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What will drive our cars when the combustion engine dies?


Re: fossil fuel - we're addicted.

We don't need that. We can take all the oil tankers and install vast batteries in them. :)


Re: fossil fuel - we're addicted. @katrinab

We have a dedicated 30A circuit to charge our Model S 75D. It charges at 7.5KW and is usually charged overnight. The actual range for a full charge varies from about 150 miles in the winter to 250+ miles in warmer times all depending upon journey length (less power is used when the battery is warm). On the road we can charge from a Tesla and it takes about 45 minutes for a full charge. The few minutes charging rates speculated are pure fantasy. Even charging it in 5 minutes would require nearly a MW of electricity (meaning a rather thick cable).

UK's EE scores network reliability clean sweep, rival dwarves fume


EE has not worked for me. It's OK outdoors in a good coverage area but otherwise is not good. We're on our second Signal Box femto-cell which has developed a fault. I've just come back from France and suffered (once again) roaming problems where the automatic data roaming package suddenly stops working. With BT at the helm things are going to get worse. We're out.

WordPress blogger patch foot-drag nag: You're tempting hackers


WordPress Ubiquity

A death penalty on WP would take out a huge proportion of the web. Even if you just look at the worldwide top 10,000 sites you find that over 27% are using WP (including some big players). If WP is hosted properly and decent security measures put in place it is relatively safe but it should still be kept updated. For CMS usage see http://trends.builtwith.com/cms.

Netgear prodded into patching SOHOpeless broadband router


Re: No surprise with Netgear

I've been looking around and am buying a DrayTek 2860N. Expensive but I can't take the hassle of dealing with Netgear problems any more.


So Hopeless Routers

I've got a DGN2200 it has caused problems ever since I upgraded the firmware. DNS and DHCP is flaky and the interface is very slow.

I tried their top of the range modem/router and it was faulty so it went back.

Yesterday I upgraded the firmware on my DGN2200 and it bricked it. Eventually I was able download the firmware through my MiFi modem and get it working again. However, it is even more flaky and all the parts of the admin page are all showing 404. Maybe that's their new security strategy - make sure that nobody can access the router.

Anyway, that's it! It's going in the skip along with the Netgear Wireless Access Point (which has to be rebooted every few days) and I'm replacing them with DrayTek business class devices which are expensive but I can't afford to waste any more time with crappy Netgear SoHo products.

Why Joe Hockey's Oz tax proposals only get five out of 10


GST/VAT Rates for International Sales

My understanding is, at the moment, sales of physical goods within EU borders should have VAT applied at the rate of the seller's country unlike the buyer's country for digital goods. This is inconsistent.

However, the new digital regime is difficult for small online sellers who have to have an eCommerce solution that copes with the multiple tax rates and can use the two pieces of evidence to identify the buyer's location (typically GEO IP and shipping destination). Their accounts are going to be more complex too.

I understand the sentiment but a simpler solution is needed (for example a standard rate for cross border EU transactions).



Re: Err... Worstall missed the plot (as usual)

Actually, he didn't...

In order for shareholders to benefit from the increase in share price (be it real or manipulated) then they must sell and be subject to capital gains tax.



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