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Man uses tank in phone mast flattening rampage


Small correction to previous post

"but it could also be electromagnetic fields, including extremely low frequency (ELF) fields, generated by the mobile device itself..." should read "but it could also be other electromagnetic fields, including extremely low frequency (ELF) fields, also generated by the mobile device..."


Please take this issue seriously

Sometimes it takes an event like this to get the attention of the public and government on this issue: some people seem to be sensitive (more so than the norm) to mobile phone radiation (and related electromagnetic fields). Even though studies to date have failed to show a link between mobile phone radiation (within exposure guidlines) and symptoms people have been claiming result from exposure to this kind of radiation, the studies themselves might not have been setup in the right way to resolve the kind of symptoms being reported. The reason I say this is because I have found myself affected by this radiation, but only from the headsets (I've been near mobile phone towers and never noticed anything, but some people do claim that the signals emitted from the antennas on such towers do cause them problems; however, it might be that one might think exposure is coming from a tower signal when a handset is to blame). The kind of symptoms I have noticed are: skin irritation like painful and prickling sensations, rapid and repeated nerve twitching (sometimes quite severe), very bad tinnitus (ticking and buzzing sounds), eyesight problems like snowy and less light sensitive vision after long exposure to such fields, and feeling of pressure that bulids up in sinus region. The symptoms tend to have a delayed onset in that they build-up during exposure and continue well after exposure, only slowly subsiding. This latency effect could make testing difficult, but certainly not impossible (I think there also needs to be more objective testing done in such studies, such as blood tests, nerve tests etc..). Also, I have found that using WiFi on my mobile device seems to be worse, but it could also be electromagnetic fields, including extremely low frequency (ELF) fields, generated by the mobile device itself that are having an effect. There are definitely noticable and sometimes severe symptoms.

I think this issue really has to be taken more seriously by the relevant government regulatory authorities. As such, the usual line that 'mobile phone radiation is just non-ionising radiowaves and harmless within the exposure guidlines' is being maintained. This is of course welcome news for the mobile phone industry, but it really doesn't help in raising public awareness of the potential health hazard. I honestly think there is too much complacency about this issue at the moment, especially given the proliferation of mobile phones, yet there are many people like myself who are noticing health problems from being in close proximity to the electromagnetic fields these devices emitt.