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Prison hacker who tried to free friend now likely to join him inside


"but using a double v instead of a w in January"

That's... creative of him.

Got a Windows Phone 8 mobe? It's now officially obsolete. Here's why...


Won't stop me using it

I'll keep using my Nokia 735 until it dies.

I bought and tried a phone with Windows 10, but ended up giving it to the missus: didn't have Kid's Corner (yes, I use it) and the alternative was crap. Also, Windows 10 just had way too many options/settings: feature creep.

When my Nokia dies, not sure what I'll do.

McAfee is McAfee again, promises security with kum ba yah


McAfee the man is far more interesting. Bring him back please

China to Donald Trump: Twitter diplomacy 'undesirable'


I actually rather prefer to hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak, rather than mediated through the hysteria of the press.

Swedish prosecutor finally treks to London to question Julian Assange


Dear commentards

Read this: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2016/12/julian-assanges-defence-statement/

No spoilers! Norway won't tell Snowden if US will snatch him on a visit


Re: Another solution ?

I think if it were Americans, it would be one finger?

Three certainties in life: Death, taxes and the speed of light – wait no, maybe not that last one


Re: Young earth...

Yeah, going to have to rejig my automatic woo detectors, which tend to cut in "oh, but light was faster back then" :(

Microsoft ends OEM sales of Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1


Re: Now the the future is closer than ever.

Ha, I'm on 2007 :)

And even 2003 on another machine.

I did consent to ditch the disks for Word 2.0 a few years back.

MI6 to hire another 1,000 bods 'cos of private surveillance tech


1000 more potential moles, whistleblowers etc..

Keeping secrets is hard.

'What this video game needs is actual footage of real gruesome deaths'


Re: why is it that every single piece of the critters is made out of food?

Sorry, could not resist:


But people have always eaten people,

What else is there to eat?

If the Juju had meant us not to eat people,

He wouldn't have made us of meat!

Cooky crumbles: Apple mulls yanking profits out of Europe and into US


Re: SpaceX

Yup, and yesterday for Facebook it was iSmoke...


Re: I'm pretty sure

Yup, that was probably Tim Worstall, who got ditched when El Reg did a PC purge a while back...

No more neoliberals, no more climate deniers, no more brexiteers.

And sadly, without Lester Haines, no more pub nosh :(


Re: He can huff, he can puff, but he will pay

"When money is taken out of circulation"

You really think they've hidden it under a mattress somewhere?

How much does your kid hate exams? This lad hacked his government to skip them



Will he still have to pass the exam in prison?

Apple is making life terrible in its factories – labor rights warriors


Re: I wonder when the Chinese peasants will finally rise up?

I think they have risen up, and consider that working in a factory - even in these conditions - is still better than being a peasant.

SpaceX Dragon capsule lands in Pacific carrying 12 moustronauts


Re: Deja Vu

A bit like Japanese whaling 'research' then?

WhatsApp is to hand your phone number to Facebook

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Cor blimey,

Have a million upvotes, I just right now got the popup on my 'phone and without your comment I wouldn't have thought to root around and find the opt-out.

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge


Re: Some women fantasise about being raped

Fantasising about something is not the same thing as wanting it to happen.

And that applies to being raped, or doing the raping.

That is what role-playing is all about.


Re: "He was found not guilty, therefore he is innocent"

Sorry, that's sophistry.


This is dangerous stuff

Being a powerless victim of injustice breeds violence.

If this guy turns up somewhere one day with a machine gun and starts gunning down innocent police officers, don't be surprised.

Angler hooks German's todger at nudist lake


Yikes, as a youngster I got a fish hook in my foot when scrambling on rocks at a beach. Not fun. Can't imagine what it would be like 'there'...

'Nigerian scammer' busted after he infected himself with malware



My wife got a snail-mail Nigerian-style scam letter the other day.

I binned it but now wonder if I should have framed it.

Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones


Never mind worrying about whether criminals can get hold of guns.

I'm just glad the police (mostly) don't have them.

Compare "People shot and killed by police" statistics for UK and US. The first fits on one page of wikipedia (and that's since the police were created!), for the second I fear wikipedians can't quite keep up...

'Nuff said.

Man killed in gruesome Tesla autopilot crash was saved by his car's software weeks earlier


I wonder...

Wouldn't it be a better idea to inverse the roles?

The driver driving, and the autopilot watching out for danger?

At least to start with?

I've averted quite a few accidents because the person next to me also had their eyes on the road and spotted something before I did (like "YOU'RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!").

Bill Gates cooks up poultry recipe for Africans' paltry existence


Re: $5 per chicken?

Paging Tim Worstall and his cluebat...

Inside Electric Mountain: Britain's biggest rechargeable battery


Re: "What word does the man in the street understand?"

Scientology seems a bit like this to me.

Google Ventures-backed sync-'n'-share firm changes direction. Got your attention?


Nope (Betteridge again)

The stock photo got my attention, I thought it was Lester with some more nosh.

England just not windy enough for wind farms, admits renewables boss


Re: Erm, wot?!

Even at the height of the British Empire, I'm not aware that they were sailing their ships onshore...


Re: Storage, obviously

With Nimbys stopping wind turbines being built, you want to create artificial lakes?!

Good luck with that.

Also, helps to have lots of mountains.


Re: Nuclear


Please explain.

I watched video, and I don't think it's out of context. The interviewer pushed him to 'come out' and say what he really thought, and the essence of it was that if you have wind power, it's intermittent, so you're going to need nukes, but once you have paid for the nukes, there's no point spending money on wind any more.

Mars One puts 100 Red Planet corpses colonists through fresh tests

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Given that a large component of the human challenge of travelling to Mars will be boredom, I'm not sure how testing applicants' ability to handle that will make for great TV.

I'm with China on this one.

Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does


A bit surprised...

by all the 'developers' here saying that an API is 'nothing'.

Everyone I've read on the subject says that designing a good API is hard, very hard.

And generally, once you've done it (if you've done it well), the implementation 'writes itself'. (Exaggerating a bit).

Microsoft mops up after Outlook.com drowns in tsunami of penis pills, Russian brides etc


Re: Would you consider forwarding any junk e-mail you received from the Russian bride of the pic?

My thoughts exactly, for once I'm not complaining about the stock photo

(Edit: That said, definitely better sideways-on: https://unsplash.com/photos/3DTjMSHHE-I)

Ex-Windows designer: Ballmer was dogmatic, Sinofsky's bonkers, and WinPho needs to change


Re: Sounds like a Mental Health Institution

"That's one reason why open-source projects attract devs who value their work for its own sake rather than for how it can be 'monetized', because it won't fall victim to this kind of perverse decision."

Or because nobody wants to buy it :)

The Windows Phone story: From hope to dusty abandonware


"Winphone is/was a grown up phone in an industry built on selling toys."

That's what it feels like to me too, but I'm a late adopter, and my 735 is my first smartphone.

My most used apps look like this:

Messaging, Phone, Weather, Email, Calendar, ContactManager (homemade, 'cos I'm fussy), Twitter, Railway app, Here Maps & Drive, Threema, shortcuts to various websites. The only ones in there which aren't MS or homemade are Threema and the Railways app.

The camera is also a killer feature.

Not having lots of games is a feature to me: that way the kids are always begging my wife for her Android, and leave me alone :)

PS: I seem to recall that MS did do a YouTube app, but that Google forced them to kill it off?

French authorities raid Google's Paris HQ over tax allegations


I guess they could have had an insider tip-off.

Would we want to regenerate brains of patients who are clinically dead?


Invoking Betteridge...

And his law of headlines.

Intel has driven a dagger through Microsoft's mobile strategy

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Re: I used to be a huge windows mobile fan


Every now and again I find myself wondering if I should upgrade my 735 to Windows 10.

Then I read a comment like yours and remember the right answer :)

Microsoft lures top Linux exec from Oracle to Redmond


Re: Wait for the divorce lawyer

Still seems to be working out ok for Anders

Ireland's tech sector fears fallout of Brexit 'Yes' vote


Starting to wonder...

...if it wasn't global warming that did for Lewis and Tim after all.

Lost in the obits: Intel's Andy Grove's great warning to Silicon Valley

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New video-ads in the middle of articles?

Me no likee

Stop! Before you accept that Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, read this


Here will be (indirectly) killed by upgrading too

So count me out

Is there anything left to ask Bill Gates? (Other than gissus a million?)


Rich guy putting his money into atomic power research, when several states are bailing out.

That alone makes me respect him.

Yelp minimum wage row shines spotlight on … broke, fired employee



The situation is difficult, for sure, but the logic of "I should be paid what I need, regardless" will take you to strange places.


Re: Cyystal Balls for Sale Cheap

This is satire, right?

Or not?

Terrified robots will take middle class jobs? Look in a mirror


Re: It's not about jobs, it's about income...

Tim Worstall, who used to write here (http://www.theregister.co.uk/Author/1692/), and for whose absence Andrew is valiantly trying to cover with these articles.

You can find him here:


and various other places.

Bit like Marmite, love him or hate him, but makes you think.

Pilot posts detailed MS Flight Sim video of how to land Boeing 737


The is (was?) one in Google Earth. Not much good to fly, but at least you get the scenery


Re: Knowing what a lever or button do is just the beginning...

My thoughts to, but if you watch the video, he's only talking about steering on the ground. I doubt anyone could get that seriously wrong.

(Rephrase, I doubt anyone who could get that seriously wrong would even have got to the ground in one piece).

How tech firms can drive growth without making inequality worse



Bring back Tim Worstall.

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that


Re: If Apple gives in on this, it could result in...

"Do we really want to allow any form of data storage that can never be read by anyone else in any circumstances?"

Er, you mean like paper: which you can burn?

Given that the perpetrator in this case apparently destroyed two other phones, one would suspect that there will be nothing at all of interest on this one.