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Bank on it: It's either legal to port-scan someone without consent or it's not, fumes researcher


It's a local scan (in web page code) not a remote port scan.

That's a big CMA difference if you ask me. (local verses remote).

Car insurers recoil in horror from paying auto autos' speeding fines


The Man In The Rubber Mask.

Today if a driver cannot be identified the owner (registered keeper) is ultimately liable. Why would you want to change this legislation if it would still work perfectly?

Today it is up to the owner to maintain the vehicle and to keep it in correct working condition. If a camera is muddy such that it misses a sign that is the responsibility of the vehicles keeper to clean it not the manufacturer (or insurer). If a camera is damaged or has failed it is the responsibility of the owner to fix or replace it as is the regulation today with tires.

DJI Aeroscope won't stop drone-diddlers flying round airports


Re: "their entire system can be defeated by either covering the drone with aluminium foil"

and it won't get GPS signal either so no preset flights..

Google, what the hell? Search giant wrongly said shop closed down, refused to list the truth


Surely an easy fix..

Just mark every google office as shutdown permanently...

See if that will catch their interest...

WTF is your problem, Netgear? Another hijack hole found in its routers


Re: Already fixed?

The article says

"Netgear has released a fix for the update, though Kenin says that getting the network hardware giant to pay attention to the report was a nine-month ordeal "

The remote control from HELL: Driverless cars slam on brakes for LASER POINTER


Re: Why spoof an object

You can code for blinding to fall back to radar and Ultrasonic Sensors..

If you match the modulation and create fake objects then the code could think they are real (but invisible to Radar/US) its an awkward trick to exactly match the modulation.. probably more hassle than it is worth...


It's not just an issue for any lasers.. otherwise two cars would stop each other.. it needs to match the lidar encoding, which is why the modulation is required. and if you are going that far you can modulate for specific locations and hence individual objects.

The blinding issue is a problem that can easily be overcome with two lasers on different light frequencies and coding that falls back to ultrasonic and radar (probably slowing the vehicle) in the event of laser blinding.

Yes it probably works on test vehicles which are designed to fail-safe when they encounter a problem.

Tesla still burning cash: each car loses $4,000



It's well know that the Mercedes electric B class uses the Tesla Motor drive train.

Likewise the Model S uses a lot of parts from Mercedes.

I'm not surprised Tesla's bank balance is going down have you seen the size of that gigafactory? Though I do think the Model X will not do as well as the S.. and Tesla need to get a move on with the Model ≡

Drone in NEAR-MISS with passenger jet at Heathrow airport


Most decent drones these days are GPS enabled. Is it too much to ask for appropriate Legal No-Fly Zones to come pre-loaded? I'm pretty sure you could put the entire worlds Airports no-fly boxes/circles onto a single microSD card.

You could easily legally restrict drones to no-fly without "Permitted Zones Data File" for appropriate country/area. And you could get your "Permitted Zones Data File" (locked to your serial Number) when you buy your insurance from BMFA. (Data File Could also expire with 3rd party insurance.)

Sensible laws are what is required not knee-jerk bans.

GOTCHA: Google caught STRIPPING SSL from BT Wi-Fi users' searches


I'm not surprised BT have phorm in this area.

Aboard the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, there's a Mobe and a Slab and a TELLYBOX


All well and good to announce it but when is it coming? it's not in Play store yet....

Windows 10's 'built-in keylogger'? Ha ha, says Microsoft – no, it just monitors your typing


This is why windows is so fucked up.

Technical preview users are not the same as end users doing their day job, they are technically previewing and testing the system not actually using it as a day to day work tool. By monitoring and tuning for these poke around users of course you'll see higher usage (read testing) of new features, giving you a false/skewed impression of their acceptance. Where as what most users really want is the peddles and steering wheel to be in the same place as they always have been.

Hacker publishes tech support phone scammer slammer


Air Force reverse engineer?

Did the author mean "Air Force reserve engineer"?

Anyway this needs the webcam trick that the Zeus guy used. would be good to post more screenies of scammers..

'Leccy racer whacks petrols in Oz race


Jake, You'll be wanting one like this?

I think this one meets your needs, anything else?

Vulture 2 takes a battering in 100km/h test run


Any idea on how the air pressure on the control surfaces at 100km/h at sea level compares to the air pressure at altitude?


Re: Compass

Could have asked mr Paraglider to take the avionics pod for a skyward trip...

UK fuzz want PINCODES on ALL mobile phones


Re: Pebble Locker App

WTF are you doing to your watch? (Are you using a phone that doesn't support Bluetooth LE?) My pebble easily lasts 5 days between charges. I've never had a Pebble go flat on my wrist ever (since feb 13) I do put the watch and phone on charge at the same time from the same dual port power block.

That said entering Pin if it is flat is hardly the end of the world though is it?

The Phone going flat however does happen frequently... but that's a different problem!


Pebble Locker App

I don't like entering a pin every time I get my phone from my pocket.. so I have found the perfect solution: The Pebble Locker App!

My phone is unlocked as long as it is connected to my Pebble watch. as soon as my watch goes out of range, the phone is pin locked. No hassle for me and secure if it leaves range of me. A best of both worlds solution!

Rosetta's comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is one FUGLY space rock


May I be the first...

..to welcome our rubber duck overlords..

We got behind the wheel of a Tesla S electric car. We didn't hate it


Re: how are they likely to be in Winter?

Meh even my 'cheap' ev will preheat from the mains. Enjoy scraping ice off your dinosaur juice burner.

Don't snap SELFIES at the polls – it may screw up voting, says official


legal Dilemma: I take picture of my vote (not another's) If Police or Staff ask to see it they are asking me to disclose my vote?! ergo prohibited!

I think staff demanding to delete anything is going to far, they should politely advise as follows:

"Taking photos/video that may disclose how another person has voted is illegal under Section 66A of the 1983 Representation of the People's Act, If you have taken a photo/video that may disclose another persons vote you are advised to either delete it, or seek immediate legal advice.

If staff believe you may have contravened the 1983 Representation of the People's Act they may pass your details on to the Police or other regulatory body."

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops


Re: No way near Homeopathic standards..

Ooops.. that should be 10^320.


No way near Homeopathic standards..

Still needs another universe or two* full of water to meet the 200C standard.

* ok its 10^230 Universes...

SpaceX: We NAILED the Falcon 9 landing! The video, on the other hand...


Their best chance..

Would be to send a sub to the bottom to get the camera back!

SpaceX Falcon tests hovercraft tech – despite ISS outage


will eventually make for precise set-downs on the surface of alien worlds

Ermmm Not quite right.. whilst they do hope to get to foreign worlds the falcon 9 launch stage never will.. it will never be Falcon 9 legs on alien soil, maybe Dragon paws will make it though...

BT befriends Google's lonely TV dongle – and saves YouView


Youview is a dead end borked fork of freeview.

By restricting the setop box to not allow local content (local media servers) they have already created a duff set top box. but worst of all Youview does not support ConnectTV so does not support freeview content delivered over the internet (there will soon be many channels delivered this way) like MotorsTV on Freeview channel 240 which works on any recent internet-connected FreeviewHD unit but is not supported on youview boxes.

The future of youview looks dim. when a standard smart tv will support ALL the freeview content delivery routes and has apps for iplayer and the other offerings.

Lego is the TOOL OF SATAN, thunders Polish priest


re: waiting for a game where I get to play the villain

Did you miss Evil Genius?

El Reg's Deep Outback XP upgrade almost foiled by KILLER ARACHNIDS


Time is not the only lapse..

"shot at 6 frames a second for the journey and then played back at 18 frames a second."

That'd make it a simple x3. Which it clearly is not..

Perhaps 1 frame every 6 seconds played back at 18 fps making x108. which is more likely, 46s vid covers 82 minutes.

Tesla firms hot bottoms: TITANIUM armor now bolted to Model S e-cars


re: It sounds like it would be dangerous

Yes! it happens frequently, though often unreported - this 6 kid fatality did make the news.


Re: Historical

@Anon/troll: Three Teslas have caught fire. Two hit debris in the road, the other was a big multiple impact accident. NONE have caught fire on their own.

LOHAN cops a faceful of Raspberry Pi


Who ate all the Pi?

Seems it was Lohan.

Hadron Collider urinal cake tale wins El Reg's LHC book giveaway


Re: Link?

Try here.

Tesla is on fire! Model S car sales are red hot – just like their chargers (yow)


Re: More rushed to market nightmares

I think you are confusing the Fisker Karma with the Tesla. It was the Karma that had a number of fault fires. so far Tesla has had 3 fires, 2 from impacts with debris on the road (with no injuries, unlike this incident) and one fire as the result of a high speed crash impacting multiple objects, (again no serious injury)

Perhaps you should check out #NotATesla on instagram, twitter and facebook...

Lifesize, driveable AIR-POWERED LEGO CAR hits the road


@Andrew Moore

Thanks, I'd like to quietly point out that that's a typographical error, and not quite a spelling mistake.


Lots of power in compressed air...

Lego engines using the lego pneumatic cylinders are quiet popular builds, there's plenty on youtube and you can buy them here www.lpepower.com

Women crap at parking: Official


What we've all known for a long time.

The diagrams seem to show that men's brains are wired back-to-front and women's brains have all their wires crossed....

Microsoft: Don't listen to 4chan ... especially the bit about bricking Xbox Ones


Brewing a self inflicted shitstorm?

Microsoft have nothing to worry about, their own research showed that people don't want backward compatibility, hence why its not included.

Of course if MS are just restricting backward compatibility to sell more games and there are enough non to tech savvy folks out there who do want it, enough to try this 'fix' ... then MS have a shit storm on their hands...

Question is, is it deservedly so?

Bit stupid to include an auto brick key sequence though...

Cheap 3D printer works with steel


Re: pre-mixed pellets

I'd suspect it's more likely to be a reel of wire, like the kind most continuous welding machines already use... and a bottle of argon (or co2 mix?) like welding machines already use will be cheap.. And who needs expensive pressurisation etc? when you can just overflow the box with argon dribble feed, much like current welders do..

Sounds like this can all be achieved with a welding machine fitted to a cnc mill..

FTC torches Android flashlight app for spying on users


Re: Post Install Permission Denial

They are keeping it quiet because it allows you to diable adverts on many apps by turning off internet access... I'm sure they will eventually fix it by creating a core google ad serving app in the device OS so the front end app can get adverts locally.

What is thy bidding? Han Solo’s shooter goes under the hammer


Re: Am I reading this corectly?

Yes*, a copy of the "original" weapon used in Ep.IV (the Greedo slayer) But it is an "original" long-shot prop from Ep.V. Many "original" versions exist as many were used for filming in each film.

*The clue was in the words.

Darth Vader outs self as iPhone fanboi


Evil Empire uses Photoshop - haven't we heard that before?

Why, yes we have.

The perspective in the camera image is identical to the overall image, meaning the phone and hand were added on top of the portrait image, also no reflection of hand & phone in the shiny eyes.

Elon Musk scrubs lucrative MONEY RING debut again on Thanksgiving


return trips

I'm surprised no one has tripped over that yet; out of 4 capable of delivering to the ISS only 2 are capable of getting stuff back, and only 1 is man rated.

Apple dodges data privacy sueball: Fanbois didn't RTFM*, says judge


Yes, and if they are not performing due diligence? is that not what this case was about? they were not TOLD they were expected to find it for themselves.. perhaps they want it writ large on the wall, or read and press the agree button to enter the store... its all stupid.



"she said the plaintiffs had failed to show that they'd read, seen or heard anything about the company's data policies before they bought their iPhones."

Because all apple stores have it writ large on the wall. (not sealed in the box, only available after purchase)..

US puts Assange charge in too-hard basket - report


Nothing to see here...

non-story, rumour and hear say.

All risks still exist, even if this is officially declared, there is nothing to stop them recanting once he steps outside, or over a border.

'MacGyver' geezer makes 'SHOTGUN, GRENADE' from airport shop tat


Re: Lithium Metal...

Thanks, actually I've seem rechargeable lithium cells being made from pastes and conductive (metalised) plastic sheets, all sealed up in a vac-pack outer. But yes, I can understand how a single use disposable lithium battery could use a simple metal foil.