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BBC iPlayer graces BT's Vision

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Has been on Android for a few months now....

Google pinpoints bugs that send texts to wrong people

Neil Livesey

People need to open their eyes I think.

Its when your adding to a new conversation, I'm not quite sure how people are missing the fact a different conversation loads tho! First few times I thought it was because I tapped the conversation below by mistake have since realised its loading conversations that were off the screen so no error of mine. But still open your eyes people.

Neil Livesey

I'm well aware of the bug

You would have to be pretty stupid if the whole time you are writing a message that you don't realise a different message has loaded. Its annoying but not once have I sent the message to the wrong person, I'm not sure how people are missing it. Is gonna happen to me tonight I can tell. The message just sending to the wrong person is a bit more of a worry!

London Olympics drives dash for terrestrial HDTV

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RE: FreeSat

"C4 and C5 are locked into uncle Rupert for the moment, but just wait til those contracts expire."

You can pay uncle Rupert a one off £20 fee for a card that will unlock C4 and C5 if you already have the equipment.


Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Neil Livesey

Just set your account up to delete messages after they have downloaded!

As Rich pointed out its a standard feature of POP to delete messages after being downloaded and Gmail does support this. I dunno how long you have spent writing stupid letters and making pointless phone calls, when all you needed to do is take 5 mins out and check your configuration you idiot! Do you know what RTFM means?


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