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DNAaaahahaha: Twins' 23andMe, Ancestry, etc genetic tests vary wildly, surprising no one



Their facial structure looks a bit different (makeup makes harder to tell) and they are different heights. Perhaps they are fraternal twins who just look exceptionally similar? That is a possibility.


Or maybe...

They don't bloody well look like identical twins. And if these test results are anything to go by, they are not identical twins.

Brits' HSBC bank cards, net access goes TITSUP


"(And come to think of it, I've also been known to pay an 800-quid council tax bill in 2p pieces - but that's what you get if you make me angry.)"

That would be over 280kg of coin and generally 4x the stock level held at even large of branches so you methinks your're making shit up.

Also, 2p coins can only be used to settle debt up to 20p, that is their legal tender limit. Which means any body or organisation is well within their right to reject payment made above that value.

From the Royal Mint and Bank of England:


In England and Wales the £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes are legal tender for payment of any amount. However, they are not legal tender in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Coins are legal tender throughout the United Kingdom for the following amount:

£5 (Crown) - for any amount

£2 - for any amount

£1 - for any amount

50p - for any amount not exceeding £10

25p (Crown) - for any amount not exceeding £10

20p - for any amount not exceeding £10

10p - for any amount not exceeding £5

5p - for any amount not exceeding £5

2p - for any amount not exceeding 20p

1p - for any amount not exceeding 20p"

This also points out an other curiosity:

Yes, that is right Scottish notes are NOT legal tender outside of Scotland!

AND English money is not legal tender in Scotland.

Warming up the thruster that will ram LOHAN to glorious heights


I don't have any solid figures for the following but from what I know they will cause problems:


The capacity and output will be severely reduced by the extreme cold. Just as an example some DSLRs are rated to -10C operation but they suffer quite a reduction in shots per battery. Only a warm battery will provide that kind of output.


The test isn't valid for the expected conditions because you have only tested that it works at a relatively warm temperature at a low altitude and relatively high pressure.

I hope you have a way to address these issues.

Organic food offers basically no health benefit, boffins find


Nutrition never a benefit for Organic.

The whole point of organic food is to reduce exposure to pesticides, fertilizers and hormones which can have harmful effects. Organic producers and promoters would like a nutritional difference but that won't happen. In fact some intensive grown hydroponic veg may have more nutrients thanks to the conditions they are grown in. Organic promotes biodiversity but it will cost because of reduced yield.

My personal feelings are that organic food is a good idea for pregnant women, babies, toddlers whose development may be at risk with hormone and toxin ridden foods.

AMD slips into desktop RAM biz


Erm, timings?

What a load of horse excrement! Those timings are poor and most definitely not 'ultra pro gaming'. Come on at 1600Mhz you should at least have 9-9-9 or even better 8-8-8, 11-11-11 is just poor! I wouldn't even have 11-11-11 at 1866Mhz!

LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely


Please use metric!

Please use metric DAMNIT!!!

Explosion because NASA knows what happens when you use imperial units.

Capita makes grab for health reseller



They have control of too many private and government IT projects and have a tendency to provide overpriced equipment unsuitable for the desired purpose. Them taking over rivals can only be a bad thing.

3D TVs to drop below £1000 in 2012


Polarised 3D Projections

Dual image polarised 3d effects are awful! For one they work on an average pupil to pupil distance. This means that if your pupil to pupil distance is not close to them mean your eye muscles are strained into odd positions for the focus distance. You need to sit at the right distance otherwise the parallax difference in the two images will give you a headache. The other problem is that your eyes/brain get fooled into thinking they can focus on out of focus parts of the image which isn't a problem with a normal TV but a pain in the arse in a cinema or at home.

Until holographic projectors or blocks come along and work properly 3d is not going to be an attractive option.

HTC Snap


No Opera?

You do know why right? Opera Mobile 9+ doesn't work without a touch screen! The enrite control system is designed for touchscreen phones.

UK.gov says extreme porn isn't illegal if you delete it...


Satanic Sluts

That is a good photo...

Hold on a second there are blue flashing lights outside and someone is knocking at my door...

I'll be back in a few minutes after I find out who it is...





'World's largest TV' sports super HD resolution


They need to learn a few things...

About resolution being a square function because it is an area! This is only twice the resolution of a 1080 HDTV. Resolution is not linear!!! It is really annoying when people claim it is for marketing or any other reason.


Bloke buys supercar 'without proper consent from the wife'



This really made me laugh. I thought a married man would know better than to blow 30K without the wife actually giving an OK.

I'm not sure anyone will buy it through scan though...

419er needs $2k to buy portrait of Queen



It would seem, to me, that he thinks, the comma, is a general piece of punctuation, that is t be slotted in wherever possible,


and a few more for good measure,,,

Balls: Schools should police the net


Erm, some sense at all?

There is this thing called a filter that blocks unwanted SPAM. It works very well for blocking anyone who is not in your contacts list. I am also reliably informed that you can moderate and manage who can contact and see your profile on 'social networking' sites (which I won't touch with a bargepole).

MSN Messenger (sorry, 'Windows Live Messenger') has a block button as do all other IM programs.

I only had and have people I know on my personal IM contacts list. For those I don't know there is X-Fire and they are only interested in whether I want to play Counter Strike or some other game.

Text messages can be more difficult as you can't control it as much. It may be a direct threat saying you're going to be knifed tomorrow on your way home from school or something similar. Then it is a bit more worrying but, if someone is just sating you are a 'f*cking w*anker' why give a damn?

Casio demos 'world's fastest-shooting' digicam



This is a fixed lens camera prototype.

SLR needs a mirror, reflector system and a real shutter. it is also considered to have interchangeable lenses, though this is not essential it would be quite stupid without.

It is a 'prosumer' point and shoot bridge camera!

But then I don't think the author would know the difference between a webcam and a 645.

Down with secular ringtones


Suicide Phones

Islamic extremists could save a lot if you used Nokia's which screamed 'for Allah' or Allah is great' before the batteries self destructed.

'Portable' CD player puts MP3 into a spin



"Given that CDs need a nice dark environment to work and a CD spinning at around 500rpm (centre) to 200rpm (edge) this is going to be poor.

Lost fingers, music skipping and the fact that this solution is not mobile I would stay well clear."

LMFAOROFL (Sorry about that bit)

I'm sorry this is too funny/stupid to ignore!!!

If a circular object is spinning at 500rpm on the inside and 200rmp on the outside the outside is moving slower so the object has to be fluid (would look like a cyclone).

It is a solid object, the inside revolves as many times as the outside.

Secondly, you don't need dark as the red laser works fine in daylight. I have disassembled a CD drive to 'miniaturise' it in this way. Guess what? It worked fine, I could interrupt it with my fingers and it would just stop. The motor is not powerful enough to cause any kind of cut, friction burn or injury. You'd have to be very stupid/unlucky to cause yourself any kind of injury with it.

With a good buffer, you don' need to worry about skipping, only scratches. I tested this too with my disassembled player. Took 40 seconds of complete stoppage to skip with the buffer enabled. I could start and stop it without adding up to 40 seconds and it would be fine.

UK.gov publishes alien sightings list



Unidentified Flying Object.

I've seen so many of these I don't bother to count them. No UFO is not a damned alien craft it is any 'flying' object that you can't identify. It really annoys me when it is used interchangeably for 'alien craft' 'secret military aircraft' or any other similar thing.

Some of the descriptions in the pdf are quite funny, several read as if they saw a shooting star.

NASA's drunken astronaut report released


What about...

Russian cosmonauts? I mean Russians love their Vodka...

The terrorists I party with


Wondered when this point would arrive...

"What do we call people who sow fear, hoping to intimidate the public with threats of violence to advance their own interests?---we call them terrorists."

Perfect conclusion, seeing as more fear is being generated by the US government than almost anything else in the world. And there is good reason to be afraid with power being wielded in such a corrupt and irresponsible manner.

The chanced of actually being affected by a 'terrorist' attack are actually very slim (unless you count the transport problems it causes for a few days). Very few people die in most attacks, and the attackers die as well (when it involves Islamic extremists). There isn't much point in being scared as you are more likely to be run over tomorrow.


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