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Windows Phone 7 misses big-business support tools

Paris Hilton

Just as I was getting peeved with Android ...

... for not providing some of the business basics that I had taken for granted with WM, MS go and shoot themselves in the foot again with Phone 7.

If they had just resisted the urge to charge with the pack and focused on improving their core offering they might have found the way back to some customers but noooo ... lacking both the vision and the creativity internally (from the top down) it's just another embarrassing own goal.

Paris because MS is another dumb blond pissing away a pile of inherited wealth ...

Ash cans flights for another day


Bliss ...

From under the Heathrow flightpath in sunny 'ampstead - another day without a plane every 4 minutes - I hear birds - and the sky is clear of vapour trails.

Not looking forward to the nose to tail 24/7 catch up when flights resume though.

You really do have to wonder - particularly as EU ministers prepare to video conference (presumably instead of jumping aboard a private jet each) - are all these journeys really necessary?

Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era


HTC hardware and Android it is then ....

By the time MS actually release wp7 the rest of the pack will have moved on and they'll still be at least 10 months behind.

X2 supercopter in first tail-drive flight


Propellor 2.0?

What's all this about a "propulsor"? Surely that's just a propeller mounted in pretty much the same configuration as the Wright Bros first flight (ie rear mounted).

Is "propulsor" a real word, or did they just make it up because "propeller 2.0" made them sound like a wanky web PR agency that didn't know what they were waffling about?

US Air Force outlines combat raygun safety


well if there's a manual, it must exist.....

.... so we surrender to our (far more advanced than we previously thought) American overlords.

That saved a lot of nasty war now didn't it.

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

Paris Hilton

The dark side...

...or just inexcusable incompetence? Who knows, but this bit made us laugh:

"13.2 If you want to terminate your legal agreement with Google, you may do so by (a) notifying Google at any time and (b) closing your accounts for all of the Services which you use, where Google has made this option available to you. Your notice should be sent, in writing, to Google’s address which is set out at the beginning of these Terms."

So now if you no longer want to use Chrome you need to ask for Google's permission in writing?

Paris because we don't have to lift a finger to get shafted....

BAA 'invented green superjumbo' to OK Heathrow plans


> As I've said before... By Rob

> As I've said before... By Rob

Which is why I bought mine in a north London suburb - only to find that when the wind blows the wrong way, and Heathrow switches to its westerly operating pattern, I get 500 flights a day a few hundred feet above my flat.

They wake us up before the morning chorus has had a chance to clear its throat and continue until 2 or 3am the following day - and a few hours later the cycle starts again.

Aircraft noise is not limited to a few houses around the runway - it's a growing problem for thousands of people in urban London and in the surrounding countryside.

And BAA is entirely unaccountable - flight paths may be changed at as they see fit, are not subject to public debate and local councils have absolutely no say in the matter.

Which has led naturally to BAAs "route planes over them and see who complains" approach.

Which together with extra runways & more planes just increases the likelihood of an A380 making its presence felt in your back yard sooner rather than later.

Domain hijackers forced to return numeric names


.EU too

yes the .eu rush was a complete sham. we applied for 3 of our established trading names in the sunrise period and spent a ton of time preparing the supporting documentation only to have it rejected with no explanations and no workable appeal (the appeal process that existed was deliberately contrived to make this next to impossible).

As there were no other interested parties before the landrush we were confident we would secure the domains.

However, it turns out that the .eu registry saw fit to publish a handy list of all the applications that were rejected (and therefore all the names with interested buyers) and low & behold at 0.2 seconds after midnight on landrush day all our names were scooped by some unaccountable faceless gangsters in the netherlands.

This level of abject stupidity on the part of a governing body cannot be attributed to sheer incompetance surely. Greasy palms all round (how about that BSI eh?)

In an ironic twist I just swallowed my pride & bought one of the names I originally applied for off the back of the URL lorry and it cost me significantly less that the original application to the .eu registry did (taking ISP fees & supporting doc preparation / associated fees into account).

HTC Magnum rumours rife following giant phone gag


looks like,,,

a guy off camera synchronising taps on a PPC linked to a widescreen monitor with cables running up the presenter's sleeve perhaps?

Whatever it is, I don't want one.

Spirit discovers life on Mars


Phew, they're only 3 inches tall.

Nice to know we could fend off an invasion with a couple of hungry cats.

Colossus faces off against PCs in code-breaking challenge


Have a go....


Sheet music site forced offline


re: Sorry, I've just had a majeur aneurism there

Gabriel sends his apologies - he has received an RIAA cease & desist order and will be unable use his trumpet against the evil minions of Belzebuth in the forseable future.

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones


It's a mobile phone ffs...

Yes it has a great evolutionary UI and it's a reasonable attractive piece of kit but, oh the downsides....

Make no mistake, if it were not for Apple Inc's crusade against the consumer (locking down functionality, tying in to prohibitive contracts etc etc) and the serious limitations of the first gen hardware (2.5G, non replaceable battery etc etc) I too would be mildly excited about it.

But at the end of the day it's a mobile phone that doesn't have the features I expect of a connected device in 2007, won't let me add them myself, and wants me to bend over backwards for a serious shafting from the network operators.

The technology to deliver the holy grail of mobile devices has existed for several years and, if it wasn't for these meddling bean counters crippling this, locking down that and proprietarising the other in their short sighted and ill fated efforts to milk me for another buck, it would be in my pocket already.

So forgive me if I yawn at the idea of a legitimately unlocked (from the network ops only I assume) iPhone across the channel.

Argos admits selling Halo 3 early



...it's still not as good as Counterstrike & you've been able to play that for free on t'internet for nearly 10 years - almost as long as some of you seem to have been queuing for Halo the turd...


Gmail: a short, sharp rant


Bloody hell Guy...

I do appreciate your perspective and your informed opinion on a lot of issues, but this really does say a lot more about you than it does Google.

I would strongly suggest an occasional stroll around the grounds of the ivory tower for a start. Once you're comfortable with that, have a wander to the village pub for a pint and talk to people.

Good luck,



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