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Lenovo Thinkpad X280: Choosing a light luggable isn't so easy


Re: X220

I've long maintained that the 20 series were the last true thinkpads. I've got a T520 that I've been using for 5 years, and is still going strong. Lots of chassis dings and chips, lots of falls from various desks, and it simply won't stop working. Just got a T420 from a scrap pile a few months back, that's become my new linux box.

Let's get ethical, says Salesforce as revenues rocket 27% – thanks in part to US Border Patrol


Re: This is what should happen to companies such as Salesforce.

CBP is hardly abusive. The US has incredibly lax immigration policies. It amuses me to no end that Mexico complains about US policy, but if you emigrate illegally to Mexico, it's a felony, some jail time, and instant deportation when you get out. Second offense is an automatic 10 year sentence. Meanwhile, in the US, if you dodge CBP for 15 minutes, you're pretty much home free - it's so lax and easy that you'd think the policies were written by Rockstar Games.

Judge bars distribution of 3D gun files... er, five years after they were slapped onto the web


That's been legal for decades. He just sells a CNC machine so you can do it without needing a drill press and jigs.


Re: Autoresponder?

They're also allowed to sell them. I'm predicting that sometime tomorrow, you'll be able to purchase the entire bundle for a single penny on their website.

Et tu, Brute? Then fail, Caesars: When it's hotel staff, not the hackers, invading folks' privacy


Re: Caesars have proven themselves incompetent

>People forcing their way into hotel rooms while not wearing obvious uniforms and presenting legitimate identification (verified with the front desk) are going to get shot at some point.

Not terribly likely, unless entry was genuinely forcible; gun owners are fairly responsible about these sorts of things, specifically when deadly force can and cannot be used.

A man in Texas was acquitted of manslaughter charges after killing several deputies during a no-knock raid in which the police failed to announce that they were actually police, making the raid indistinguishable from a well-coordinated home invasion. Hotel staff opening your door with a keycard is fairly different from that sort of forceable entry.

Twitter's not dreaming of a white supremacist Xmas: Accounts nuked


Re: Oh, the monsters!

Nope. But as some youtuber named Razorfist found out, if you reply to a poll asking if you prefer George Lynch or Warren DeMartini with "Lynch, all day every day", you'll be banned and your appeal - which is reviewed by an actual, live person - will be denied.

Is that a phone in your hand – or a gun? This neural network reckons it has it all figured out


I'm American. You're all just foreigners to us, you're lucky if we distinguish between the tea-drinking-foreigners-with-funny-accents and the talk-like-mexicans-but-don't-make-tacos foreigners, especially since neither type is allowed to own guns. Probably because you're all commies.

(I jest, of course - I read the article too quickly. Except for the gun part, it's a shame you don't get those, they're wicked fun.)


"Only common types of handguns like revolvers, automatic and semi-automatic pistols, six-gun shooters, horse pistols and derringers were considered."

Horse pistols and derringers common? You crazy brits.

Smart guns are a neat idea on paper. They'll never survive reality


Re: over engineered

>In this type of safe, you would keep the gun with a loaded mag, but not one in the chamber.

For home defense? No, you'd leave it at Condition 1 or 2, depending on the type of safe, 1 being completely ready to fire and 2 being chambered and uncocked. Loaded but no round in chamber is Condition 3, which is what I keep my handgun in. No safe, it's just on the nightstand, but I don't have kids. You also have to turn off the safety before you can rack the slide.

Nintendo pulls the Switch, fires Joy-con at Microsoft and Sony


Re: Looks an intersting device...

Price, add-ons, and the biggest failing in the entire world of consoles: paid online use. That's right, no multiplayer unless you pay extra. Even though you're already paying for internet.

I simply don't understand how that's considered to be even remotely acceptable. Can you imagine the outcry there would be if Valve started charging a subscription for basic Steam services? If you had to pay $60/year for multiplayer on Steam games? Why on earth do console owners accept this?

BOOST! LEGO's computing future and its ground-breaking past


Quite nice to see that Lego is continuing with their robotics kits. I had an excellent time with my Mindstorms set as a kid, although I inevitably got tired of only having three sensors to play with.

I do hope that it ships stock with an option more complex than drag-and-drop programming. I found myself resorting to some hacked-together version of C back then simply so I could use and store arbitrary variables, something that the RCX was capable of but was not included in the software.

I'd have killed for a distance sensor...

Assange confirmed alive, tells Fox: Prez Obama 'acting like a lawyer'


Re: A bit transparent...

As if it doesn't work both ways. The left was in love with Assange back in the day, now they hate his guts. The right hated Assange back in the day, now they're falling all over him.

While I've only half-followed the drama, it seems like Assange has been fairly constant, and everything else is just the political winds.

Ruh-roh! Rick Ruhl rolled out of Ham Radio Deluxe in software kill-switch aftermath


Re: Too bad..

If they were, their board would be cycling through a dozen new people every day.

Uh-oh. LG to use AI to push home appliances to 'another dimension'


Re: What exactly the “deep learning” technology in the devices might be....

Hopefully it will quite literally push all of IoT into another dimension, and thus out of our dimensions.

Flight simulator sets fire to airport


Re: Dammit, Nvidia

Nvidia causing housefires is an old meme that dates back to the early days of Fermi. True or not, the reputation stuck for quite a while.

See also: Woodscrews, 1.7% yields, "AMD has no drivers".


Dammit, Nvidia

See title.

Did webcam 'performer' offer support chap payment in kind?


Re: Love a good pr0n investigation

Back in my helldesk days, had a desktop come in that was "running slow". I arrived right after it did, so I got there in time to see the porn splashscreen. Then the porn wallpaper, cycling through an unknown number of images. At some point, a porn screensaver. Shortcuts to porn sites splashed all over the desktop. At one point, something particularly nasty popped up and the female helpdesk tech just got up and walked out.

The computer was dubbed "The Pornado", and with time and retellings, has passed into the department annals.

Rift rift assists swift shift at crest of adrift Occulus


Oculus is hot garbage, I'm afraid. Exclusivity is the one thing that VR simply cannot do if the tech as a whole wants to remain relevant, and Oculus has pushed for it, contrary to Luckey's initial vision.

And the broken promises! Pricing is far higher than was initially announced (my Rift DK2 cost less than half the price of the consumer version), and trust was shattered after they went closed-source. Support has been cut for the dev kits, you can't downgrade firmware for compatibility with titles that were never updated, and they've shown a nasty anti-community streak, which pushed devs to Vive.

Palmer Luckey might have been an asshat about politics, but at least he understood what people wanted. All of that vanished when the facebook buyout happened.

Bloke sold cash register code to restaurants that deliberately hid sales from taxmen


Re: Liability?

Regrettably, one cannot legally build a machine gun legally in the US. A damn shame, really. ATF regs for full-auto require it to be pre-1986. For artillery, destructive device laws are fairly bizarre - I think you're allowed the artillery itself, but each piece of ammo requires a DD tax stamp that will cost significantly more than the actual round.

Because any item that can be used to convert semi-auto to full-auto is considered subject to the aforementioned ATF regulations, for three years, shoestrings were considered machine guns. One can tie any length of string off to the bolt of, say, an SKS, and wrap it around the trigger in such a way that pulling on it results in fully automatic fire. The decision was reversed in 2007, and shoestrings were deemed machine guns only when used in conjunction with a semi-automatic rifle.

This is a legal, serialized shoestring machine gun from 1996: http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/shoestring-machinegun.jpg

Encrypted email sign-ups instantly double in wake of Trump victory


Over the past week, the left in America has come out in favor of gun ownership, tax evasion, strong digital privacy, and even secessionism. It's beautiful to watch.

t. libertarian

Lenovo hires tech 'big brains' to turn around crappy sales


I would buy a brand new laptop from them right now, if they went straight back to the classic Thinkpad design. Follow it to the letter, just give me updated specs (and no fucking malware in the BIOS).

Doubtless, we'll instead just see more glossy, thin, fragile wannabe-macbooks with no battery life.

Judge nailed for trying to bribe Fed with fizzy water (aka Bud Light)


Re: UK just as bad

You all also forget about the massive microbrew scene rising in the US. Hipsters are learning that good money can be made by doing relatively small batches of top-quality stuff to sell at Whole Foods and in little pubs. There's a place not far from me that only sells what they brew in-house, and I've never had a bad beer there, although it's generally rather high-priced.

Meet the slimeballs who are openly sabotaging Virgin Media


We can start tacking adjectives together. "Ultrasuper speeds!"

There are plenty of possible combinations out there, might as well just start picking from a hat.

Kids today are so stupid they fall for security scams more often than greybeards


Re: 'Digital Natives' are totally oblivious to how it works

It's terribly sad to see how rare manuals are here in the states, but on the other hand, the low demand drives down the price. I was taught on automatic, my first car (an ancient Buick) was an automatic, but I got a standard once that died. I can't imagine going back, now.

‘Inflexion point’ BlackBerry washes hands of hardware biz


A damned shame, really - I liked the look of the Priv.

Sorry Nanny, e-cigs have 'no serious side-effects' – researchers


Now if only the FDA over here in the states would pull its head out of its ass and repeal the ban that takes effect in a few years.

Same job, different place: US salaries top DevOps pay packet poll


Re: BS survey does not account for cost-of-living!

Very much this. I make a fraction of that in a rural part of the US, but can afford my student loans, an apartment to myself, good food, and I just bought a new (used) car.

Blizzard blighted by another DDoS storm


Someone must have been mad about the Genji nerfs in Overwatch

That or the game is so unbalanced that the physical server racks actually tipped over.

The calm before the storm: AMD's Zen bears down on Intel CPUs


Nice to see AMD prepping for a comeback. Looking forward to a release, might replace my old i5 at last.

Penetration tech: BAE Systems' new ammo for Our Boys and Girls


Actually, that's only relevant for handguns, and generally in the context of police. If you have to fire in a crowded area, you don't want overpenetration, as you risk injuring civilians. When you're talking about rifle rounds, they almost always overpenetrate, as even intermediate rifle rounds are vastly more powerful than mainstream pistol rounds - and 7.62 NATO is much too large to be considered intermediate.

What's intriguing about this is the trend of penetration over cavitation. They're following the 5.45 model, penetration instead of tumbling and cavitation (causing more damaging wound channels). And they're going for a heavier round as well, for a less flat trajectory. Strange choices to make, really - stuff that the russkies have been doing for decades.

Oculus Rift will reach UK in September – and will cost more than two PS4s


Re: £549 for a pair of small LED screens and some lenses??

There's a lot of fairly complex equipment inside. Every sensor and device is designed for minimal latency in order to prevent nausea.

That said, the price jump from the $300 USD of the Oculus DK2 was surprising to a lot of people, myself included. I could understand if they were jumping to a 4k screen, but it seems like a lot.

On the other hand, I don't know all the technical differences between the DK2 and CV1, so I can't really speculate much.

Linus Torvalds wavers, pauses … then gives the world Linux 4.5


Re: 'they'll never make one like that again'

My Unicomp Ultra Classic was the best peripheral I've ever purchased. Naturally, I got it in PS/2.

I beg you, please don't back up that secret directory full of photos!


In my helldesk days, we had a computer come in that was absolutely loaded with all kinds of stuff. I wasn't there to see the guy drop it off (or pick it up), but the wallpaper, the screensavers, it was all pr0n. We dubbed it the "pornado", and I still laugh about it with my coworkers every now and then.

Apple fans take iPhone unlock protest to FBI HQ



>gun fair

Still requires the same background check and paperwork.



>This is the land where you can buy a gun with few questions asked

Apparently you've never tried to purchase a gun before. You've got to fill out ATF form 4473, and go through a full NICS background check, unless you're purchasing privately - and in that case it's still illegal across state lines, and illegal to sell to someone who you know can't own. Only reason you're not forced to do the same paperwork for a private sale is that it's simply impossible to enforce.

Is Facebook about to get a Virtual Reality check?


So, empty buzzwords then?

I can barely understand what he's saying. Something something advertisers something streaming video? I've already got a Rift DK2, and the only things I'd want to use VR for would be games, possibly a monitor replacement if someone can whip together a nifty HUD, and flying a drone from VR - if I had the kind of money needed for such a fancy drone in the first place.

Beyond these, and porn, I just can't see any real potential for VR. And it's irritating, because if it bubbles and then pops, the handful of VR uses I actually care about are going to take a hit.

Mobile: DevOps for IT shops. Minus the upheaval


For those languishing in the doldrums of traditional IT...

Some of us LIKE those doldrums, thank you very much.

Girls! Girls! Girls! Intel brags about diversity push, Silicon Valley tells itself it's doing great


>And then of course there was Gamergate

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. It's a bad thing that a bunch of angry neckbeards tried to out journalists that were sleeping with devs and then giving their shovelware good reviews? There were plenty of women and minorities mixed in with the neckbeards, check #notyourshield for instance.

Danish Sith Lord fined in Galactic Republic rumpus


Reno 911. There were a couple of sketches involving that group.

Dutch cops train anti-drone eagle squadron


Re: Guided Water Rocket

How about altering one of those little Estes model rockets that I used to have so much fun with as a kid? You could have quite a lot of fun with one of those. I've even wondered about mounting some of the really tiny models (or just the engines themselves with fins and a nosecap glued on) to a large quadrotor for, er, just because I can.

Guidance systems would be tricky and will make it exponentially more expensive, so I think the best solution in this case is simply the application of more dakka. Maybe a dozen or so of these mini-rockets, dumbfired sequentially Katyusha-style.

I love you. I will kill you! I want to make love to you: The evolution of AI in pop culture


Re: Directors...

On a vaguely similar note, Ridley Scott has stated in interviews that Deckard was a replicant, so it's canon, not just a fan theory.

Uber driver 'pulls handgun' on passenger


Re: should have shot him

That's not even remotely how it works. "Stand your ground" simply removes the duty to retreat before defending yourself.

Now, Castle Doctrine would have applied in certain countries, but I don't think it carries over to vehicles in the US.

Sysadmin's £100,000 revenge after sudden sacking


Re: James is a dick...

Hey, look! Their IT director browses El Reg!

Star Wars Battlefront: Is this the shooter you’re looking for?

Thumb Down

Doesn't even deserve the Battlefront title

So much stripped from the original games that it's not even funny. I wanted Battlefront 3, not a reskinned Battlefield 4. As buggy as it is, even Angels Fall First gives a better Battlefront experience than this does. I'm happy I got to play the open beta on PC before release, because it stopped me from shelling out a single cent on the game.

Graphics are good. Sound is great. Everything else is awful, from TTK, to map structure, to AT-ATs being on rails. Why couldn't they take the DICE engine and make something great out of it?

IETF's older white men urged to tone it down


Not counting the following, your post contains the only use of the word "whore" in this thread, and two of the only three uses of "bitch" - and the third use was as a verb.

Who, exactly, is making this place hostile?

Penny wise and pound foolish: Server hoarders are energy wasters


Hey, if the government wants to subsidize an upgrade of my home lab for the sake of being green, I'll take it. But for now, my free (salvaged) Poweredge 1950 eating lots of power is a sight better than spending thousands on a modern replacement for something I technically don't even NEED to run.

Welcome to the FUTURE: Maine cops pay Bitcoin ransom to end office hostage drama


As a local to the area...

Burgess is well-known to be very cheap, yet utterly incompetent. As such, they're ideal for municipalities. This article doesn't surprise me in the least - although it's great to see our area get mentioned in El Reg.