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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account


My Account has also been banned

Like many many many other users my account has been banned due to me reclaiming stolen funds from Sony after fraudulent activity (confirmed by Sony).

I am going to fight this until I have nothing left to fight with. I only use my PS4 rarely, due to spending time with my 2 children so when in the rare occasions where I do use it I was saddened to realised I was then banned.

When I asked them about the subscription I am still paying for for playstation plus, they merely said this is not usable on a banned account. so they are now stealing from me twice.

Whilst I am not really bothered by the content that I may lose, it is the principle of this. I am truly and utterly disgusted by the stance of Sony, who merely sit behind a faceless support system where they simply throw terms of service at you.

If anyone has any advice, or has had their ban overruled I would love to hear how you managed it? I feel like I am trying to ice skate up hill.


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