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Regulate This! Time to subject algorithms to our laws



Could you imagine the nightmare of trying to make your software compatible with the legislation of multiple different jurisdictions? Gawd. Even just good ol' America. Each state would have it's own set of ridiculous standards to apply, as well as federal, then the UK, then the EU. By the time it wormed its way down here to Australia, nobody would give a pickled rats arse. It would be the end of us. We'd be back using rotary dial phones and riding bicycles, even getting our news from bits of paper!


Already Catered For

Any algorithm is only in place because a human wanted it there. Even considering a sufficiently advanced AI that could create its own, the AI is only there because a human wanted it.

Our existing legal frameworks, as stated in the article, are tried and tested (although not always perfect or completely fair) against protecting one person from the decisions and actions of another. Any algorithm is just an extension of a person's (or group's) decision to bring it about.

Got denied a job because an algorithm on LinkedIn found a tweet you made years ago saying Gina Davis has a banging rack? You already have recourse.

Car crashed into an orphanage because the ABS algorithm failed as you attempted to take a corner? There's already recourse.

Medical diagnosis algorithm your doctor used wound up prescribing medication that compelled you to respond to articles on the internet? You've already got recourse... oh.

Airplane HACK PANIC! Hold on, it's surely a STORM in a TEACUP


What about the pilots?

If the alleged hack did occur, wouldn't there be a pilot or two somewhere with an interesting story about the time (from their point-of-view) they were on the way from X to Y when they noticed one engine entered an un-commanded increase in power? Couldn't they corroborate the in-flight allegation? They'd have the flight number and date; he could offer a rough time estimate? Shouldn't be too hard.