some requirements from the customer. (This would, of course, be a recipe for disaster, quality staff or not)."

This doesn't sound like a recipe for disaster to me. Why shouldn't a team code up a proof of concept of a novel software product, then use this as a vehicle to elicit feedback?

You say: "To gain customer collaboration, you need to negotiate a contract first." I can collaborate with a customer without a contract in place.

Making sense of Ruby

Thomas Guest

Interesting article

I'm convinced you're really a fan of dynamic languages. Surely the best solution is for your intellisense plugin to run Ruby in the background, and use its introspective powers to provide the auto-complete options?