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HPE unveils Primera storage tech, vows 100% availability – anyone fancy breaking, er, putting that to the test?


Re: 20% of the cost of the Primera?

so 60% gross margins arent a lot?? I mean, its not like pure SW margins but I think lots of industries would love 60% gross margins.

Weak AF array sales at NetApp leave analysts feeling cold


Thank you! There is nothing “innovative” about going from 7 racks of 300gb SAS drives to a quarter rack of NVME. You can do this with any major storage vendor.

Pure Storage swallows Swedish filer biz for its, er, purely file storage software


Isn't FlashBlade a scale out filer? What am I missing here?

Good news: Microsoft's Azure Data Box Disk is here. Bad news: UK South Storage is having a liedown


AWS, Azure, GCP none of those guys have "99.9999999999999999%" availability.

In fact, they have three 9's which is equal to 44 minutes a month or almost NINE hours a year. The twelve or fifteen 9's of availability is durability for their storage. You wont LOSE data but you might not be able to access it!

Come buy our kick-aaS products! Pretty please, says HPE boss man Neri


Re: Customers

No, Wall Street really loves consumption models. If all customers loved consumption models then something like Reserved Instances wouldn’t exist

♫ Reans can come true. Look at me, babe, I'm with you – Hitachi V


Pretty sure that $65M deal got axed as well. So that went from $950M to a big fat ZERO


Dedupe, dedupe, dedupe dedupe dedupe: Dell drops in ROBO backup appliance



They still are using EMC backup SW right? Like Avamar or Notworker.....HARD PASS

Cisco, Lenovo see XPoint in slapping Optane drives on hyperconverged kit


Re: Ummm why?

Yes, C480 thats what I meant! Not S-Series, I was blanking on that for like half an hour.

Interesting, the way that I was told is UCS DGX you are talking about is just the NVIDIA DGX but on Cisco's GPL. Same way you can buy Commvault, Veeam, VMware or about a million other technologies. I don't believe there is any difference so I highly doubt you're going to be running AMD or TPU on an NVIDIA box :)

You seem to have a great handle on this. How can I pick your brain more on this stuff outside of this venue?


Re: Ummm why?

I didn’t realize HX had nodes based off of anything else besides C240s and C220s. And I’m sorry for my skepticism but even if you put an S-series HX mode that could handle 6 V100s, there’s no effing way you’re pushing 1 petaflop out of that when a DGX-1 with 8 cards only does 960 teraflops.

I love what they are doing with Kubernetes and think they have a great message with hybrid GCP, but if we are talking straight performance here I don’t see how HX can stack up on training vs an AIRI or NetApp/NVIDIA solution


Re: Ummm why?

Interesting point, but if it’s complimentary then how do you get inference data back into the training pipeline to get re-trained?


Ummm why?

Sorry hyper converged players but ML/DL workloads are not meant for your kit. You can't touch an NVIDIA DGX on performance let alone simplicity in the SW stack and those monsters demand NFS.

When it comes to AI, Pure twists FlashBlade in NetApp's A700 guts


Hard Hitting Journalism

Great work here Chris! I’m expecting your next story to be about how a customer has saved 8 racks of equipment from moving from 8 year old 1TB drives SATA drives to 4u by moving to all flash.

Dell EMC 'years behind' in everything from flash to cloud, hoots NetApp CEO


Re: Except...

Yep, definitely not an EMC homer here....jesus lay off the Kool-Aid. I'd like to refute like 80% of your comments above but I don't have enough time.

- Former EMC'er

WekaIO pulls some Matrix kung fu on SPEC file system benchmark


FileSystem for AI

Those are some super impressive results!

I see this is billed as an FS for DL/AI workloads correct? I was under the assumption that parallel file systems were terrible at handling small random access patterns. How does WekaIO address this?

Airbus ditches Microsoft, flies off to Google


Ummmm, missing kind of a big piece to the story

You guys don't even mention that the old CTO (who stepped down) was poached from Google? Guy probably spent his entire time trying to squeeze Google products through the door instead of doing his actual job.

Dell results: Well done, ice cream for everyone! Er, not you, storage


Re: Innovation

Hey Chris,

I actually disagree with you on #3. I think EMC (Not Dell/EMC) reps are some of the best around. They also have an absolute beast of a marketing machine.

Their issue is the majority of their products are absolute crap. Isilon WAS great for very specific workloads and has recently gone down hill dramatically. ScaleIO doesnt have a single enterprise feature. VMAX is great for very specific workloads and has had a tough time moving to all flash.....dont even get me started on the Xtremio debacle. Remember how hard they were pushing that piece of garbage? They pushed it so hard for a year and then its almost like it completely vanished from the portfolio after they had so many issues with it.

Dell bleeds converged infrastructure unit into existing divisions


Ok so he's gone....

Lets see who is next on the executive Dell/EMC carousel!!!!

Billy Scannell, Howard Elias, Jeremy Burton......come on dowwwwwwwwn

NetApp: You went all-flash, you never should've, um.. Well done


Hi Haters!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...people have consistently predicted the demise of NetApp yet here they are

VMware-on-AWS is live, and Virtzilla is now a proper SaaS player


would love to know what your definition of "few" is

NetApp, you went all-flash, never go all-fla... Hey, wait. It's working


I feel like people have been saying that for the past 4-5 years yet here they are.

UK.gov embraces Oracle's cloud: Pragmatism or defeatism?


Re: Cloud costs

Ahhhh my favorite.

"Backup / Disaster recovery costs"

Do you think that since it's in the cloud that it's automatically backed up?

Out of all the points you mentioned above....2..maybe 3 are valid (Colo costs for sure, ongoing maintenance and maybe....maybe depreciation)

You have to pay to architect backup/DR properly, you have to pay to secure properly. Nobody has staff completely dedicated to just HW, you have to train your team for cloud now.

Newly Google-emboldened Nutanix aims for data centre dominance


Roadmap looks great

I've always liked what Nutanix has to offer, seems like a really good fit for a lot of custoers. What I can't stand is their marketing department blabbing their mouth about "vendor lock in". Listen, every company has lock in, including your own. Just because you can run your SW on some different HW platforms doesnt mean they aren't locked in.

NetApp HCI: More converged than hyperconverged?


Who cares!

Go read your coworker's (Trevor) article about HCI. People are always the problem. If you create a solution that is going to simplify the data center then who cares how its packaged?

If I was a customer I wouldn't give 2 sh*ts if its truly HCI or not? Can it help me with the problems I have? Yes? Great. If not, then it will fail.

NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box


Re: Just curious...

Let me start this post with the always applicable "THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TRADEOFFS" line. By having these components provisioned separately it allows for certain efficiencies that current HCI players aren't able offer.

My customers who have gone down the HCI route have done so for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Simplicity. You can try and tell me otherwise, but it always boils down to that single reason. Should a customer really care how its packaged if provides the same levels of simplicity (i'm making an assumption that it does ie. single pane of glass, 1 click upgrades...)????

HPE's Nimble Secondary Flash Array uses... disk?


Sure, NetApp. I'll take my steak medium rare

Dell EMC man: Hyperconverged is love, hyperconverged is life, but won't kill SAN yet


For their cloud....no none of them use enterprise arrays but if you think that google/Microsoft/amazon don't have millions upon millions of dollars of EMC/NetApp/HDS in some of their environments then I've got a bridge to sell you

Infinidat puts array to the test, says it 'wrecks' Pure and EMC systems


Re: block sizes matter

For Pure to get blown away by a UNITY box is not a great look......yikes

Tantalising tidbits from XtremIO to be revealed at Vegas expo in May


Honestly they should focus less on features and more on reliability. At one point the platform had 3 9'sof availability and they threw themselves a party when it 4 9's

Proprietary: Pure sticks to flash module design, becomes a direct flasher


Its going to be very interesting on a couple different fronts. Can they manufacture their own drives at a price point where they can be cost competitive in the market? Does development now slow down with proprietary HW (ala 3PAR ASIC)? Finally, the DSSD, Violin's of the world that used proprietary HW did NOT offer any data services (Dedupe, Compression) because that inherently slows the array down. Did they fail because of the HW or because of the lack of services?


I think the price point with DSSD was very high, but I think the point the other person was trying to make is that propietary hardware dosent have a great track record (DSSD, Violin)

Nimble: Just as well our cloud storage runs in our own cloud, eh, eh?


Re: Nothing at all like NetApp does - and that's good

So its not NetApp Private Storage as a Service??? Cause it sounds a lot like NPSaaS...

NetApp confirms: SolidFire hyperconverged appliance is coming


Be Honest Chris

How painful was it for you to write "Overall these are good results."

Centiq to in-memory SAP HANA users: Psst. Meet us in the public cloud


Re: Blagh

SAP reps are have way better comp on cloud offerings than on prem as well. Makes no sense for anyone to try and resell this stuff, they are going to have to win that battle all on their own.

Pure unsheathes the FlashBlade, cuts out NetApp legacy system


Re: doing some math

Sarcasm doesnt always translate over text....


Re: doing some math

Great job on the math! Everyone knows Pure has 100% Raw to Usable ratios (which you so graciously pointed out).

But now we definitely need to factor in a 30% raid hit for NetApp and they dont have ANY efficiencies on their boxes.

I pray you are not in Sales. If you're going to troll, please try and not make it so obvious.

No envy for NVMe: Hardened newbie talks to the Reg


One small problem here

"No. Today’s scale-out applications provide storage HA through replication."

And here we go again....the vast majority of companies today still rely on NON next-gen scale out apps

Hyperconvergence 101: More than a neatly packaged box of tricks



This is what I love about the Gartner folk....they are always comparing new apples to 8 year old apples/oranges.

“[Customers have] the ability to start very small (two to three nodes) and grow resource at a very granular level,” he said. “So the minimum investment in HCIS can be as low as $20-30,000, whereas a blade/SAN-based system generally requires an investment of $300,000 or more.

Most storage systems and compute have the ability to "start small and grow at a granular level". If the SAN /Blade system you are looking at is really $300,000 then there is a ZERO percent chance that the HCI config that will meet your needs is $20,000.

Maybe not the case if your looking at a VMAX or a high end Hitachi but guess what those things deliver a ton of extra value that your HCI setup can't. HCI is great because it simplifies the management, but you always pay a premium for simplicity whether thats in dollars, lack of flexibility, lock in, etc

Cisco: This $200k UCS S-Series is cheaper than AWS S3 after 13 months


Re: Do I....

Your org doing a bunch of deleting of files???

I agree on a bunch of the comments, but I'm not seeing anyone with SHRINKING storage requirements

VMware stubs its toe again: NSX has another VM-flattening bug


Welcome to the new world of

Software Defined! This is just going to be par for the course moving forward.

Tiery-eyed NetApp previews on-prem storage and cloud tie-up


Very interesting feature

I was out at Insight and I thought that the roadmap for new products was very promising. If they can deliver on the pieces like FabricPools, SnapCenter (with cataloging), and my personal favorite CloudSync then NetApp definitely has gotten some of its mojo back.

Solidfire is 'for people who **CKING HATE storage' says NetApp Founder Dave Hitz


Re: Neither Solid Nor on Fire

Can you elaborate here? I'm assuming by "wasteful" you mean the usable capacity ratios right? Completely agree with you there, but I think they've done a great job with their licensing model to combat that.

The customers that I have running it absolutely love it.

Nimbus Data CEO shoots from the hip at NetApp's SolidFire buy


Re: Can someone from NetApp defend

I'm a former NetApp employee....go read the comments in this article


There are comprises you have to make in order to get certain features/functionality. In order to get all the bells and whistles that SolidFire brings to the table means its very memory intensive. Has nothing to do with inefficiency, has to do with a completely different set of features.


Did someone actually interview him?

I am hoping this was a Twitter battle and someone didn't actually waste their time interviewing the CEO of a dead no name company.

Thats like someone interviewing the CEO of Pontiac and tries to throw punches at Tesla

Woah: NetApp is number two in the all-flash market, says IDC


Re: Discounts for market share

Valid point....but tell me which AFA company is NOT doing that right now???

SolidFire offers 'pay as you grow' deals to fight off software upstarts


Re: PureStorage Software Included

Thats why they are called "examples".

I can do the same thing...10:1 with Pure??? Wishful Thinking!!


Re: PureStorage Software Included

Lets say you get 10:1 data reduction on your Pure array instead of the 5:1 you were expecting (yay, great news!). Now your company decides to open up a second data center....what do you do?

You have to go out and buy a new Pure Array....all of it. FlashArray - which is probably the most expensive because you are paying for the HW/SW, Maintenance and Install.

Under this new licensing structure, if i got 10:1 instead of 5:1 with Solidfire all I am paying for is the HW which is Dell passthrough + 10%

SolidFire's thin flash density eats more racks than HPE. What gives?


Re: An inherently inefficient architecture

Thank you D for a non biased, honest response. I'm still shocked that some people (Chris Mellor) can't recognize that there are ALWAYS trade offs. I can have scale out with inline global data efficiencies but I wont get density. I can have density but I wont get things like true QoS policies.

There is no storage platform that is perfect....otherwise they'd own the market

As D said, Any true scale out platform with data services (like inline GLOBAL dedupe) is going to run into issues with large SSD size. If you want to accommodate those SSD sizes then you need crazy amounts of memory and that will price themselves out.

SolidFire Memory - 384GB

Xtremio Memory (40TB brick) - 512GB

EMC Unity or VNX3? You tell me


Re: Re:

All very fair and valid points, especially the 20TB-40TB hybrid storage for the SMB mid market space and the all flash or go home comments. This just reminds me of the FAS2XXX/VNXe releases of "configs starting as low as $8,000!!! You got a single controller, 1TB of disk, no SW, and a year of basic support" Any real world config ended up being 3X+ that amount.

Now I predominantly sell NetApp (which I know you aren't a huge fan of so I'll try and tone down being a fanboy and look at this objectively) but if I showed a $5-$10GB price tag I would get laughed out of the room. I've sold 5 AFF arrays in the past 6 months and all of them are under half of your $5GB price tag and thats with only a 2:1 (useable to effective) ratio.

Just curious, why do you think Unity has a lower floor cost than its competition?


Re: Re:

I don't want to come across as a complete EMC hater (used to work there and sell some in different pockets at my VAR) but I think you're getting the wool pulled over your eyes.

I've seen the pricing on this already and you're looking at $3-$4 per GB useable (remember no efficiencies).....does that seem like a good deal to you?



You're falling right into EMC marketing's hands...absolutely NO shot you say this is at the right price point when you see the actual pricing on it....especially with zero efficiencies.