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'Return to Office' declared dead

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I call it the Office Titanic Effect.

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5 days a week? Yeah, right

I was contacted last month for a role in Sloane Square area of London.

5 days a week in office.

Post-covid, they'd claimed the IT function was massively less productive in terms of releases WFH, and felt WFO was the way forward. Apparently they've struggled to recruit.

No s*** Sherlock.

If you can't make it work then you are hiring the wrong people anyway irrespective of WFH or WFO and a lot of those are probably management level.

Hybrid is the way to go, and don't even try to convince me the 4 days in office, 1 day out is hybrid...

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Re: Stick

If I could upvote you 5000 times I would.

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Re: There it is

Trouble is, a lot of them probably pushed our pension pots into them.

Okta data breach dilemma dwarfs earlier estimates

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For the same reason that companies have gone from on-prem to cloud, attracted by the shine green pastures proclaiming.....

1. We're cheaper than on-prem

2. We'll manage all services for you

and the implied special promise....

3. You don't need to hire security admins/DBAs/etc....

and Bullys special prize.... (this seems apt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIOhWbLcVqg)


All of the above were to us whitebeards.... FALSE!!

I haven't seen one place I've worked at where cloud even came close to the on-prem and related costs - it literally has been magnitudes more expensive.

Everywhere I've been got rid of DBAs, Security admins, etc... then within 3 months realised they'd been sold a dummy, but already committed to a 'saver' aka 'reserved' plan of 2 years plus. At this point, they rehired the knowledge they'd lost and practically tripled the annual expense by the end of it.

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Re: Oktagone

Surely, they have another press releases/breaches to go....

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Trouble is, it'll be a flood...

Trio of major holes in ownCloud expose admin passwords, allow unauthenticated file mods

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Containers that leak....

If I had a quid for every container that exposed creds.

I've seen it too many times, because people assumed that containers were a walled garden. Usually, I see it when creds are hardcoded in some config file/yaml somewhere.

They forgot it needs doors - ports - for most things to work, and thus your boxers are whipped down for some good penetration.

AWS plays with Fire TV Cube, turns it into a thin client for cloudy desktops

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Re: only 15 years ?

I remember trialling Wyse kit.... way back in the day.

As with everyone at that time, that was an attempt to save tons of money to avoid buying much pricier desktops/laptops.

It rapidly became obvious that for the use case my company, it wasn't very..... Wyse... to pursue them

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Re: Er, is this article 15 years old ?

That technology has already been done too....

It was called a thumb drive.

New Relic warns customers it's experienced a cyber … something

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Seems recently that security is very much a relic for many platforms.

OpenAI pauses ChatGPT Plus sign-ups as it 'hits capacity'

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20 bucks per month

You'd think that that would generate enough to actually pay for the capacity.

In reality, I expect the requirements to run this stuff FAR exceeded any revenue generation.

Ubuntu for Arm64 laptops (plus RISC kit)

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Too late, I created that 2 years ago when I knocked to bottle over on my Ubuntu laptop.

Bright spark techie knew the drill and used it to install a power line, but couldn't outsmart an odd electrician

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Re: Not Unusual

Tom Jones has probably drilled a few holes to be fair.

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Did he swear when he did it?

I imagine he said.....


AWS staffer shows off the workplace that used to be a prison

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Re: Gymnastics

In fairness, Amazon keeps getting rid of people so they'll give space back to the locals...

Google, Amazon among big names in tech axing jobs this week

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This is another highlight of the risk joining a FAANG.

You could be dropped more like a hot coal than a hot potato at velocity greater than non-FAANGs would.

Impatient LockBit says it's leaked 50GB of stolen Boeing files after ransom fails to land

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Re: There is such a thing as too much data

Found a use for ChatGPT then

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Nothing here - move along

What will be more interesting is not the tech data and IP, but whether there is stuff in there even more incriminating on the Max debacle etc.

Google dragged to UK watchdog over Chrome's upcoming IP address cloaking

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Child protection

If a spotty teenager wants to visit the usual dodgy places, he's likely in this day and age to use a VPN anyway since more and more browsers have one built in.

I'm surprised the marketing bunch haven't asked to ban those.

Datacenter would spoil beautiful view ... of former industrial waste dump

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Escape from LA becomes real.

Do we need to send Kurt Russel in to get Khan?

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No DC...

Then they can't state 'Iver big un'

I used to work for DX on the Ridgeway estate. I'd never say Iver was idyllic... It's got plenty of gypsy stes in the area - that's where Big Fat Gypsy was filmed I believe.

Maybe they should build on the gypsy sites. Locals wouldn't complain there I guess.

Bing Chat so hungry for GPUs, Microsoft will rent them from Oracle

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Re: So that ORCL cloud infrastructure is under-utilized, no?

The lack of processing power is Mordor on the response time..

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Re: Up in smoke

Gotta be close surely.

OpenAI tackles 'major outage' hitting ChatGPT APIs

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So when we say it recovered, we can say it Claude back some performance??

Wipro: Get back to the office for three days a week or else

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Re: Letter

This a masterclass of sarcasm.

FAA is done with Starship's safety review, now it's over to the birds and turtles

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Re: No doubt in my mind

Electric Blue Organ surely..

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Re: No doubt in my mind

Ordinarily, I'd agree but........

NASA probably want their other kit up, and since the Artemis candle is going nowhere fast.... they'll have far more weight through other senators to keep SpaceX out of the weeds.

After all, we know the BLM are far more pricey, whatever they say. Expenditure talks, and they should have cancelled Artemis rockets by now if they has sense......... but sense is an alien word (ho,ho) to NASA.

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No doubt in my mind

I fully expect MuskX to sort the issues and get several iterations out the door to hit some part of 2025.

Whatever the situation, even excluding 2025 as the target, he'll get it up before Bezos' gig gets anything up into real orbit....

Icon , because SpaceX plume will be massive.

Apple slams Android as a 'massive tracking device' in internal slides revealed in Google antitrust battle

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I read that as Catholic Popes leanings..... and we know where most church leaders lean *cough*

Revamped Raspberry Pi OS boasts Wayland desktop and improved imager tool

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I used to run the RaspberryPI OS, then discovered DietPI...

I'm going to stay there..

FTX crypto-villain Sam Bankman-Fried convicted on all charges

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This result surprised absolutely nobody, and if SBF ever thought he'd get off, he was deluded and detached from reality. It was only ever going to go one way.


No doubt the plea deals and testimony of his co-conspirators Wang and Ellison helped plunge the knife in a little deeper, but the result was going to be the same I think without them.

There will be others....

Arm grabs a slice of Raspberry Pi to sweeten relationship with IoT devs

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If they overpaid...

Did it cost an Arm and a leg?

Apple swipes left on the last Touch Bar Mac, replaces it with a pricier 14″ model

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Worst Mac ever?

I'd always admired Apple for their computer kit, but this was the pits...

This was classic functionality for a solution that nobody needed.

The butterfly debacle highlighted the fact there was insufficient testing and the entire thing was rushed out of the door for the lemmings.

Blue Origin pulls sheets off cargo lunar lander prototype

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Blue Oyster?

That sounds like one of those places you'd find sandy clams.....

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Never happen

SpaceX are way ahead of the BO curve

Microsoft calls time on Windows Insider MVP program

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Does it really matter..

Reading the article, it seems to me to be interpreted as

'We are changing the name'

Where membership is concerned it seems to be

'we will let you in if we think you've drunk enough of our kool-aid'

Pope tempted by Python! Signs off on coding scheme for kids

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Re: How infallible is "apparently infallible"?


Surely you meant gullible....

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It is somewhat unfortunate that the church has been demonstrating their Pythons to church kids for years.

Regulator delays Adobe's $20B buy of Figma, derails deal deadline

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So the purchase still remains a Figma of Adobes imagination.

CEO Satya Nadella thinks Microsoft hung up on Windows Phone too soon

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Re: Regardless what you think of Microsoft,

Nokia was pretty much 'twitching' by that point anyway IMO.

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off

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One of the 'selling points' of this debacle was that you'd know what you were burning energy wise and adjust your usage.

It's made no difference to me... if i'm cold i'll pop the gas heating on or a jumper. I'll burn the same leccy no matter what. It's hardly a time saver - takes all of 10s to photo both meters and 5 mins to submit my readings.

Same for my parents....

It is the classic solution that is looking for a problem IMO

Microsoft admits 'power issue' downed Azure services in West Europe

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Re: Future

In my office, kettle time was as 15 minutes on average.

First Brexit, now X-it: Musk 'considering' pulling platform from EU over probe

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Manchild throws tantrum...

... but in the end will do nothing.....

but do I mean Musk or Trump?

Thousands of Teslas recalled over brake fluid bug

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I guess while they investigated, looking for the problem, the PR department could only say the situation is fluid.

So this one time, at Bandcamp, half the staff were laid off

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Re: Never forget, when you work for the compnay being bought...

Not wrong.

13 years ago, when my then employer was bought by the equivalent gorilla in their industry, we knew borrowed time became a theme.

Accounts gone inside a week, marketing soon after.

Us techies, who were pricier than the staff in the 'buyer' IT department, and with fantastic above standard benefits slowly ripped out. I clung on to the end because my severance would be worth waiting for...

Raspberry Pi 5: Hot takes and cooler mistakes

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Re: Crimbo

To be honest, I don't need to buy anything new in tech for that to be said.

My wife uses that description with no purchase necessary

Windows 10's latest update issue isn't a bug but a feature – to test your patience

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Possibly cynical.

I'd move to Linux if I wasn't forced to use Windows as part of my career.

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You have to laugh at the fact the updates are referred to as Quality Updates, yet the seem to lack that attribute.

That said, my machines didn't have a problem with it.

Look, boss – Nvidia's still cool with staff working from home

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WFH - nope - come back....

Hybrid is the way to go... I know plenty of former colleagues who pulled out of job applications when the potential employer changed their minds to go full 'back to office'.

Nobody is scared of a couple of days a week on-prem, but nobody wants to be stuck under the armpits on the tube/nat rail 5 days a week.