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New World: Grindy? Check. Repetitive? Check. Fun? We hate to say it... but check


Almost needed an EVE trigger warning. Winter is always a testing time, with those long nights tempting a relapse.

A rumble in Amazon's jungle: AWS now rents out homegrown 64-bit Arm server processors


Re: arm Vs atom Vs celeron

Oh man I can actually answer this!

I've got the Asrock Q1900 version, and had some really weird driver problems with Ubuntu 16.04, where you'd come back to a completely frozen display and system that required a restart. Even an RMA didn't solve them. Eventually switched to Windows 10 and the problems went away ....

And the BIOS menu is complete trash - absolute hot garbage.

But the chip seems to work well, and the system runs well. It's a bit slow transcoding Plex and whatnot, but it does what I need it to. I've not tried virtualization or anything yet, so can't speak for that.

Samsung debuts Artik, its new software n' chips for the Internet of Stuff


Re: Welcome to an increasingly crowded scene

Tech specs also outline that this has a 1-week battery life, so this isn't Samsung creating environmental sensors or remote control actuators. Seems a bit of a weird chip, but also one with a lot of functionality to tinker with.