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More cracks found in Russian annex of the International Space Station


"Imagine how much it would cost to post it back?"

And they'll have to wait for the next Amazon delivery to have a box big enough

Microsoft suspends free trials for Windows 365 after a day due to 'significant demand'


I wonder how many of these free trial VMs were put to work mining crypto?

Baby Space Shuttle biz chases dreams at Spaceport Cornwall


For a novice, why would they do this rather than just land back in California?

Violent moon mishap will tear Uranus a new ring or two


Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking

Red Dwarf, episode "White Hole"


'Major incident' at Capita data centre: Multiple services still knackered


What if these services had a DR option and the customer didn't take it? There's so much focus on cost these days.

Never mind the patent trolls. Here's a riddle: What about the inventors?


Re: So, what's the invention shown in the image?

Portable nuclear shield


(thank you google reverse image search)

UK government names Cloud Foundry Her Majesty's preferred PaaS


Re: "the granularity of user permissions"

"The Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group have set out nine tests of the control users have over their data, please see p.3. We must check how many of these tests GDS-produced Cloud Foundry platforms pass. We can be pretty sure that they won't get into double figures."

If there are only 9 tests, surely we can be *absolutely* sure they won't get into double figures, or have I missed the point?

EE: Yes, our broadband service is a total clusterf**k – but we promise to improve


Maybe they shouldn't be allowed to advertise until they've sorted their customer service out...

CSC picks up the axe yet again, eyes 800 staffers' quivering necks


Re: Eh?

For the UK, anywhere outside of London/Reading is classed as "near shore" for salary comparison purposes...

And India isn't just getting expensive, the attrition rate is pretty horrendous - roughly 50% per year I believe.