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3UK still haemorrhaging money

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Another thumbs up for 3 here too.

I think the packages they are offering are putting the likes of Orange to shame too - I left Orange after being with them for 3 years and went to 3 and i have been perfectly happy with their service AND customer services too!

I'm sure most people can relate horror stories with customer service in most businesses, in fact I'd go so far as to say on here you seem to get more people who love to whine about companies than give praise where it is due!

Late, fast and pricey: O2 broadband is go


Be has fair use too.....

Though I think you'd have to be streaming movies 24/7 and leeching the net to get told off! I LOVE BE! :)

Broadband claims mislead on speed


"8" meg sucks!

I was "upgraded" while on Demon from 2 meg (which i got most of the time) to "up to 8 meg" i thought i'd see maybe 4 meg or so... but no my connection was worse than when I was on 2 meg! Plus in the first month I was on it i got hit with the previously unadvertised moving goalpost figure of a magically appearing 50 gig download limit in any 30 days which they could shift around to suit them.... i got put back to 128k in the day and 2 gig at night. What was funny though was this happened 3 days after I gave notice to say I wanted to cease the "service". At this point I'd got 2 lines due to a cock up chaging providers the previous year and the year was up on the line so I'd applied with Be to be notified as soon as their service was available in my area. They had emailed me I replied and within 2 weeks they'd sent out my equipment and given me a date for the start of my service which was on the monday after i'd heard from Demon on the Friday..... I was aused and annoyed that this had happened just after i'd said i was leaving...... But i thought what the hell.... if I get a bit faster speeds on Be i'll be happier (I knew the distance from the exchange was still going to be a factor), the net result was far in excess of what i expected - I usually get around 16 megabits per second and I think they are a great reliable company with excellent communication and customer service.

A very happy Be-ing ;)

BT matches analysts' forecasts


"ADSL Max is quite adequate for now, thanks"

LOL - I was on that and got a worse connection - close to the exchange I might add! - than I did when i was on 2 meg! Then along came Be and now i'm on a 24 meg connection and I usually average out at around 16 - 17 meg - I'd rather pay for a 24 meg and get that than pay the same for 8 meg and get 2 meg if I'm lucky!!


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