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Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police


Best turn myself in then

Found my 8 Year old son playing about with the developer tools and console managing to post dodgy data back at a site for his school, so decided to encouring him and teach him properly so now he has a laptop with VM's including Kali, his own account on hackthebox and oh had as hes also a gamer he has discord. Bad dad hear teaching him ethical hacking and research I guess.

These truly are the end times for TLS 1.0, 1.1: Firefox hopes to 'eradicate' weak HTTPS standard by blocking it


Re: Good

Agreed the override should be per site not global.


Re: @Drefsab_UK - Good

Then your not the average user and can either take the time to set the browser to allow it, update your infrastructure or put in a technical work around. Browser vendors should not just make things easier for those to lazy to do anything about piss poor security.

Browsers forcing people to address poor security is nothing but a good thing.

If you can't be bothered to learn how to enable weak protocols on the browser (it's just a setting takes 30 seconds to do) or bothered updating your infrastructure then your part of the problem that the browsers want to warn people about. This site can't be bothered to do security properly use at your own risk.



For all those skating them for this I applaud them, the standards for security evolve hell all the estate I look after have been tls 1.2 for years now. But to many sys admins are lazy when it comes to patching and keeping up to date. The average Joe doesnt know the the different between tls v1.3 using ECDH chacha ciphers and ssl v3 using rc4. But there's a world of difference and when some old granny gets her details compromised on a site and she says but the padlock was in the top bar it should be secure it's the browsers that will get blamed.

You should be telling the users if a sites not secure etc. You should be protecting users who don't understand. Giving a false illusion of protection is worse than no protection etc.

If you work in in or are a dev then you are not an average Joe, you should be able to use older version or use the override flags in the browser or setup a work around I personally use haproxy as a dmz in the vlan old devices are in (ilo's and such), I terminate tls v1.3 to that then it's backends speak to the devices on what ever protocol they support.

Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre



I fail to see how video games are the issue, if that was the case why is it games that are globally available not the cause of gun crimes outside of the USA?

I'm not just talking about nations like the UK where gun ownership is rare and very heavily controlled, but look at the other nations of this world with much less restrictive gun laws and still have these video games? Oh wait they dont seam to have the same levels of violent gun crimes how could that be?

Why don't you look at the controls they do have, do they give firearms aware casually or sell them in supermarkets, nope. Do they at least use a little bit of common sense before allowing just anyone to pick up a high power assault rifle? yup.

Banning video games will not change anything. Actually making gun ownership something serious that needs checks and suitibility verification is needs to happen. If you like guns and you are sensible with them and mentally stable then fine, If your unhinged and want something to blow some mother frackers away then sorry no rifle for you.

Uneasy rest the buttocks on the iron throne. Profits plunge 14% at Sky UK and Ireland


The thing is sky are not doing great I have the top package all movies sport, sky q multi room, fiber plus etc.

Don't worry I have a deal so dont pay the full price and a bloody good thing to, im now on my 3rd sky Q silver set top box because they keep having issues.

The sky q mini box's mesh network is shite, I cant get a wifi signal 2 meters away from the mini box. This is be cause the box is slapping itself onto the most occupied wifi channel. Engineers have been out several times, swapped the hardware all to no effect. I ended up buying a cheap £30 wifi router turning off wifi mesh on the mini and sat the wifi right next to the mini and oh look perfect signal.

Sky mobile no thank you top package gives only 5GB a month, well sorry not enough in today's modern world with streaming everything and everything being cloud based. I use way more than that.

Phone line is only there because it came as part of the bundle I dont even know the number because I dont use it.

The TV packages themselves if it wasnt for the missus id not even have it.

The only thing I really use is the broadband. Theres nothing special about anything in the sky service and current packages and their kit is plagued with issues. Hardly worth the premium price, which I wont pay when my contract is up.

May the excessive force be with you: Chap cuffed after Star Trek v Star Wars row turns bloody


Re: In a fight over...

For the pilot and seasons 1-3 all special effects were done by Foundation Imaging, The networked Amiga's were only used for the pilot, for the rest they used 12 Pentium PCs and 5 DEC Alpha workstations for 3D rendering and design, and 3 Macs for on-set computer displays

From season four on-wards special effects were brought in-house to Netter Digital Imaging (a subsidiary of the B5's production company). I don't know what hardware they used but they did say like Foundation imaging they did use Lightwave 3D.

Qualcomm to demand US iPhone import ban


Im kind of siding with qualcomm on this one.

If I made a product that used an apple paitent, for years I them the agreed royaly fees (same as everyone else). Me wanting to make more money keep asking them to lower the price year after year with apple saying no each time. If after a few years I decided oh well I just wont pay them though but will keep using their technology/patents anyway do you think apple would be ok with that? No they would say find stop using our tech and you can stop paying if you use it you pay for it.

Funny how thats how I read the current situation. If they wanted out of those terms fine, build the next ithing without qualcomm tech and dont pay them for it. Simple.

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors



for me the key wording is

"to disclose, where practicable, the content of communications or secondary data in an intelligible form and to remove electronic protection applied by or on behalf of the telecommunications operator to the communications or data"

So your ISP who may be using l2tp needs to be able to provide the Gov with an unencrypted copy of your traffic with 24 hours. As they encrypt the traffic they have to be able to decrypt it (or if they use a 3rd party the 3rd party needs to be able to). Now the question is does say a VPN provider or an app the encrypts the data before transmission class as a telecommunications operator.

Add to that the complexity of what happens if I use an app or vpn provider thats not goverened by UK law, my ISP can not have the capability to decode that traffic, and they cant demand the app/vpn provider supply unencrypted traffic. When will they go oh now you cant use these services because they are secure turning the user into the criminal.

This is where we need a telecommunications operator to stand up and say ok fine we will develop a service that is encrypted in such a manner that we do not have the technical cabability even under duress to decrypt. Sell that as a service to the public saying we care about privacy we use X technology, but oh dear UK gov we cant comply we would love to but its not possible. Will they be in breach of the law or would they be clear as its not "practicable".

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


Re: Another day

Not true, my pc prompted to review privacy settings (the start of the creators update process). I closed it and then disabled the creators edition update notification


I'm running some software that has been seen to break on creators edition. Some poor sods took the update and everyone of them broke and complained on the forums. Knowing this I said hell no to the update.

Just one more way MS is screwing us with windows 10.

Ewe, get a womb! Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags


People saying this looks disturbing sure it may do but firstly its a prototype and secondly if you took out a womb with an infant inside then how do you think it would look.

If this was to ever develop into a used treatment they would make all efforts to make it look better (as much as is possible anyway).

The thing I am concerned with is not the technology but its the application of it. It can be used to save babies lives one of the most noble of uses you could get. I could also see this being used to turn humans into nothing more than products to be grown to order. Sci-fi often touched on this like in space above and beyond where humans were grown to fill a labour gap. So basically were grown to be slaves and were of lesser standing than normal humans.

Now this is an extream example possibly but if this tech exists its not impossible and do we really have faith that it will never be abused?

eBay denies claims it's failing to thwart 'systematic fraud'


I tried reporting this.

I tried to report this exact type of scam.

Basically the scammer was listing and selling large amounts of items, prices far to good to be true, i7-7700k CPU's for £20, ps4's for £16 etc, the accounts listing them all had small amounts of positive feedback, and each account had a name in the title like ebaya, ebayb etc through to ebayz. These accounts were all listed as being in china and has the same items on them. Clearly a scam.

I tried to report the accounts no go, I can only report the individual listsings and cant detailed comments in. I tried to list the issue on their community forums, they deleted my posts because I included links to the suspicious accounts.

I tried calling they and was told they automatically pick these things up and wouldnt take the details. I then gave up, the scammers ran their accounts for a while as the listings stayed up. many innocent people got caught out and ebay did nothing.

Microsoft's new hardware: eight x86 cores, 40 GPU cores


Re: Multiprocessing

Because more CPU cores does not mean more overall system performance.

To game at 60 FPS at 4k you need GPU power and thats something the xbox one lacked and MS are trying to address. Adding more CPU cores does not give them a major performance increase as most xbox games are not utilising even the 8 cores of the XBONE fully.

Sure your cheap china phone may have a whole lot of cores, thats great but if half of those cores are doing nothing because they are waiting on the GPU or the IO then what are they good for?.

Three to lawyer up unless Ofcom intervenes in spectrum market



Three UK just goto 02 and say we are going to closes up in the UK hears a deal to take all our uk customer base and keep them on their current deals. Three transfers customers then shutdown down. Now thers are 3 Major Mobile operators. Now Hutchington come along and buy O2 and all the ex Three Customers oh look we now have what we wanted and as there were already 3 operators on the UK market we arnt reducing operators in the market so the buyout can happen. Oh and as we are the 3rd operator lets rebrand to on I dont know Three?

Plans to force ISPs to filter content branded 'disproportionate'


yes blocks because those work

Yup the other day I wanted to grab something from a certain torrent site, oh noes its blocked, tapity tapity, oh look im back on it now using nothing more than a suitable search enigne lookup (because theres more than just google). Anyone can do that, so can kids.

Theres VPN's, proxies, browser plugins, TOR the list goes on blocking wont work.

And why to stop a few kids seeing some boobs? Guess what before most people even know what the internet was kids were seeing boob's using magazine's, copied video's, copied files on a disk, hell even acsii porn was a thing back in the BBS days. It wasnt all softcore either no internet filters woudl have blocked that, so why would any of that?

The only thing it does is make it look like someone is doing something about a percived problem to try and make themselves look good, then when it fails its not because of the idea its the people implementing it or the l33t h4x0r kids bypassing the filters.

UK to block Kodi pirates in real-time: Saturday kick-off


what do they expect

I myself dont care about football but my lad and missus do so I pay for the sports on Sky and BT sport, but I also use streams, why because even though im paying for 2 active pay services to watch the sport I still dont get all the matches (Saturday 3pm kickoffs are not aired on any channel).

What I want as a paying customer is to pay for a service once and then have access to watch all the matches as that doesnt happen I have to use other sources. No legal alternitive drives people to use streams.

This isn't just true of football, I pay the full fat Sky subscription (moves and sports), I pay for netflix and spotify but I still download / stream pirated sources when what I want to watch/listen to isnt available on what im paying for.

Smart meter firm EDMI asked UK for £7m to change a single component


when it comes to a smart meter I wont be taking one optionally unless theres an actual benifit to me.

I know how much energy I use, I know what my bill will be and all on my old mechanical meter that works a treat. It presents no security concerns to me, it does not allow anyone any direct control over any "smart" devices in my home (other than everything on or off).

The people designing these can not get the functionality right let alone security.

Is your child a hacker? Liverpudlian parents get warning signs checklist


hmm sounds like me

This sounds very much like me as a boy growing up near Liverpool, but instead of being some criminal I was interested in computers, networking, being a sys admin and cyber security. This interest led into a productive career where I regularly work with financial institutions, if I had somehow been suspected of being a hacker and put on some watch list or pulled up to explain things that people did not understand I may have chosen a different career path.

Half this list describes almost all teens going, the other half describes someone who understands the internet and how it works. So therefore surely you must distrust those people. You dont want people knowing about cybersecurity in this day and age. The more suspicious of us might think thats exactly what some people would want, discourage anyone knowing about security and privacy.

No super-kinky web smut please, we're British



how would this be any more effective than say the current ISP blocks on certain torrent sites? the ones that are still accessable with a quick google search to find one many proxies for them. This is a pointless waste of time, it wont stop anything its only a scare tactic and something politicians can beat the drum saying look I did something to try and make things better.

Never mind the fact that the state has no business telling that I can not view something I can legally do with my partner. What happens between contentual adults is none of the states business.

Waste of everyones time and money.

US citizens crash Canadian immigration site after Trump victory


Re: Not commensurate

Thank you for a well thought out response, being one that voted for brexit I hate how I get automatically dismissed as some xenophobe or racist. It doesnt matter that race was never a factor in my decision but the very nature of the EU and its setup was.

Hard-up Brits 'should get subsidy for 10Mbps'


Re: hmmm

1) To answer the question, that depends on the person but all of ther above, some of them living within the limits of the system others frauding it. Don't get me wrong there are genuine people out there in a hard way who benifits should help however I also have met many that want that life for themself who call people who work idiots for not taking from the state.

2) Yes im not simply looking at if they have dishes on the side of a house, im talking about people with active subscriptions who will brag about such things but then complain about having a lack of money.

3) What I consider a nice holiday and what the people I specifically am thinking about differ a lot, but no not some cheap s*n holiday, but the likes of Turkey or such.

4) Yes I have seen it many times, growning up in certain area's near liverpool I knew serveral dealers and users on my street alone, every one claimed and yes the police new about it but you didn't grass unless you didnt value your safety. More recently again yes people taking drugs and the authorities know about it in fact in the particular case I am talking about drugs is one of the major factors of having the children put into care.

5) This could be different on case by case, the particular example I mentioned I only found out about recently when my neighbour's were pick pocketed just after picking up their pension's. When I was asking if she had enough money for food in the mean time to get buy she told me she had some money she was saving to buy some new glasses as hers were broken. Me and my missus organised a collection and raised the money to give them back everything they lost. We are also helping them look into what they can get help with but it all boils down to the fact as a couple they are just above the income threshold for getting pension credit so have to pay.

6) If your serious about helping them then feel free to email me on drefsab@gmail.com and I can give details, I am in contact with AgeUK trying to arrange what help I can for them.

7) Libaries are free regardless of benifit status (at least the ones I've used and my local one still is). Why would I suggest they scrap that just because I think that giving something new should only be to those truely in need?

8) There is a point to this however we are still talking about websites without heavy media content they can an do work on only a couple of mbit having 10mbit is far above what is needed to access goverment online resources no matter how badly coded and bloated they are.

In reply to other comments saying things about the daily mail etc I am not a reader of it never have been never will be, but I grew up in some of the more deprived area's where almost everyone was claiming from the state and still have that side of the family that live that life. I personally don't agree with though that can work but dont. Im not talking about those who want to but cant, but those that as already mentioned thing those that graft to provide for their familes are fools and idiots, those who try to work the system meant to help people in real need for everything its got. You may not share those view but its still my right to have them.



I do wonder who this actually is for, I see plenty of people living off benifits (with no real intention of ever getting a job) who some how can afford sky/virgin, or go away on nice holidays, alcohol, tobacco or drugs. If thats what they choose to spend their benifits on then that's their choice but they should then not be given something else for free.

My elderly neighbour's get no help, they worked all their life they are JUST above the point where could get pension credit, they have to struggle for everything. Glasses no you have to pay for those yourself, hearing aids yup them to, oh batteries for your hearing aids yup pay up for them as well etc the list goes on.

Sure I can see some logic to say that if gov services are online the people need to have access, but people who get given it free should not just be the generic ones on benifits who choose to get other things first.

The other point about 10mbps not being enough, USO is bear minimum to access online web site services. Its not meant to be enough for whole households to be streaming 4k media and use other paid online service. If they want better they should damned well pay for it like the rest.

Premier League Sky card crims ordered to cough up nearly £1m


Re: very confused

This is because if sky want to change something with the CAM they just issue new cards and not the whole new box. Plus with sky you own the box out right theres a large trade going on in 2nd hand box's that you sell to someone they put their viewing card in call sky pair them up and boom new box.

Its hardly fool proof, hell card sharing for sky has existed for ages they dont even make it hard to get the box id use to setup a CCCamd server. Oh and sky q is no different same style system.

UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man


Re: In which case

you mean france?

Looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_of_the_European_Union

They have the most active personel, most naval forces, (greece has the most tanks) but france has more than us, they have the most armoured fighting vehicles, they have more artillery than us (again greece has the most), most attack helicopters, greece again has the largest total airforce though and france has light slightly less than us (thought they have almsot double the Aerial refueling and transport).

Im proud of our forces dont get me wrong and we were/are a sizable force but I don't like this opinion that we some how were significantly larger force than the rest of the EU, that just makes us sound like the yanks.


hmm true but last I heard the UK is part of the 5 eyes.

that actually consists of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Not Europe. So access to that will remain, and tbh the UK's inteligence network is world class, europe loose access to that from us as well as us loosing access to theirs.

So what happens when both sides have something the other want, they establish a treaty to trade. They will have to be renegotiated just like very other type of exchange between europe and the UK.

Sure some countries are going to make big noises about it they want people to come to them and see brexit as an opertunity. Nothing new nothing to see.

Hacker takes down CEO wire transfer scammers, sends their Win 10 creds to the cops


Re: Make a phone call

the problem often is that when you get higher up certin ceo's etc think policies/procedures apply to everyone but them. Often these emails are crafted in such a way to suggest that their is a bisness critical reason to break procedure for this transaction.

The calm before the storm: AMD's Zen bears down on Intel CPUs


Im an intel owner and am buying a new 6700k next week, the last AMD chip I had was the Barton core yet I still don't this hate on them "just give up now it'll be less painful to watch."

AMD did drop the ball massively they are well behind Intel in term's of performance on their chip so to catch up to intels current tech (if thats true I still want to see full benchmarks etc) is certainly very commendable. If they price it right they could actually bring back some competition to Intel.

The Zen+ core is supposed to be even better though again id want to see full benchmarks, but no matter who I choose for my CPU I want there to be options. Look at intel their latest offering have been a bit lack luster, 6th gen is only slighly faster than 5th gen and its got a slower IGP. If AMD can get this right intel will up their game. Cometition in the market place means we will get better hardware for cheaper prices something that benifits all users from both the AMD/Intel camp.

Who knows maybe Zen+ could beat intels 7th/8th gen? If so even better because you bet the 9th/10th will be amazing. If AMD just gave up now intel wouldnt even need to try anymore.

Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze

Thumb Down

whats wrong with this the way I see it is that testers testing the anniversary update have found a bug, what people don't seem to be picking up on is that home users are now the tester's for updates. That's what all the force manditory updates is all about you test it find the bugs and issue's, MS fix them before they roll out to enterprise edition.

This is what people said was going to happen with windows 10 and oh look its whats happening, MS screwing customer experience in new and wonderful ways.

Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan



on a serious note though I worry about this, my aging old pc q6600 with 4gb of ram can and does run everything apart from the latest games with ease. Office, photoshop, adobe you name it it runs well.

I am however building a new new pc (i7 6700k, 32gb ram etc) not for any office or buisiness application but purely for gaming. This is where ms have people by the balls, because they wont release DX12 for windows 7. Its also why I think they were pulling this with skylake cpu's. Gamers are the first stream adpoters for new tech, they drive the bleeding edge, if they all start getting windows 10 it lends credibility to the OS. New KabyLake cpus will be locked to windows 10 as well.

What we really needs to happen is steam to get more momentum behind linux gaming (they have done an amazing job so far) they more users will switch, then as linux starts to become a serious competitor we for desktop os to MS we will see Office getting released on linux, once that happens then the fun would really beging because MS will have to adapt or die on the desktop os side.

Samsung: Hackers can't pwn our NFC payment kit. No way, nuh-uh, not true (Well, OK, maybe)


was it just me or did the reporter not watch the video? I did not see any bottle of pepsi bought but instead a packet of crisps :P

Quick note: Brexit consequences for IT


I personally see a brexit as a chance to restore some equality to the citizens.

In the eu if you migrate in and want to start a business you can get a nice tax break to get you started.

UK citizen wanting to start a business no tax break for you.

EU citizen wanting to be a nurse, sure we will pay for accomidation for you, give you a wage pay all your exepenses.

UK citizen wanting to be a nurse, cough up all the tuition fee's and get no help.

There were many example like the above, personally I think the opertinities should have been available for all. But that wasn't the case and it caused a lot of resentment.

As for imagration being the issue, I've got no issue with skilled people coming to and working hard in this country contributing as anyone else does. Its those that come cap in hand wanting to live off the state with never having any intention of working, that's not just imagrants by the way that also counts the UK nationals who do the same.

The UK benfit system needs major reform, personally I think anyone on benifits should not get any money, sure get a roof over your head and food in your belly (food stamps), but no money to buy the latest iphone, booze, tobacco, holidays etc.. if you want that you have to earn it. That should apply to migrants and UK nationals.

Netflix picks fight with internet exchange industry


$22k in to GBP for LINX is about the same as £15k .

£15k for senior board members does not sound like a lot, assuming that they being on the board are over 25 so the minimum wage for them would be £7.20 per hour, that means at that rate they would need to work roughly 40 hours a week to make £15k.

But wait they don’t work full time hours, you are quite right they don't won't. Put it this way would you personally be a board member at a senior and critical level and work for anything even near UK minimum wage? Hell no, hell I don't have a roll at that level but my hourly rate means Id not even have to work 1 full day a week to get 15k.

I'm not saying these there are not issues but I don't think the wage for senior level staff is actually that far-fetched. Especially when we don't know just how much work outside of those meetings they have to do.

Adblock wins in court again – this time against German newspaper


Re: I keep asking and no one answers.

We know thats not strictly true now though don't we. All any online site needs to do to server ad's past ad blockers is to host them locally on your own servers.

Sure if you have fancy script bases stuff that wont work for those using noscript but well then those types of ads are the most evil anyway.

This however opens up the other can of worms, in that if your slings the ads from your own servers, you have to trust the add content's as your server will host the code, so if its malware your responsible etc. So you will have to vet the ads.

This is exactly the kind of thing needs to happen. People keep passing the buck saying we dont host the code we just have ads to get pennies to live. Well that approach has lead to people wanting ad blockers. The ad companies dont belive in acceptable adverts (you know the kind that dont take over your browser, don't obscure the site content etc).

The technical issue is that the ad companies need to adapt to allow this to work, set tokens on each ad served, that token gets lodged with the add provider, then when a clickthrough happens it has the token so you can track not just ad's servered by actual clicks.

Content providers need ot reslise that they carry a responsibilty to the crap that gets put on peoples screen's when someone visits their sites. It doesn't matter if its from an adslingers network or not, you included them in your page so its your responsibility. If a large number of your users are saying they hate some of your content to the point they take steps to block it you need to rethink your content.

CK Hutchison/O2: 'Four networks' dogma risks one giant and three hopeless dwarves


hmm three have been great for me, im also on one of the all you can eat data plans (I dont give a damn about calls and texts). Sim only 30 day for £12 per month, and I will damned well keep it because theres no other decent option on the whole mobile market. My speeds are great almost always have signal and often download a lot (spotify/play store content/netflix) etc.

My work phone (crappy iphone 6s, sorry just cant love ios) is on EE, again I dont have to worry about the bill/caps but its always suffering lack of signal and issues. If I was paying for EE id have cancelled them a log time ago.

As has been said before coverage is the biggest issue people are having. Personally if three and OS were to state they would look at deduplicating mast's expanding capacity on existing masts then using all that extra kit they could commit to filling in and expanding coverage. The biggest problem people have is coverage followed by network speeds, if they seriously take steps to solve those two issues they should be given the green light.

Google emits Android N developer preview early to smoke out bugs


My just give this a whirl.

As to those moaning about not getting updates that down to the handset makers. I had this with HTC a perfectly good device the HTC OneX+ (64gb) didnt get kitkat and an important bluetooth stack bug fix.

Sure I could custom rom it and belive me a I did but even that was not perfect without the binary blobs from HTC.

My device want even 2 years old and my vendor basically dropped it. So I decided that I wouldn't suffer that again and bought the Nexus 6. If you buy a nexus phone, the nexus line is not designed to be mass market and is orginally aimed at developers.

As to those on the nexus 5 and 7, you may well see N for your devices but it it is a lot harder to get the newer os running on the now aging hardware so they probably had to set a minimum spec now for this re-release.

Norks uses ballistic missile to launch silent 'satellite'



I wonder how hard it would be to send an existing manned launch to pop on over and take a good look at these sats?

Three: We won't hike prices if you say yes to £10.5bn O2 merger


hmm I must be lucky still on my sim only plan unlimited data, 200 mins 5000 text's £12 per month, on a monthly contract.

Ofcom's head is dead against Three and O2's merger


To be fair on that she pointed out that the number of players in the market are not reduced. BT don't have a mobile arm, EE do so what ever they will be called after the merger number of competitors in the market remains the same.

Personally I'd love to see Three merge with someone because I use three as they are the only mobile operator that sell's packaged with enough data to be of use to me without breaking the bank.

With more an more content online (spotify, netflix, the list goes on) I use a lot of data but I dont use a lot of call's or texts. So my 200 mins 500 text unlimited data rolling monthly contract suits me down to the ground. But if it didn't then who could I go with? no one else has a decent data plan everyone else has just a few gig a month and I have to double/triple the package to get a limit thats right for me.

Rooting your Android phone? Google’s rumbled you again



I'm one of those user's that buys a phone with intention of rooting it from day one.

I've been stung in the past by manufacturer's (HTC) who dropped support for their devices leaving certain standard features broken because of their own crappy software. IE the HTC one X+ a 64gb quad core tegra 3 phone with HTC's own software had a bugged bluetooth stack (AOSP worked fine). The device is perfectly service able and fine but because of flawed software has issues and security flaws that were unpatched. Rooting allowed me to have the device work correctly on patched roms.

I now have the Nexus 6 but my old HTC still works perfectly for a family member and its rooted.

I certainly feel no need to use my phone to pay for things, I will just use my card for that. But I certainly will not stop rooting, the device I can't root is one I will buy.

Netflix picks up Molly at university, scores harsh character assessment


Re: All I want to know is

Sadly I think this is mostly down to the massive amount of legal red tape each country and region place upon them.

Rights holders basically want to dicate what can and cant be wated where, then you get the local governments who think it's them that should have the say over what can and can't be watched in their lands. You end up with what is most like a very conveluted set of rules of what is or isnt available.

I'm sure netflix more than anyone would love to see this done away with and to be given free hand to make all of their content availble univerally, it would mean a lot less effort and man hours on their part.

Land Rover Defender dies: Production finally halted by EU rules



but what if we arent part of europe by then surely the issue then goes away?

Ban internet anonymity – says US Homeland Security official



would you kindly GTFO my internet you cockwomble!

This idea will never work, it will cost money, reduce fredoms and security and won't have the desired effect.

The interenet is argueably one of the more important tools ever developed. It got to be so without regulation and tard's like this meddling, you start messing with it with your typical BS red tape and incompitence then your just going to fuck things up.

Now you can easily see if a site's HTTP headers are insecure, beams dev


I got a nice a+ but Public-Key-Pins is a real sticky issue and I do use it myself I've spent time to research it test it with report only ensure that my keys are and crs's are backed up etc and then alter my ssl generation scripts to use the same private key (using letsencrypt so wasn't using the same key each time before).

So this is all well and good for me. However what about joe public trying to learn the hard way or mr / mrs "knows about computers so you can look after the company website" who is a little over depth.

If they use this tool they could read about that try to implement it do it badly and then boom website is offline and clients cant connect and there's not a lot they can do about it.

Public-Key-Pins is not something you should be messing about with unless you have taken the time to do your research properly. There should be greater warnings as to the risk of poor implementation.

Criminal records checks 'unlawful' and 'arbitrary' rules High Court



thanks for that I always wondered why my previous employer ernt to scotland for my checks. Now I know, I had to hve an enhanced check for my current roll anyway but still nice to see what they were doing.

The last time Earth was this hot hippos lived in Britain (that’s 130,000 years ago)


hmm 130k years, in human history is a long time but in geological perspective its not very long at all.

Gov must hire 'thousands' of techies to rescue failing projects


not a chance

The problem is a lot of "Good" or even just "not shite" techies would go work on gov projects unless they were showered with piles of cash.

I know to many people who work in the public sector who are messed arround massively for just trying to do a decent job (and not just in the IT sector). As has been mentioned above its all about policy, ass covering, meetings and trying to do stuff just plain ass backwards.

Having heard so many horror stories of people jobs being at risk because of the latest budget cuts or 180 decisions or just plain stupidity that I wouldn't take a job with gov even if they payed more than tripple my current rather nice private sector salary.

El Reg mulls entering Robot Wars arena


hmmm idea's idea's

is it possible to get a link to the rules & regs for design specs.

Im guessing there will strict limits on weight / power / capapabilities.

If weight wasn't an issue if was thinking something on tank style tracks (like some of the house robots) but I love the idea of having the option of magnetizing them life me now etc...

Sloped armour to deflect incoming weapon attacks etc (I read mesh interior is supposed to be banned.

Then weapon, hmm needs thought need to know the rules but we want maximum power with in the regs and for it to be quick to reuse/rearm. Maybe kind of flywheel to build up massive momentum force to then drive that force into some offence (so not talking a hypno disc). Maybe driving a harpoon like spike thats also backed by hydrolic/phenmatic presure to build up crazy force and smash interior components etc.

Id love to see something that could take on the house robots :)

Plusnet ignores GCHQ, spits out plaintext passwords to customers


I used to work for a more respected ISP than most and they to stored passwords in plain text, in fact the internal system was web driven with very little protection/verification I could have very easily have harvested all customer credentials and then deleted or changed accounts with a few lines of perl.

The issues were raised and pointed out and deemed to hard to fix right now. I doubt after being like that for a decade they have been fixed recently.

UK citizens will have to pay government to spy on them


Re: Why are the ISPs making such a fuss?

If all they will have to record is a url and an IP address as you mentioned, that would not be quite so hard but that would still be harder than you imagine. You need to do packet filtering for each customer, because they don't want just your browsing history. You will need to identify from each TCP packet does it contain information that is wanted then either record it or ignore it.

If you visit 1 website, there will be DNS calls (if not cached and not always to the ISP's DNS server), there will be often many separate calls for images, html, php, js, css and so on for each component of the web site. Often these sites are not hosting everything on one domain so there’s all the cross domain call's and their subsequent DNS lookup’s. You then have multiple protocol’s in the mix between HTTP and HTTPS. All of this is probably going to be going on for a simple site, when you hit bigger sites it gets more complicated with all the ad networks, embedded media, services on none standard ports etc.

So to filter from all of that to get just the simple data you mentioned is a task in itself, and we have only looked at a simple web visit.

One of the main problems is the bill does not outline technical specifics but does give the intent that they want the data to be useful to them and they want the lovely vague term of metadata.

When you look at what is needed to be recorded to retain useful data for ALL communication, not just web browsing, but dns, email, irc, instant messaging, online gaming, IPv4 and IPv6, VPN’s etc you are looking an incredibly complicated task that will generate a LOT of data.

Half-secure not good enough for Chrome users says Google


I welcome this, people say security is layerd but mr average doesn't understand that. If he connects to a site that uses HTTPS its secure surely its using HTTPS, any techno babble wont be understood it has to be black or white,

If you say to someone this site has a SSL ceritifcate signed with a SHA1 algoritham they wont know what that means. If you say this SSL BAD!, they get it.

Sure put the information in there but sadly we have to cater for the lowest common denominator.