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What's up, Zuck? FTC to probe Facebook for WhatsApp phone number mega-slurp


Re: Facebook's creepiness knows no bounds

AC, "sparf", a new word to me. I like it and its context.

Google plots cop detection for auto autos


Google and other experimenters in the autonomous road transport vehicle industry do not wish to be liable either civilly or criminally for actions stemming from their perceived impeding or delaying an emergency vehicle's progress. Hence their forward thinking patent applications.

Emergency vehicles' existence preclude fully autonomous transport for a long time. However, the fitting and detection of invisible flashing 'lights' similar to radio frequencies may be more helpful especially near airports.

300 million pelicans? Pah. What 6 billion plastic bags really weigh


Re: long life bags

to: graeme leggett,

Emergency sick bags from ex meat product containing bags [without holes]? On long journeys the smell of the blood, guts, fat and whate'er else gets into our meat products would be as likely to cause the kids to vomit. Pukéballs. [Disclaimer - I'm not vegetarian either!]

I suppose that rear seat video screen films or individual 'phones keep kids occupied nowadays on such journeys. They still have to make #s1 and 2 stops so pooper scooper bags will still be necessary. In my day we were distracted by the pets accompanying us [without pooper scooper bags] and they were sensible, putting their heads outside of the window before thinking of heaving.

The incessant chanting in the back seat of "cabbage on the grass" must have terribly annoyed the concerned driver and the fields went on for longer than we competing kids! As a child I remember my parents waiting for us to subside before they started talking but kids' attention spans demanded that we join in if we weren't snoozing.

Do children get bored with catching electronic monsters?

P.S. We only had one cat that could 'travel'.

Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?



Well, even I thought that the next leader of the free world would be decided by the vote occurring in just about four months' time. I hadn't realized it was already decided just as it seems no one 'foresaw' our Referendum result.

I'm not American and cannot vote in their matters but it does also matter who influences many non-American lives.

I wish Green leaders were as votable for as their underswell draws but politics allows some weird ones to the top, melted brains or not.

They must have had more than a few days of summer there as I do know that Jill shaves her armpits.

Pokemon GO-ZILLA: Safety fears after monsters appear in Fukushima danger zone


God zilla

The monsters are mutating into Pokémans now.

How can Nintendo be making a loss? I hope someone there sold some high performing shares whilst it was thought that Nintendo owned them.

As for luster [see another article's comments], rose gold vehicles are on Stop until the world's largest company has seen others' mistakes.

Yahoo! She said yes. Verizon confirms $4.8bn acquisition


War of the Megaliths

I'm not sure if "megalith" is the correct word for infrastructure giants but I am interested in how megabillion dollar telcos are growing and integrating content provision into their delivery models. They are essential to the workings of all other businesses [and governments] nowadays and, as such, cannot cede supremacy to the other giants nor secede from the interplay. There may be balloons and gliders and satellites trying to deliver communications to other parts of the world but these will be bought or competed against.

It did seem that Yahoo was going downwards so I suppose that Marissa Mayer [note correct spelling of her surname] has done well to increase her net worth so much and retain her position for a while and give birth. Some may say that she could have got even more.

I'm glad that Yahoo!'s pensioners are adequately catered for by Verizon.

Silicon Valley's contribution to the US Republican Convention: Gayness


Spiel on Thiel

@ Dadmin

Er, yeah.

Packer #1 was known as "The Goanna" in Australia, a place where Cockatiels come from but are widely caged as pets in USA.

Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus): Cockatiels are small, crested members of the parrot family. There is no visual difference in the appearance of a male or female cockatiel. but normally males have BRIGHT YELLOW FACES AND ORANGE CHEEK PATCHES. The females have duller cheek patches and grey or brown faces.


As Kerry is reputed to have said, "Toss you for it".

Hacker shows Reg how one leaked home address can lead to ruin


Re: well crap

Taken as sarcastic AC but just in case:

What if he's your window cleaner [even with extensible water wands]? "We never look inside your windows". OK, what about your window replacement team? Maybe a deliverer of leaflets/free newspapers/clothes collection bags/takeaway menus/repetitive services like food and grocery delivery or rubbish and recycling services. Postmen and women have a regulation of their work in force but the others do not. Canvassing and door to door sales are banned or registered nowadays but one can still infer enough from just ONE pass i.e. the age and [in]firmity of the dweller[s], their car, garden, state of house maintenance and repair for a very quick burglary. Does your local driving instructor use your road regularly - oh, they're earning enough, no worry.

"They can't touch me, we live in a flat". You still have other services delivered like landline and cable TV/'phone, wireless 'phones, utilities, property inspections etc. Funerals and residents moving out and in and refurbishment work and neighbours - it goes on.

This physical data IS available and can be used in conjunction [even if it's let slip down the pub] with easily accessible online content let alone credit agencies' and insurance firms' data. This all takes place without your knowledge and no attempt has YET been made to deceive, fluster or out-talk/think.

In the event of one being as careful as socially possible, there still remains the passing on of copies of our correspondence and photographs and other records. We are not blessed with knowledge of incapacity or death before it strikes and cannot say, "I'll copy them and do it next week" when tomorrow may be the last chance. If that is done and secure, one still has to contend with malicious hackers.

No sarky bits.

Brit chip biz ARM legs it to Softbank for $32bn


Ma to Son:

"A word in your shell-like..."

UK.gov flings £30m at driverless car R'n'D, wants plebs to speek their branes


"HAXI" !

Tesla whacks guardrail in Montana, driver blames autopilot


High Stakes [Wrong time, wrong place]

Tesla do have to confirm that such [few] reports are not competitors trying to 'derail' their still precarious foray into the auto industry.

Despite Autopilot having the ability to sense beyond our limitations, it is not yet advisable to drink and drive using it.

Excusers and competitors have a whole gamut of future put-downs that they can roll out for use against Tesla who'll have to defend against such real and virtual hazards.

Bomb-disposal robot violently disposes of Dallas cop-killer gunman


Re: Three Laws Of Robotics

...and, of course, sell it.

Idiot brings gun-shaped iPhone to airport


Re: Apparently he was allowed to continue his journey

"...without the opportunity to change his underwear."

That's a way to get an unoccupied row but definitely bad on the stewardesses and upgrades are out of the question.

Put that in your Wi-Fi enabled, pressurized cabin and tweet it.



"Yes Officer, Sir, I've got my Digital Driving Licence and ID on me. I'll just get it out".

Separately, I've received my first stage badge of commentary. As per the mock-up's t-shirt, is it orange or brown?

New DNA 'hard drive' could keep files intact for millions of years


Still early in the morning?

What with the opening posts and AC's too all I thought about was Prions.

CJD; burning banks; inter-species transmission...

These were all by 'accident'. Now add malicious design and then counter measures. More source material for the sci-fi authors, I think.

Bloke 'lobbed molotov cocktails' at Street View car because Google was 'watching him'



Now I'm thinking about Cubans and South Americans. Sometimes these articles have 'earworm' effects!


I was beginning to worry that guys carried full Molotovs around just in case then realized he had a thing about Google. The fine and prison sentence seem fine if one considers that it was a good thing he was Hispanic otherwise his eventual apprehenders may have shot him dead.

By the way, how was the pictured vehicle damaged?

Behold the ROBOT RECTUM... medics' relief


Talking Bottoms [Heads]

Feedback from The World's Finest chatbot;

"How are you feeling, Dave?"

A trip to the Twilight Zone with a support guy called Iron Maiden


Re: Only 15 months

I know Iceland aren't doing well but look at the thread sequence again @Doctor Syntax.


Re: Only 15 months

It seems that "...(my fuckwit parents who'll shortly be past caring about what they have inflicted on the very children and grandchildren they professed to love and vote for, and shortly be wondering where all the care workers went, and why their savings are worth fuck all)" will be shortly embarking on spending the kids' inheritance i.e. deciding not to leave anything. Do they ONLY care for themselves?

Brits overtook Benidorm and Magaluf before the death of Charles de Gaulle [Former President of France]. Spain acceded to 'Europe' on 1 January 1986. Brits abroad embarrass me too but job ruination is not new. At least you've got a head start on the not-yet-fired. Some of the others will leave here and others will not be able to afford the newly changed exchange rates.

[P/S] I came to this article for a bit of light hearted, non-referendum banter and no I am not responsible for your downvote[s] John. N.

Man killed in gruesome Tesla autopilot crash was saved by his car's software weeks earlier


Re: Multiple Teslas?

Every person reading this article must have seen that the deceased driver, Joshua D. Brown, was an ex Navy Seal of high technical qualifications and, latterly, the person who started Nexu. He could afford a Tesla and had previously uploaded a video demonstrating Autopilot.

I presume he was a capable driver.

His death this way does not make sense to me. It's ludicrous!

Brexit-bored Brits back to bashing the bishop after ballot box blues


Re: Localised

According to Stephen Colbert on US television yesterday, "Training for the Olympics" is a new euphemism for looking up what you've already plumped for.

What Brexit means for you as a motorist


Re: 'Brexit could make the insurance industry more competitive'



UK digi strategy on ice post Brexit results - sources


Early [human] days

It'd be very simple if all that were needed were a reboot with cut and paste and [machine?] translation of existing laws, contracts and agreements. Nearly as simple as an either/or vote.

I'd hope that 'Brexit' is a further transformer to a leaner and fitter European Union and whatever becomes of the UK.

US citizens may 'protest' vote but they should now expect much sadness if that vote counts towards a new but unwelcome incumbent.

Costly as it will be, our referendum result may have been the shot in our own foot that saves the world. Much does depend on who our next leader will be.

Queensland creep cops charged with snooping through police records



Does she want more...?

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd



I posted my vote over a fortnight ago and am not swayed by arguments pro or agin any more.

That's not true - I regret and then am vindicated by my unchangeable vote or, more keenly, the standalone arguments proffered daily.

We cannot know the future but we can judge whether we want to dump or keep what has existed so far.

CU on Thursday afternoon.


Apple pollutes data about you to protect your privacy. But it might not be enough


Re: I'm mostly pessimistic

It has often been pointed out that those wanting to restrict surveillance shall narrow their activities to a sub-set of those not wanting to.

With new borns being electronically socially identified, those forsaking personal interaction with electronic communicators will still be locatable and identifiable.

Just to make easily found hermits feel better, physical intrusion by security services will still be mandatory [one pad users] in case there is something they don't yet know.

Yep, despite data pollution, give up.

Cats understand the laws of physics, researchers claim


Revolutionary ?? if they are quantum cats and quantum pieces of buttered toast!

Cats wearing slippers indeed.



Re: Pheline Physics

Birds have more densely interconnected brains meaning that these are more compact than those of land-dwellers. This helps with flight.

Cats catch birds.


[It's a nice miaouw that Quantum Cats make on projection. :) ]

Official: Microsoft goes to pot, gives weed growers fix they need


State Policy

8 miles high into cloud cuckoo land and Bill's free chickens to boot.

JFrog's marriage made in ... well: Internet of Things, meet DevOps


WTF? http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/14/11895612/frog-mating-positions-study-dorsal-straddle

The Microsoft-LinkedIn hookup will be the END of DAYS, I tell you


Re: So Precious....

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

"...So now, today, we are in the 21st century. If we repeat the old thinking then the problem also will remain."

Jack Ma admitted that “we don’t know how to make money off data today, but we know nobody can live without data in the future.”

Hangzhou, China. 14062016

@Christopher Lane

Probably; Apple only announced their name change from OS X? to macOS yesterday.

@Chris Evans

See no evil; tell no evil; cry, no evil.

Oh snap! Facebook zaps crap yap gap in web chat, natter app flap


Re: I've not read the article yet...

Me neither . Are those emoji available?

So. Why don't people talk to invisible robots in public?


Re: Safe TV replacement

Oh no, entrapment.



Re: Who said they had to be sentient?

@Doug S

It would seem that levels of command intelligence have to be pre-set for differing command or request actions.

Of course there'd be differing/competing personal digital assistants with convergent 'intelligences' probably dependent on at-the-time prices too.

These preferences can be imported unless one is setting up a p.d.a. newly. No doubt they'd have to be reported home to account for cross platform/device functionality so the anti-snoops would have a smashing time protesting within and without the new laws about correlation trends identified and acted upon by big data analysis.

Whilst incapable of empathy, such p.d.a.s would have access to a real time increasing library of responses so should be able to cope with human concerns such as;

I'm joking,

I made a mistake,

I didn't mean to say that,

I didn't say that [my voice was hacked?],

I'm sleepy, deranged or afflicted,


Fast forward umpteen years and most of these points should have been fixed or incorporated into daily use and Faecesbuk too. Those p.d.a,s will have whole slews of new [complaints] points to record and deal with.


Re: You mean you can't see them...


"Well, wooks aren't evewything, you know."

Elmer Fudd.

P.S. I like the Urban Dictionary Scottish slang definition of 'Fud"


Welcome to the jumbo: Axl Rose tries to take a bite out of 'Fat Axl' internet meme


Faxl II

Steve Crook: Streisand rides again.

I read your post as "...to protect his children from ham. He doesn't have children? His pets then..."


Erm, I like Keef though.


"He doesn't actually look that fat, just unrecognisably old?"

Who? My toenails still need cutting.



NOBODY came out of a concentration camp with extra avoirdupois unless they were guards and I'll never know what they may have been trying to sing,

However, one should feel ashamed for shaming those whose metabolism may have malfunctioned or even have given up smoking.

Yeucch ... but I can't say it's going to make me throw up either.

The Fog of Cyberwar: Now theft and sabotage instead of just spying


And in 10 years....?


Sorry Mikko, we've all got to make a living.

Universe's shock rapidly expanding waistline may squash Einstein flat


Re: My hypothesis

Sorry if this spoils anyone's weekend but I thought I'd read that large, somewhat local, galactic clusters were shrinking due to gravitational forces but that the distances between them were expanding with the universe as is, due to 'other' forces.


The established theories and constants can remain - it's just the interpretation of the latest figures that may be wrong.

We don't have to disturb Esme and the bottle of wine with talk of multiverses this weekend.

I've always dreamed of dark, chocolately toffee not fudge but either is not good for teeth and sugar levels.

Where's amanfrommars 1 when these questions arise?

No matter [haha], I've enjoyed reading this lot.

Who's to blame for the NHS drug prices ripoff?


Re: Who's to blame for the NHS drug prices ripoff?

Ken Hagan

It does matter whether you get an inny or an outy on birth and, barring plastic surgery, you'll have to live with.


Who's to blame for the NHS drug prices ripoff?

Don't worry; tomorrow's ill people will pay today's ill peoples' charges.

UK Home Office is creating mega database by stitching together ALL its gov records


Re: RE: "one database to rule them all"

Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese and John Mangan

Will the Yanks supply their age old access to this unified data without Chinese Walls to us [ahem] whilst our lot sets up their monitoring scheme and will they charge through all orifices when something does go wrong?

I think it's a way of unifying LEGAL access to this data.

Unicode serves up bacon emoji


But yer h'nor

It depends on context whatever communication system is used be it words, code, gifs, cartoons, photographs, films, games, etc...

I'd like to know what the imagined context is for these emoji:

Kiwi Fruit?

Monkey Nuts?

Waterway Obstruction, sorry, I mean shopping trolley?

Hay Fever??

Glass half full of white liquid [or whole milk]?

Pregnant blond girl's top half?

Either, or?

Dancing Queen?

Me, dribble?

Was that untrue?

Velv's Gorilla Harambe is poignant..

.. since such a fine emoji of a silverback has been released - pun double intended.

I've now spoken for a minute without deviation, distraction, interruption or unintelligible emojis.

In-flight movies via BYOD? Just what I always wan... argh no we’re all going to die!


Re: Preflighting

Accepted Marc 25.

Typos are more widepeed tool.

"nyaaa hahahaha!"


Bank Hols.

Hope you're not going Stateside for your rain session - TSA QUEues may eat into your quality time ... while your OD goes through the body and bomb scanner, telling all the location of your smartphone/tablet/laptop files.

P.S. Red Dwarf Series XI and XII coming this year and next [Wikipedia]. Yay.

Being an IT trainer is like performing the bullet-catching trick


Re: Footwear


TL:D Watch

but read the comments instead. I did like:

Jossefh Drummer2 days ago

The best part was when He said: "Yuh-muh-nuh-muh!" :v

then I heard, "Buy it now before supplies last forever".

It's all Greek to me.



Aliastair [Meant],

So MOOCs are better than live training courses. It depends on whether you're a degenerate - sorry, I mean delegate - or an expectant trainer.

I'm still wondering how the Uzi also travelled to 1918.

No music?

I liked this until I saw it on:


He is beardless tho'.

Google asks the public to name the forthcoming Android N operating system


Re: Nougat

A sweet [or candy] name starting with N. Hmm. I too agree with Nougat but suggest as runner up Noffee as in Banoffee - Slurpable but not a natural taste.

Also their new messenger, Allo. A nod and a wink to Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople and a salaam to Mick Ronson. "Once bitten, twice shy".

US power grid still fragile in the face of EMP threat: GAO


It looks like fossil fuels are a back-up. What [rhetorical question] intelligence level does an AI have to achieve to protect itself against EMP from whatever source?

Shades of, " What do you gotta do to be VIP?".

It's interesting that human interaction must factor price into 'efficiency' debates. Solar and wireless technology don't have a patch on a good ole flare.