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Roscomos: We know all about how the hole in the Soyuz went down, but we're not telling you


Re: Success rate

But what about all of the fuel which got the orbiter there? By weight, the mission is probably way over 99% successful...

Larry Ellison tiers Amazon a new one: Oracle cloud gets 'always' free offer, plus something about Linux


"And when you eliminate labor, you eliminate human error."

Just open the pod bay doors, HAL.

Northrop Grumman has nozzle nightmare, Soyuz brushes off lightning, and updates on Crew Dragon 'anomaly' probe


I don't see the problem with the Northrop test.

It's an exit cone. It exited. What else did they expect?

I see you're writing a résumé?!.. LinkedIn parked in MS Word


"This is where Microsoft says its AI projects come into play."

"I'm sorry, Dave; I can't let you apply for that job."

Uni student cuffed for 'hacking professor's PC to change his grades'


"a business major with a concentration in finance"

Oh, this is exactly the kind of fine, upstanding young man we need more of in finance.

Ofcom wants you to thank it for resurrecting the spectre of BT's 1980s monopoly


"sole broadband wholesaler"

I managed to misread that as "sole broadband molester", and I'm trying to figure out if that means that I need more coffee this morning or if I have had exactly enough...

Love-rat fanboi left bobbing for Apples in tiny Japanese bath


Re: his beloved collection of overpriced blahware

> I'd like to see you try running Windows on a PowerBook,

I had no trouble at all running Windows on my Bondi Blue iMac, back in the days when Apple laptops were branded as "Powerbook"... (Courtesy of VirtualPC, of course. I was even able to use it to test a kernel-mode network driver I was working on...)


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