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Command line coffee machine: Hacker shuns app so he can stay at the keyboard for longer

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I know it's Monday morning, but 12 cups? (see video)

Microsoft thinks time crystals may be viable after all

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Re: My. Brain. Hurts.

I'm going for a few of these ------------------------------------------>

... then I'll try reading the article again

'Jet blast' noise KOs ING bank's spinning rust servers

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But was it as loud as this ...


Petulant Facebook claims it can't tell the difference between child abuse and war photography

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Who controls the past

... that's all

Typo made Air Asia X flight land at Melbourne instead of Malaysia

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Re: Damn instrument weenies

'Am not sure were you live but at the pilot training school down the road you have to do exactly that. Fly in a plane with completely blacked out windows and make it to your destination on instruments only. I believe it is obligatory for any commercial license.'

Well, not blacked out windows; otherwise the instructor would also have no view. However. essentially you're right.

A nice long pub crawl is good for your health, if you stay on your feet

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In the words of the Prophet Heinlein

Grok in fullness

Hollywood offers Daniel Craig $150m to (slash wrists) play James Bond

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Re: Some Formula 1 people may soon be available

I thought Bernie E was his own little sidekick

Next Mars landing scheduled for Monday, November 26th, 2018

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... but what time?

Looking at my diary, I seem to be fairly busy on 26/11/18. Any chance of a precise time?

That Public Health study? No, it didn't say 'don't do chemo'

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Re: Total Rubbish

@Ishtiaq, I'll join you if I may.

If I ever have to have Cisplatin infused again, I will think long and hard about it before agreeing (as I most certainly will). The loss of my sense of taste for nearly 5 months was exceedingly unpleasant. One of the other 'poisons' gave me Peripheral Neuropathy which I still have though now much less and slowly improving. My hair has also grown back and, guess what, it's got less grey in it than before.

So, to all fellow members of the Forlorn Hope, beer!

BTW You don't have to be in the army to fight in the war.

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Re: It's not only the press

As one of the few commentards that has received chemotherapy, I feel I may well be suitably qualified to comment. Disclosure: I have Mantle Cell Lymphoma (diagnosed in August 2015) and have received the full range of chemotherapies usually used to (try to) combat the disease - RCOP, R-HD-Ara-C and RDHAP. None of these worked so I was given a monoclonal antibody (Ibrutinib) which seems to be effective. I am now officially in remission and awaiting an allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant.

My point is that I went through this with my eyes open. At every point in my treatment, I had the risks carefully explained to me and I was given the necessary time to digest them before making a decision. With chemotherapy your body may react adversely and they do everything they can to monitor this. It must be remembered, however, that cancer kills, no ifs no buts; all chemotherapies carry a risk, they're poisons after all. When you weigh the 100% chance of mortality within a year against the <10% chance of the therapy killing you, then I know which way I would jump.

As it is, the allogeneic SCT carries a risk of 20% mortality within a year from either infection (they kill off your whole immune system) or Graft versus Host Disease. Given the fact that it could extend my life by over 10 years, I have made my decision.

BTW @Richard Chirgwin, my heart goes out both to your wife and to you. Cancers affect the whole family, not just the patient.

It's OK to fine someone for repeating a historical fact, says Russian Supreme Court

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Re: But not as bizarre as ...

Citations needed!

If you want to make a valid point, give us some detail (if it exists).

... and try to post using your El Reg handle, then I can avoid reading any other crap you post.

ABBA-solutely crapulous! Swedish router-maker won't patch gaping hole

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Re: Mamma Mia!


+1 and a beer for that

Render crashing PCs back to their component silicon: They deserve it

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Re: If you look in the hardware block logic diagram of any IT device...

@TRT, Brilliant!

Beer! ...and I wish I could make it more than one

Microsoft adds useful feature to PowerPoint. Seriously

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10, 20, 30 rule

No more than 10 slides

No longer than 20 minutes

Font no smaller than 30 pt

Church organist nabbed for playing glory hole in excelsis

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Re: Ahem...

@John G Imrie

+1 for the IASIHGAC reference

Best wishes to Sven

WikiLeaks fights The Man by, er, publishing ordinary people's personal information

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Now hang on a second

"Perhaps in the world of WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange, anyone who contributes to a political party is by definition a part of the vast global conspiracy and deserves to be exposed to the kind of risks to their financial well-being that those unlucky souls will now almost certainly experience."

Er, isn't Wikileaks a political movement that also solicits contributions thus making itself a part of the 'global conspiracy'?

The Great Brain Scan Scandal: It isn’t just boffins who should be ashamed

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Re: There's a flaw with this article

"Anon because I'm surrounded by these poor misguided souls."

Yup, I live in Islington too ;-)

Gun-jumping French pols demand rapid end to English in EU

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Re: In the long run, my money is on Mandarin.

"I think you may have misspelt "Marain" :-)"

+1 for the Culture reference

Patriotic Brits rush into streets to celebrate… National Cream Tea Day

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Re: An issue that bitterly divides the country

"No cream, just jam."

I would agree with you; but then we'd both be wrong

Tim Peake to return to Earth after six months floating around in space

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Re: Hhmmm...

You mean apart from all the research, the re-engagement of hundreds of thousands of schoolkids in STEM, the hours of fascinating TV broadcasts and a general pushing of the envelope? Not a lot.

What has Anonymous Coward ever given us? PAHH!!

Mine's the one with the ISS reservation in the pocket

White hats bake TeslaCrypt master key into universal decryptor

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Re: Sorry

I'd be inclined to believe this if, and only if, the word 'Sorry' was followed by '... and here's your money back.'

BOFH: Thermo-electric funeral

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re: I'm surprised it took that long.

@oldcoder, the BOFH noticed that there was at least an hour to go before beer-o'clock; he needed to while away the time by giving the Boss false hope before flattening it.

BOFH: Power corrupts, uninterrupted power corrupts absolutely

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Re: Electricity - Pah!

@AC, +1 for bringing back the memories.

My friends and I frequently visited the place in the 70's. We once smuggled my sister in and she managed to buy a round .* It helped that she smoked cigars and was as tall as me.

* Nellies was men-only, as was that place just off Silver Street in Hull. Can't remember the name atm. Must be old-age or the beer - take your pick

Greater Manchester plod site targeted by nuisance DDoS attack

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... and in a future Reg article

Wannabe hacker n0w1337 arrested by plod; wets his pants and cries for mummy

OH DEAR, WHSmith: Sensitive customer data spaffed to world+dog

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Thumb Up

Re: Another one...

On a slightly related note my kids have been gathering up book tokens for a while.

You're obviously doing something right. I don't know how old your kids are but if they're hooked now they'll be hooked for the rest of their lives.

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"It is a bug not a data breach."

So let's get this right:

1. We couldn't be bothered to check the code we updated. After all, it was only a small change; what could possibly go wrong?

2. It's only a data breach if those nasty hacker people do it. If we do it (and we're not saying we did) it's a minor operational error.

Canned laughter for Canadians selling cans of air at $15 a pop

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Re: Selling oxygen...

"I was told by a first hand witness that you can in fact buy oxygen when the high Andes train in Peru stops at 20,000 feet or so. The guy noted that if you didn't have the oxygen supplied, you would faint away if you stood up and walked around."

What utter bullshit! The Cuzco-Puno line rises to a maximum elevation of 14,150ft.

Yes, you can buy oxygen but I would doubt its quality and, anyway, you don't need it. If you have problems with breathing the best solution is a nice coca-leaf maté.

Finally, as for fainting when you stand up and walk, someone's yanking your todger.

Dropbox DROPS BOX as service GOES TITSUP worldwide

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It's always darkest before you turn on the lights

BACS Bank Holiday BALLS UP borks 275,000 payments

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"Alternative headlines: BACS to the wall. Payroll BACS up."

Groan! +1 for that

... and it's nearly beer o'clock so...

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Re: I feel sorry for

@John G I,

Yes they do, but the failure here is not theirs. They have made a best effort. So it's no use shouting at the payroll minions. A swift call to your bank (who will be aware of the HSBC/BACS failure) will solve the liquidity problem and HSBC/BACS will be liable to pay any charges or losses incurred by you.

How do you like it when your network goes down and everyone starts shouting at you even though the fault was caused by some dickhead with a JCB?

French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'

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Re: KU the pedants

'(Note. Some strange affects can be had mixing superhigh frequencies - see "john hutchison".)'

I call bullshit. To quote Marc Millis: "The 'Hutchison Effect' has been claimed for years, without any independent verification — ever. In fact, its originator can't even replicate it on demand."

Mobile device screens recorded using the Certifi-gate vulnerability

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@DougS 'Don't they have the ability to remotely disable apps after they've been downloaded from the Play Store?'

Sounds a little like W10 to me. Thanks, but no thanks.

Wileyfox smartphones: SD card, no bloatware, Cyanogen, big battery – yes to all!

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Re: Well...

I, too, have signed up for the Storm.

@msknight I hadn't realised it's dual-sim; thanks for pointing that out. The fixed battery doesn't worry me; it would be nice to have a replaceable one but it's not a deal-breaker.

Swiss watch: Cuckoo-clock cops threaten Win 10 whup-ass can pop

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Re: Dearest Reg,

'Redmond is not in "silicon valley." It's not even in the same state.'

A little over-pedantic there, methinks. 'Silicon Valley' is used in the sense of a generic descriptor.

Now back to hoovering the floor with my Dyson before I head to my City job in Canary Wharf.

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why

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Re: I'm losing track here..

@Doctor Syntax

Shh! Don't tell my SO. She thinks it's because I'm stressed out ;-)

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Re: I'm losing track here..

"No, but even Unix admins do that."

But in our case, it's brain-dead manglement that is the cause.

Adobe pays US$1.2M plus settlements to end 2013 breach class action

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My details were taken. Where's my money?

After dividing the compensation by the number of ACs and then subtracting the processing fees, you now owe us $275.60.


Adobe Beancounters

It's not just antivirus downloads that have export control screening

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Re: Bah!


"a web-vendor I use for PDFs"

What the hell are you doing using a web-vendor for this simple task? LibreOffice can export to PDF and it's free; it's also secure.

No down-vote; I'm just genuinely puzzled.

Ubiquiti stung US$46.7 million in e-mail spoofing fraud

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"Apart from the financial information, details are scant."

... so I'm just guessing here. I'm willing to bet a substantial amount (but not $46 million) that digital signing was not enforced for all financial requests wherever they originated.

Boffinry breakthrough: Bullied bumble bot bolts brutal brat beatdowns

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Re: 3 Laws

You forgot the 0th law: A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

Google, Oracle's endless Java copyright battle extended to ... 2016

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Re: The problem with this case

'If Google loses there would be a precedent for copyrightable APIs which would mean that making things compatible would be a copyright violation.

The other thing is that it was totally avoidable. If Google hadn't used something Java-ish for Android the whole problem wouldn't exist.'


MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps BREAK it

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Re: What about a work around?

I was going to say 'Me too' but then I remembered I run OpenSUSE ;-)

Crazy Chrysler security hole: USB stick fix incoming for 1.4 million cars

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What me care?

I have two cars.One's a Rover P5B and the other's a Lotus Europa S1. Neither has or needs any kind of 'hi-tech' controls.

Just because a thing can be done doesn't mean it should.

HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie

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Nah! Fire the directors; they're the ones who brought them there.

Incidentally, beer ... well it is Friday.

2015 Fiat 500 fashionista, complete with facelift

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Re: Leagues per hour?

A (non-alcoholic if you're driving) beer for you.

Personally though, I prefer the A-Z. I hate being nagged by Merkan voices.

Mastercard facial recog-ware will unlock your money using SELFIES

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Re: Yet another clueless "security" spokes-head.

@Little Mouse, +1 for that.

Bhalla is absolute proof that age does not automatically confer wisdom..*


* I can't believe I'm saying that; I'm 65

It’s 2015 and we're being told not to send credit cards as cleartext

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@ElReg Subs

"Merchants can under the updates themselves manage P2PE solutions for point-of-sale locations, separating duties, systems, and functions between encryption and decryption environments, or pay a provider to do that for them."

Under the updates, merchants can manage P2PE solutions for point-of-sale locations themselves - separating duties, systems, and functions between encryption and decryption environments - or pay a provider to do that for them.


SMA (feeling particularly pedantic)

Hacked US OPM boss: We'll fix our IT security – just give us $21 million

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Re: You contradict yourself

"Not that I approve that behavior, but that's what they do."

... and thank $DEITY that they do. When the brown stuff hits the fan, they have to call me or one of my fellow professionals. Hacked company is panicking. I name a figure off the top of my head and they agree instantly.

Mind you, it sometimes takes them an age to pay the invoice.

Belgium trolls France with bonkers new commemorative coin

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... as well as ...

"Or some 39p and 45p coins for our German buddies?"

some 19p and 66p coins to commemorate the 50th anniversary next year (we'll probably never win it again)

Armchair cyber-army vandalizes Uncle Sam's Army.mil website

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Re: Nice.....

"Exactly what are they saying?"

They missed one word. It should read 'Your commanders admit they are training the people that they have sent you to die fighting'

But more to the point, why the hell are they are boasting about hacking an http site? This is script kiddie stuff.