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Twitter won't unmask racist Frenchie unless US judge says so


Re: incitement

But it is illegal in the UK. If the person that posted that message is based in the UK Twitter shouldn't be invoking US law to protect him. As I said, and this is actually backed up by the Texan court order Re: online gambling, they have made their site accessible within the UK. If they don't want to be subject to UK law then they should make some effort to block people from the UK using it.


Re: @Arclight

Not missing anything. "Incitement to racial hatred' does not require me to see it or be offended by it , and is nothing to do with my hurt feelings:

deliberately provoking hatred of a racial group

distributing racist material to the public

making inflammatory public speeches

inciting inflammatory rumours about an individual or an ethnic group, for the purpose of spreading racial discontent.

Post "Purple people, fight for your rights and go out and kill all green people" on Twitter, and its not whether someone who is green is going to read it and be upset, your inciting someone else to carry out that crime


Re: @AC 07:40 "We adhere to the laws of the countries in which we operate."

Doesn't really work though does it. If I as a law abiding person decided to use your logic not use twitter that doesn't stop a tw@ using it. To be fair your half way there, if Twitter don't to be taken to court in France it should block access to anyone based in France

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF


Thats no death star

So when can we expect Apple to claim ownership of the moon. After all, for most of the time its a circle with a bite taken out of it

Littlest pirate’s Winnie-the-Pooh laptop on the way home



If plod got involved that must mean this was a criminal investiation, not a civil matter, then surely several crimes could be said to have been commited?

The privateering CIAPC have committed the crime of accepting a bribe, blackmail, wasting police time, extortion, theft (as previously, Chisu probably won't see any of this, and unless she recieves a cheque for her share they've stolen it?). I'm sure there's a few more in there. Is there any other area of law where once you get the police involved its acceptable to say "Give £300 and I'll make this all go away"?

Google parks panzers on Germany's lawn over 'link tax' plan


Re: not really

"AFAIK many people just scan the headlines / first few lines from Google's news search"

That makes no sense. If you search for a story its because you've already heard about it and want to find out more about it. Why would you search for it, and then just read the headline?

Sex offenders need internet access, judge rules


But shirley

he had access to the internet before, and yet still took indecent photos of minors. What next, legal child porn sites to feed the need of perverts in the hope it stops them offending in RL?

Man, 19, cuffed after burning Remembrance poppy pic is Facebooked


@citizen kaned

When did Afghanistan become a leading producer of oil? Same goes for Bosnia and Kosovo.

Boffins splash fluids on special soggy biscuits in anti-flood demo


Re: Volume issue, amongst other things.

I'm guessing that by rain and horse piss you don't live in the middle of a built up area on the scale of Beijing?

Is decomposed granite and cement a suitable road building material capable of handling heavy and constant traffic, and while you can vouch for its equine urine dispersal in a country enviroment how is it at coping with rainfall in an urban enviroment where roads also have to cope with runoff from houses, tower blocks, concreted gardens, carparks etc.?

BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't


Blowing air

We can huff and puff as much as we want, but at the end of the day if they have switched off several stations, and only a couple of people have noticed what difference does it make if they switch the whole lot off. We aren't going to see masses of radios ditched and replaced largely because no-one will notice that the only thing on that band is polish radio stations.

What I don't agree with is ditching FM. DAB does not have good enough coverage


Even in the areas marked as having coverage have massive holes in them

In the loop: how Halo defined a new decade of first-person shooters


Re: Halo, gaming devolved

"And the mouse being so accurate is actually a negative for me, I don't want a point and click FPS"

If your playing multiplayer surely everyone is playing with the same control system?

" I want it to take some skill, that's why I prefer games with gun sway, bullet drop and recoil."

Yes, because bullet drop and recoil has never been used in a PC FPS. As for gun sway, dispersal area increase when running has alsobeen around for years on the PC

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it


14 day trial software

Not a good advert for Apple is it. "It looks purdy,and it's super fast software means you can turn out a 6 paragraph statement in just 14 days"

Google rolls out new, cheaper Chromebooks 'for everyone'


Re: Here we go again...

"So really



Not Really, allowing for the exchange rate if its £199 in the uk,and it really is the same price it would be $319 in the US, or £155 in the Uk if its $249 in the US.

For a multinational company if you sell anything the UK stick 25% on it seems to be the rule of thumb.

Lancashire man JAILED over April Jones Facebook posts


Bloody coward deserves it

This wasn't some sick idiot posting on a random message board to humour moronic friends, he posted the joke on a Facebook page dedicated to April, and read by her friends and family. Do you have any idea how much distress these sick jokes caused? No,probably not, and the majority of you sticking up for his 'freedom' of speech probably don't care either. As someone else said 'freedom of speech' is supposed to allow us to criticise the government without fear of charge, it isn't about being an offensive idiot.

Would any of considered going to Machynlleth church last Sunday, and repeating these jokes? Why not, your only exercising your 'freedom of speech'

Romans, Han Dynasty, kick-started climate change



My knowledge of the Roman empire doesn't in anyway make me an expert, but with my rough layman knowledge, how does this spike correspond with the gradual decline of the Roman Empire? A spike would suggest a sudden and rapid change, but did the population suffer a similarly massive fall? The Roman Empire devolved into smaller empires and nations, Byzantine for example, but the population of europe and the world stayed roughly the same. Regardless of who was in charge Joeus Bloggus would still need to cook his food, clear woodland for his farm.

UK.gov lays out what cities will get in broadband cash divvy



When we had a story on the Reg about the possibility of money being spent upgrading broadband in rural areas, we had people in the cities complaining about why should they subsidise the countryside.

Google skids car insurance comparison engine onto rivals' lawn


Re: Have used...

As he said^^^

Use the comparison site to find the best deal, then to go to the insurer via quidco.

Apple hoards LTE patents to deflect Samsung attack


Re: Apple needs some help


Why did you choose to ignore prior art despite it being a legitimate claim?

Velvin Hogan @Wanhang

I is not ignore prior art yes it was legitimate, however it was not interchangeable therefore it did not invalidate Apples patents....Under the current law the prior art must be among other things interchangeable. the prior art sighted even Samsung does not currently use. Read the law and the statues covering Prior art.

For someone who claims to know what he's talking about in such cases, he might want to learn the difference between 'sighted' and 'cited'

Pirate Bay founder arrested in Cambodia


Re: Legal farce

"as they did they were actively serving other peoples' copyright material for their own monetry gain (advertising revenue"

And this is were their 'freedom fighter' defence falls down, the same as the guys at megaupload. You can't claim the moral high ground of fighting the profiteering movie and music industry while making a decent wedge out of it, unlike the tv-links guy who made nothing from his site and merely provided links to other sites which hosted movies.

British Minister likens Anonymous to fascists and racists


Get out of jail card

So in the eyes of Anonmous and other 'freedom of speech fighters' the best way for me to avoid being held responsible of serious crimes such as rape is to post politically sensitive material on the internet? The assumption being made is that the rape claims have been made up so the USA can punish him. This is based on what? Knowledge of the full details of the charges or internet celebrity status? At what point would does everyone think the seriousness of the crime out wieghs Assanges 'freedom fighter' status? Do the laws of the land no longer apply to him? Lets face it, provided he's not captured on film, he can pretty much do what the hell he likes, any charge made against him would dismissed as an attack against freedom of speech.

Conspiracy theories don't bother me, if you want to spend your life coming up with fanciful reasons as to why we didn't go to moon, or how little grey men did crash at Roswell, great, go for it you aren't harming anyone. However, if your potential protecting a rapist thats a different thing altogether. He's a swedish citizen, formally charged with rape in Sweden. He should be extradited and face the charges.

And am I the only one thats concerned that the Ecudorian president belives that rape isn't an offence worthy of being a crime?

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


Can anyone resurrect Gene Roddenberry? Google "Star Trek PADD".

In the original Star Trek series Kirk was seen the using a PADD, a touch screen portable computer device. Fast forward 40 years and Apple release the 'innovative' iPad, a touch screen portable computer device. There isn't anything on the iPad or iPhone that was innovative, all of it had been seen before, the only thing it did was put it all together in a nice wrapper.

Sex rating Facebook page publishers jailed


Re: Willing to be flamed for this, but.....

Well the first part of point one is what I said in my post. For the second half, do you think it should be legal to make rascist or homophobic comments?

As for point two, what a pile of bull ox. At the age of 13 you are classed as a minor, and there is a reason that underage sex is illegal, its because at that age aren't fully capable of understanding your actions. Why does the judicial system differentiate between adults and children?


Willing to be flamed for this, but.....

Freedom of Speech does not equal freedom to be a complete dick. While I find hard to understand how they are responsible for what other people posted on that page, the page should have been shut down and the people who actually made the comments charged, do you really see nothing wrong with comments of a sexual nature about 13 year old girls?

If freedom of speech means I can say what I like, and offend who I like, can I post rascist comments on the Reg?

Motorola’s next Razr ‘leaks’ online


Papering over the cracks

To me it looks like its a cover film to obscure the look, a bit like they do with prototype cars.

McDonalds staff 'rough up' prof with home-made techno-spectacles


Re: Next time

The police can't do anything unless he actually bothers to report the crime. He returned home to Canada, and then sent emails. Even then he's not actually reporting a crime, he's asked for assistance in what is effectively a civil claim for compensation. How do you expect the French police to do anything if he doesn't report the crime, and the main witness is in Canada? You expect them to fly a couple of gendarmes over to Toronto?

Yes, you can be sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts


Re: sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts

And you've just made a threat of sexual assault/rape on an internet forum.

Cut'n'paste UK launch for cut-price Motorola Android


Re: Please, T-Mobile, Don't bork a good phone like Orange do

I have a motorola defy on t-mobile, and not a t-mobile related app in sight, the nearest it gets is having the browsers homepage set to the tmobile site.


Re: Simply put, Motosmart makes life easier

Well of course, Apple invented everything from the wheel up.

Russian upstart claims BitTorrent-killer


MS in the aussie outhouse

Even if the ruskies are outside OZ jurisdiction, I'm assuming that MS have an office in Australia? Surely they could be done for aiding and abetting?

Megaupload case near collapse: report


Porn, alcohol, abortion.

All of the above are illegal somewhere in the world. Can we expect to see a succesful extradition of multi-millionaire businessmen to face trial?

If this man has committed a crime in NZ, then he should face charges in NZ.

Death Star dinosaur aliens could rule galaxy


WIlliam Hill

I've noticed a lot people throwing around probability as reason why life would have ET origins, speaking from the perspective of a true layman surely the probability of:

Life starts on Melmac (Which is a billion in 1 event as someone else has already used as an arguement against earth origin)

Melmac has massive catastophic event

Small chunks fly into space and with a few bits of Alf strapped on

Tiny bits of Alf manage to survive the millions of years flying through space

Tiny Alf rock manages to manages to find its way to earth (space is really big. You may think its a long way to the shops, but thats just peanuts to space (DA))

Alf manages to survive the intense heat of entering the earths atmosphere

Each one of those steps has a massive probability of failure, surely probability actually favours life starting here?

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online


Re: Works for me

To a point I agree, just because your posting on the internet doesn't give you carte blanche to post whatever vile abuse you like, but........'annoy'? I get annoyed by the bloody flash ads on every other site, I get annoyed by the constant "Please help feed my animal request in *insert name of random facebook app" posts that come up on facebook. Annoy is a very loose term.



I post crap, and I am annoyed by your comment that infers I am a moron.

/calls police


Re: Once again..

Don't need to. With the current extradition system, their laws are our laws anyway.


Thats just it

You can't. Post anything, anywhere and someone in Arizona can be offended and before you now it there's a knock on the door and your collar felt.

With a law like this the US will have to hire an entire 747 for the amount extraditions they'll be handling from the UK


Can open, worms everywhere.

"to use any electronic or digital device and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act,"

So thats any number of stand up comedians (lewd profane language) who release dvd's,nhorny text message, anyone using a swinger site, or in some cases dating site. The Sun newspaper website. Personally I'm annoyed by Simon Cowell.

My Nan used to be offended by the word "sod" or "bloody". If they're going to word it as loosely as 'annoy' you may as well shut the internet down now.

Facebook accused of 'wanton' use of Canadian woman's pics


With her name

She should think herself lucky the page she liked had nothing to do with Dallas.

/Getting coat


Re: Terms and Conditions and the law

I would love to see what would happen to facebooks owners if challenged in the UK courts. If its legal in the US, but deemed illegal in the UK, would anyone expect the UK judicial system successfully extradite Mr Zuckerberg and co?

UK government says no to turbo e-bike


Re: @tapeworm - Govt can't keep the pace?

For once the phrase "Won't anyone think of the children" has a serious use on The Reg. Its not the lycra adults that are the problem, well they are when your sat behind a gaggle of them on a country road, its kids.

As its a bicycle, kids can ride it. Given that the average 17 year-old, after several lessons and even passing a test, is the most lethal thing on the planet, do you really want one of these steaming along the footpath at 28 mph under the control of a 14 year old?

Huawei banned from Australia’s NBN: reports


At least the Aussies have sense

I very much doubt there would be any debate about this in the UK.

"Is it the cheapest? Then buy it"

Dutch birdman admits flight was filmic fantasy



Can we expect an apology from the keyboard experts that shot Reg commentors down for being 'jealous' etc; when they dismissed it for being the complete ballcocks its turned out to be.

Microsoft shuttering Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace


And there lies the reason....

... why I don't like the trend of moving to DL software.

Buy a pc or console, buy a game on a disc, and you can play that game for as long as you like and can keep the machine running. DL software is only there for as long as the company wants it to be there.

Apple: We never said Siri would actually work in the UK


I really don't understand how anyone outside of Apple

can defend this. It blatantly shows this app work in the advert, simple as.


Re: I should think it reasonable

But surely if the back end whatevers aren't working, then it is impossible for the app to work as advertised in the uk. It doesn't matter which bit doesn't work, as it stands the app does not do what is advertised.


Re: I should think it reasonable

So WTF are doing advertising it? If its beta then put it on the phone, and people will think of it as a cool extra, but they actually advertised as a feature of the phone. You can't sell something and then turn around and say "Don't expect it to work, we're still devolping some of it"

Its like LG selling a TV. You get it home, set it up, and then find that the built in PVR won't work. The adverts says it does, the grunts in the shop told you it did, but its okay because if your geeky enough you'd have watched the launch event on a website.


Re: Technology - ye

Its nothing to do with regional dialect, the advertised feature just plain doesn't work in the UK.

Someone suggested that he should have asked in the shop, but as Vodafone themselves actually believed the BS coming from Apple, it stands to reason the average mobi wallah at carphone warehouse would believe it as well

Motorola Defy Mini rugged Android smartphone


Exceedingly nice

The gorilla glass may withstand a bunch of keys, but its no match for Mr Kiplings finest. A scrunched up metal cake case shoved nonchalantly into a pocket put an impressive scratch right across the screen. That said, the dust proof and water resistant case has proved handy, and personally even after a year, I still love it. I just wish it wasn't on bloody t-mobile

Cupertino lawyers mull 'driPhone' name ban


Prior art

@local group I guess 500 or so years should be enough to give prior art

I wonder if he changes it to dryphone will they still claim it sounds the same as driphone

How about he changes the 'i' to a capital. All Apples 'i' products are in the lower case......actually that gives me an idea, why not bring out a range of products called Ipad, Iphone, with the 'I' in times roman, and if apple complain I can just claim its actually a roman numeral, and it is in fact a 'one'pad :)

Dyson sinks £1.4m into Cambridge engineering chair


He's not the messiah

James Dyson, saviour of the UK...... well Malaysia, which is where he shifted the vast majority of production to several years ago.

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil


An apple a day

Despite Apple trying to project a friendly image to the end user, as opposed to the evil MS monster, I'm relieved MS got there first. Can you imagine a world without MS, one where Apple rules the PC market?

Every PC would be an Apple, all software approved by Apple, no home build PC's, no variety, no choice, and most likely an internet so heavily restricted by the Church of Jobs sites like El Reg would not exist (can you imagine Apple allowing this level of heresy?). As bad as it is being reliant on MS for the worlds operating system, it would be far worse under the magic Apple