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Google, YouTube ban election trolls ahead of US midterms


Only the approved narrative will be allowed; aka in-kind donations.

After 40 years in tech, I see every innovation contains its dark opposite


From the user's perspective (having started with a Tandy TX 1000 8MHZ with a massive 12MHZ Boost capability), every single upgrade comes with some sort of downgrade; something we've come to use daily that was tossed aside willy-nilly as perceived (from the developer's perspective) as unimportant. Someday an upgrade won't take away useful aspects of the previous version. Someday.

How do you call support when the telephones go TITSUP*?


This is still relevant today. Yesterday my eye doctor's tech called me from her own cell phone. The office phones and all computers were down. Seems they're all connected on one of the cable/ISP providers. She had to go home and pull up the day's schedule from a backup they kept posted offsite and call each patient from her own phone. It all came back online later, but they were TU until then. They couldn't see any patients because ALL of the records were cloud-stored.

Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update


Life cycle replacement. In other words, revenue generation.


21H2?! The last update kills me!

21H2?! Hell, I can't get past the last update. Every time I let it install, I get crashing blue screens of death. I've gone back to my 4 July backup several times because anything newer crashes my system.

Watt's next for batteries? It'll be more of the same, not longer life, because physics and chemistry are hard


Interestingly, we've noticed that every battery operated Christmas doodad we've had for years are only lasting 2-3 days this year vice a week or two every year previously. Since they couldn't all have suddenly had overcharge issues, we have to believe it's related to the batteries we bought this year...both alkaline and lithium.

In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying


Having adverts has never been the issue. Having so many adverts that you can't find what you're looking at is and always will be the problem. Used to be you'd load a page and there might be one or a couple advertisements along the edges. Then there were more, then there were more than the original article (screen percentage). Then they started also adding pop-ups to the existing number of ads. Then, then, then....... Finally I said screw it and got a pop-up blocker. Then the pop-up blocker got a conscience (read as they cornered him in a back alley) and the pop-up blocker got a huge white list....so I dumped it for another. And will again. Charge me a fee to get to the internet and be done with it. Oh wait, they already do.

Facebook's inflection point: Now everyone knows this greedy mass surveillance operation for what it is


Facebook is sorry....it was caught

Facebook, Google, Twitter, you name it. They all track for financial gain and easily take advantage of 2018 mindsets to do it.

There is no privacy any more. People freely give away their own information for a moment in the spotlight and/or personal pleasure and, as these incidents prove, they'll freely give away their best friends' privacy for a moment in the spotlight and/or their own personal pleasure.

Facebook is claiming to be sorry, but it is only sorry for two things. First, that republicans were able to take advantage of the same type data they had previously freely given democrats and second, that they were caught doing one while not stopping the other.

BOFH: Buttock And Departmental Defence ... As A Service


His initial responses to what his PFY "might" have said were some of the best lines! Really set the stage for the story.

Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full


What really sucks for consumers is when you run searches in google, say for hotels and restaurants in an area, and you get back lists so devoid of what is actually in the area. We were just in Shelby, NC for the American Legion World Series, ran a search for restaurants and got "some" hits. However, driving down the street to the responses we saw soooo many more. In another search, we were going to Lancaster, PA and searched for hotels. We got back a very small response list when compared to the actual number of hotels were drove past once we reached the area. I don't know if they only give you the names of businesses willing to advertise with Google or what, but their responses are severely lacking.

Amazon recalls dodgy solar eclipse shades that offer no eye protection


Missing from the article is the list of products (companies) who sold faulty glasses on Amazon.


Missing from the article is the list of glasses (and companies) sold on Amazon that were declared faulty.

'We need a new Geneva Convention to protect all citizens from snoops'


Protections from snooping businesses as well

As much as I dislike snooping by governments, snooping and data mining by businesses and commercial industries is just as dangerous and invasive. If this was seriously being considered, I'd support taking it further and applying privacy restrictions to ALL snooping focused at private citizens, whether done for/with business or government applications.

Windows 10 market share fell in September


Blue screen of death

I had my first Windows 10 blue screen of death this morning. Was running ~11 tabs in Firefox, all but one were the same ones I launch every morning. I haven't seen even one of these since back when I was using 7, XP, 2000, 98SE, 95, 3.11, DOS 6.something down to when I first started with DOS 3.3, .... Come to think of it, since I skipped over 8, Vista and ME, this might be my first blue screen of death ever. Interesting.

'Printer Ready'. Er… you actually want to print? What, right now?


It all boils down to any electronic device's CSD chip. Once the CSD chip kicks in it's game over for trying to accomplish anything in a hurry. Oh, the CSD chip is the Critical Stress Detector and they've been installed in computers at least since my original Tandy 286 8MHz computer w/10MHz Turbo Boost.

Windows 10 growth flattens out to 30 per cent per week


Not surprising. The digital springbutts (I used to be one) jumped in and are finding the bugs. The rest of us will increasingly get in ~6 months down the road.

Let kids delete their online rants, demand campaigners


Yes, think of the kids and be responsible parents. Don't let social media become this generation's version of the babysitter (that TV was to the last). How about actually making your child wait until he or she is adequately mature to understand the ramifications of online social rants? Parenting - what a unique and unheard of function these days.

What makes our planet's clouds? Tiny INVISIBLE CREATURES. True story


Well, that's it then......

......time to get rid of the whales.

Evil computers sense you’re in a hurry and mess with your head



Ever since I got my Tandy 286, I've said that the CSD chip was a real thing. The CSD or "Critical Stress Detector" ALWAYS kicks in the higher your level of stress or the more importantly you need the computer to work correctly the first time. Guaranteed.

WHAT ARE the 'WEIRD' SPOTS seen on far-flung PLUTO?


They are launch platforms. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Looking forward to getting Windows 10 the day it ships? Yeah, about that...


Why rush?

I'm in no hurry and will probably delay the install if I get an early option. I like letting others work out the first wave of issues.

Sorry, Windows 10 early adopters: Microsoft Edge WON'T block ads at launch


Re: Irrelevant

Same here.


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