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Psst … Want to buy a used IBM Selectric? No questions asked


Re: Sarah? Is the Moderatrix back again?


Resurrected Dundee Satellite Station to host quantum Optical Ground Station



An article worthy of his writing.

Let's all have a pint in his memory eh?

Leave that sentient AI alone a mo and fix those racist chatbots first


Re: It's Hard To Tell If It's Human...

At that's the true problem isn't it, not so much AI reaching our human levels of interaction but human levels of interaction dumbing down to 'Magic 8 Ball' levels of AI

End-of-life smartphone? Penguins at postmarketOS aim to revive it


Re: 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste

That services the debt burden they carry as opposed to paying taxes


Re: 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste

Completely agree.

My handset still fine but the battery is starting to be a bit flaky after three years. And of course it's no easy thing to switch is it?

That's what the EU should do, try and mandate a standard battery replacement strategy. No idea how and I appreciate it'd be impossible to implement but that would go a long way to help

Singapore's Grab enters maps-as-a-service market


Add just general bizareness

I have two roundabout near me Google insists I loop around before exiting back from the first exit. Also at least one junction where I am supposed to exit and then rejoin.

I hope Grab ensures it maintains a limited number of hilarious errors such as these, just for authenticity's sake.

AI chatbot trained on posts from web sewer 4chan behaved badly – just like human members


Re: It can be tricky to tell whether there is any intelligence, natural or artificial

I think it is more likely the netziens would fail the test .

Or rather they would not pass it


Re: So he trained an AI on 4chan

This is such a poor take...

BOFH: Where do you think you are going with that toner cartridge?


We had a copier engineer once...

...who argued we had the wrong unit. HIs paperwork had a different serial number to the one on the device and he refused the service. It went on for weeks and weeks. I had to call them up about it (and I'm nothing to do with the IT, just happened to be the office manager) and even on the phone they were adamant it was the wrong machine.

'That's for a college in Stockton' they said, 'Have you moved the machines around without telling us?'

'No' says I, 'for although we too are a college we are different institutions and have absolutely nothing to do with each other'

'Are you sure you're reading the serial number correctly?' they respond.

'Yes. Is it possible I do actually have this machine in front of me and your records are mixed up, or are you suggesting I just happen to have randomly read out a matching serial number for a machine that matches that of a different college you supply?' Which sounds more plausible to you?'

I even had to take a photo and email it. To this day I still remember the Fujitsu PoS and the plate beneath the glass.

Oh, and their asset tag matched up, just the serial number was recorded incorrectly.

When management went nuclear on an innocent software engineer


Great read

Although this but surprised me; "And whilst simulating a reactor scram was not part of the tests"

Now I know nothing of such systems or indeed testing but I would have thought it would have bene part of the simulation? Or was it just meant as not part of the tests at this time

Lonestar plans to put datacenters in the Moon's lava tubes


Re: RE: Simple question: if knowledge is so completely lost...

I now need to watch this

Arm CPU ran on electricity generated by algae for over six months


I agree

However lately on here it's usually overlooked or written off if the solution is 100% viable and immediately in production. See hydrogen developments

IBM outlines first major update to i OS for Power servers in three years


Enough of these minority OSes

I've been hanging on on for years for my Warp upgrade floppies to arrive.

ZX Spectrum, the 8-bit home computer that turned Europe onto PCs, is 40


Re: Different route here

Oi! The cheek...

Jesting aside the CPC was (and it was before the Speccy fans rock up) a far more accomplished machine with better upgrades and greater flexibility.

Loved mine


Different route here

Dragon 32 and then full on into Amstrads with the 464 followed by a 6128.

Did get a 48k+ in a playground swap too but that was an idle curio really although I much preferred the design.

Happy days and many a playground conversation did occur although mainly about who's was better. The Amstrad obvs

Swedish firms ink deal to make green hydrogen with wind power


Re: That's the future

Right now it does, but can you be certain that's always the case? Complementary tech will improve giving better efficiency across the board, that's basic progress.

Wind certainly does not blow all the time but when it does we may as well put it some good use no? Unless you alone can store excess electricity.

I am not sure anyone says come to rely on it either. Generally people come to rely on things whilst it's available or something better comes along. You are moving to extreme views with some of your extrapolations here mind, people freezing to death?!

Besides what's your proposition then, what would you see us moving towards?


Re: Efficiency

Thank you!

This 100%


Re: That's the future

Right, so the gist is (and thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated) is that right here, right now the tech doesn't support sustainable hydrogen creation?

Surely the progress that is needed has to start somewhere though right? It is not unreasonable to think the more the sector moves to this tech the more efficient they'll become, manufacturing costs reduce, process and techniques are refined. Plus wind blows at night when electricity is often at it's least required and seeing as we still can't store it at least it's going to something useful.

I take on board your points but in the broader scope of progress and development step change, public consciousness and culture is just as import in the early days. Still not sure any of the (accurate) negatives mean we shouldn't be pleased to see some progress. What's the alterative?


Re: That's the future

Not sure on the downvotes. For a technology focused website I am always amazed at folk downvoting progress even if small and beset with foreseeable challenges.

Ericsson pulls out of Russia 'indefinitely' to protest war in Ukraine

Thumb Up

Re: Where was Ericsson during the war against Iraq?

Precisely, I do not understand the relevance in the post


Re: Where was Ericsson during the war against Iraq?

And what does this mean?

Or rather, what do you think it means?

Happy birthday Windows 3.1, aka 'the one that Visual Basic kept crashing on'


Ah, fond memories

I think printer drivers were discs #12 and #13?

We must have all had a installation set of these tings either in a dedicated hard case, wallet or often a big sodding elastic band. In many ways I preferred it back then to now.

Fish mentality: If The Rock told you to eat flies, would you buy my NFT?


Ten years?!

You'd think I would have learned not to bother reading ti by now yet somehow here I am.

Keep up the good work. It's always a pleasure

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Re: 50 for 40

I hear you.

I bet 95% of users on these boards have been there plenty of times to. Doing favours which somehow turn into my responsibility for ever, supplying free bit of salvaged hardware for minor upgrades etc

I recall telling the father in law of a friend of mine to FRO after the work I put in was met with a complaint, as I canceled a follow up visit because I'd been called in to work.

Bank had no firewall license, intrusion or phishing protection – guess the rest


Re: the Andra Pradesh Mahesh Co-Operative Urban Bank

I cannot be sure as to the reason but possibly because the individuals accounts getting rinsed would not be the ones paying the price; any losses would have to be made good by the ban.

Or it could be Loose vs lose. Who knows!

British cops arrest seven in Lapsus$ crime gang probe


Re: I'd say to hire them...

Swing and a miss

They don't appear to have relied too heavily on finding new exploits to, er, exploit.

I suspect after three days at work you would more likely find your wallet and car keys missing.

Coding in a war zone: A Ruby developer's life in Kharkiv


A downvote?

I did not know Putin frequented El Reg

Germany advises citizens to uninstall Kaspersky antivirus


Re: Just don't use ANY anti-virus

Thanks for the tip!

I'll let work IT know in the morning I want a Linux setup delivered and configured. I'm sure they'll be absolutely fine with that once I explain it is so I do not want to run AV software.

Meanwhile in the real world...

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard suspend Russian services


Re: Amex

Oh FFS, I assume this is fishing for comments.

You know, seeing as even Wetherspoons does.

Details of '120,000 Russian soldiers' leaked by Ukrainian media



That's a bit of a leap isn't it, wishing they were dead because of support for the leak?

How do the two things even correlate?

Oh, and go easy on the "quotes" old chap, it really does nothing to assist the reader.

DIY Sinclair clones: Left it too late to back the Next? Build your own instead


Re: 464

I'm disappointed (although not surprised) at the downvotes here.

For once I hope they're in jest!


Great article

Now can we have one for a proper 8 bit such as a 464?

Privacy is for paedophiles, UK government seems to be saying while spending £500k demonising online chat encryption


Can we not just ban EE instead?

Surely we'd all get behind that just to end the adverts


Re: What do you expect for £500,000?

Reading the comments I do not think it's been received too well at all.

Red Cross forced to shutter family reunion service following cyberattack and data leak


Spot on

It's just these are not listed on a stock exchange anywhere otherwise that profile fits many a company...

Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket deploys seven satellites with third successful mission


Re: Red tape and paperwork

Not sure why the down votes, and you would think the current powers that be would be desperate to flag wave about a 'space launch' from Blighty.

Another day, another ERP project behind schedule: This time it's Norfolk County Council and an Oracle system


Re: NFN (Normal for Norfolk)

Oh lordy, so sorry to hear that.


Re: NFN (Normal for Norfolk)

Liked for the ANITA calculator.

Still got it?

Back to school for Microsoft as it prises apart the repairable Surface Laptop SE


Re: Good as far as it goes

This. My current desktop recently benefited from a RAM and SSD upgrade to eeeek out some more life.

It's 3 Ghz i5 and it's bloody ancient.

I am not alone in this.

Heart attack victim 'saved' by defibrillator delivery drone*


Re: Know the defibrillator's box code!

Exactly why I asked about it being an obvious MI; for that to be obvious the chances are the AED would be of sweet FA use, especially if the patient went into EMD as a result of this (or a CT of course). I was trying to be polite an dnice about ascertaining the effecitveness of the AED and how the 'ambulance' was not able to transport te patient or even carried one. Communityreposnders usually have these in their car so it seems a strange resource to despatch.

I know more about this than the typical guy on the street but am used to folk doing a first aid course or somesuch telling me what I don't know.

I also know more than most about the collapsing 999 responses being caused by a combination of factors including automated triage and a deluge od inept 111 calls requesting an ambulance for often chronic or mid/long term conditions flaring up. The exmapleof the nosebleedis a great one as it highlights the challeneges faced, yet no-one seems to think it's true.

Yet eveyrtime this topic come along on the boards the downvotes come aplenty against most posts trying to talk sense. It seems to be one of those subjects where everyone is an expert...


Re: Doctors...

Or the Toy Dolls version being a bit too rigorous


Re: I can see the UK implementation now

Yes but are you seeing the 'unspecified' C1 emergencies due to a nosebleed causing breathing difficulties, and the automated triage appointing them top priority?

I know of one instance locally where a fractured femur lay at the bottom of the stairs (patient in her 80s) and waited six hours for a resource. In the meantime dispatch were prioritised jobs far less serious as that's the triage process determines it.


Re: Know the defibrillator's box code!

That;s why I'm asking, as you clearly appreciate a defib isn't the golden bullet folk often think (especially in an MI case). I am assuming the MI presented itself with classic signs and symptoms and the patient was conscious throughout.

As I am guessing you'll know many folk don't even know that a defib is not a replacement for CPR but I blame how the training is often relieved nowadays. Incidentally I assume the ambulance was a resource without kit or transport if the defib took an age after they arrived?


Re: Know the defibrillator's box code!

How was it an obvious MI?


Re: I can see the UK implementation now

Not sure why that was voted down, it is happening right now.


I can see the UK implementation now

'So, they've had a defib delivered, we've met our standard now they can wait forty mutes for an actual resource to transport to hospital'

Meanwhile a nosebleed or earache gets a C1 blue lighter dispatched to meet the ARP

NASA confirms International Space Station is to keep orbiting through 2030


Should buy time for a new one to be planned and built

The private sector will be involved here, I for one support Drax to develop a suitable replacement

Fugitive mafioso evaded cops for two decades until he was spotted on Google Street View


So he's lived on the run for 20 years

and now he's going back to clink where he'll probably be coming out in a box.

Can;t help but thinking he would have been better off staying out, he'd be out now and able to enjoy his retirement. Swing and a miss there bud

Remember Norton 360's bundled cryptominer? Irritated folk realise Ethereum crafter is tricky to delete



As if Norton wasn't a big enough drain on resources

Ooh, an update. Let's install it. What could possibly go wro-


Re: Netware? Less than 20 years ago? Where was he working - Jurassic Park?

Just what I was about to post.

I started at my current employer (college) circa 2001 and it was in use there and remained so for about five years if I recall correctly, although not everywhere.



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