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Apple grapple: Congress kills FBI's Cupertino crypto kybosh plan


Re: Too little, too late.

It's really just Republicans who are pissing on those budgets. Democratic refusals to pass budgets are typically substantive, even if you disagree with their substance. Republican refusals are ideological or simply anti-government for practical 1%er reasons.

Al Franken to FBI: We need MORE revenge smut arrests


Re: He's funny ha ha..

Protecting people from intimate recordings being published without their permission is wrong?

His action shows a deep insight into a major problem with the Web. Your post shows deep insight into nothing.


It's simple, but realistic only to people without an actual life in the actual world.


The consensual picture isn't the problem. It's the nonconsensual publication. The problem is to first determine whether the picture was taken in/on public property, so no permission is required. Or if taken in private the easy problem of whether there is a release for copying from all identifiable subjects in the picture.

GPS encoded in the picture makes the public/private problem a lot easier. If faked it's as much fraud as a faked release for a private picture.

In the absence of evidence the picture is publishable, the publisher is liable for failing due diligence.

These problems aren't very complicated, now that tech supplies enough context for most pictures, making the rest exceptional that require extra supporting documentation.


Except in reality many people have that prudish and prurient attitude, so people must be protected from unwilling damage by it.

Likewise it's the covetous attitude towards others' property that makes for theft. Rather than extinguish covetousness, successful societies protect people from theft.


Re: Recently re-elected.

There are laws protecting people from publishing without their consent their image captured in private.

That kind of implicit mutual control of one's representation should be far more widely enforced by government. As the senator is working to make Federal law, as reported here.


Re: Recently re-elected.

So a box of ballots containing the final votes the guy needs to beat the incumbent Republican is missing until the last minute, and somehow that's *his* fault? Even though there is absolutely no reason to believe those ballots were anything but legit. Why wouldn't you think they were missing as part of the Republican's attempt to stay in office, which actually makes sense? Because you're some kind of "Conservative".


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