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Amazon now renting physical servers you can cuddle and love


I think the author didn't really bother to read any of it

What you pay for is a dedicated host targeted at running your EC2 instances. So the M4 dedicated host has 2 E5-2676 CPU's, 24 physical cores and enough memory to run 22 m4.large instances. Each of those will have 8GB of RAM which makes it needs at least 176GB of RAM (and quite likely has at least 192GB).

The whole point is that it competes with dedicated instances. 22 dedicated m4.large instances would be 3.058$/hour + 2$ hour per region. So 5.058$/hour to get the same in US east.

So essentially just another option for people who are into the dedicated instance stuff. As to the difference with hosting: just like for any other instance it is the cloud software. If you feel you can run cloud better privately all the better for you and I agree it will be tons cheaper on the infrastructure side. In many cases though actually managing the stack ends up being resource intensive and hence expensive on the human resources side.

Belgian minister set to legalise Uber


Smet is not really a Belgian Minister

Transportation is (in this case) a regional matter and he's actually the Brussels Mobility Minister. So technically it has to be accepted in every region before Belgium considers it legal as a whole. If only Brussels approves it many Uber rides would cross the border with another region. Just another good example of why politics in Belgium is overly confusing: