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GNOME 46 beta has more tweaks than a coffee shop


Re: A graphical (s)hell for masochists

yes, I will never understand how something so far removed from what xerox did remains so popular. Maybe because you getore unobstructed views of your wallpapers?

Persistent memory to replace DRAM, but it could take a decade


bubble memory anyone?

This assumes that volitile RAM doesn't get faster. Sort of like how bubble memory was going to change the world and be so much faster. And it was faster, for about a month.


Re: OK, I'll bite.

same way you get your machine out now, reboot and it'll re-init everything--assuming your OS will allow that.

Dell staff not alone in being squeezed to reduce remote work



My office has gone from 10x20 with a door and windows to a 5x6 cubicle with low walls over the last 20 years. There is nowhere left to go for privacy to think. Or visualize what is happening anymore.

So yeah, noone is interested in breakout rooms and 2x3 cubbies with doors to make a medicalappointmemt without the entire dept knowing about it.

So yay gen-z for saying 'no'.

Broadcom moves to reassure VMware users as rivals smell an opportunity



Am I the only one that feels VMware's spokesman is leading the band on the aft deck of the Titanic?

Everyone I have talked to is migrating off. No real winner/alternative yet... but several contenders. You have to listen when folks tell you who they are and even a rattle of non-continuity like this makes all manner of folks move while they can still plan it.

Cruise being investigated over car crash that dragged victim along the road



This GC thing is about as ironic as it gets. The machines are literally working him past the grave.

Worst part is that the AI routine was actually pretty good... I don't think Carlin would have liked the canned laughing though. That part was creepy.

I understand the estate and family wanting to bash on it, and I'm not sure something like this should be done even with permission. But, I also think most people will not care and this will get more common.

Aircraft rivet hole issues cause delays to Boeing 737 Max deliveries


Re: Reap what you sow

It's worse than that. They capped raises 10 years ago and aren't paying enough to keep their production talent. Much like the software problems crashing the 'max, this is really another example of penny-wise and dollar poor by Boeing. I like cheap planes as much as the next guy... But there is a reason I don't let the homeless guy change the oil in my car and I pay a bit extra for a dentist I like... Sometimes paying a bit more is worth it.

I hope Boeing is learning from these expensive in dollars and lives lessons.

Thieves steal 35.5M customers’ data from Vans sneakers maker


Re: Why do they need customers' SSN?

They don't need individual consumer ssn. And don't collect them. Those are for larger buyers on credit.

HP's CEO spells it out: You're a 'bad investment' if you don't buy HP supplies


Re: Security

Agree, and HP printers have been off our corporate buysheets for over a decade.

There is no technical reason for HP to make the carts smart. However, I think they have done a good job explaining why they want to. At some point customers are going to have to leave them.

Back when I had an HP printer, I could tell when I was using hp inks because the quality was better. Now I'm not willing to install the spyware drivers they provide. I'm just going to have to hope my ancient laserjet makes it until I no longer need to print at home... Most color jobs I head to a retailer for anyway these days. Printing color at home is really a niche thing IMHO.

Vast botnet hijacks smart TVs for prime-time cybercrime


Tv should not have internet

This is a great case to support using STB and upgrading frequently, or just using a HT-PC both behind an updated FW.

Watermarks on AI art a futile game of digital hide-and-seek


You authenticate everything, not just the AI

Everything needs a signature these days for nonrepudiation. If you crop the AI's pic, great, you sign it--and when the AI signed version pops up, there you go... Same as if you copied something I published. Only signing the AI products doesn't make sense and I can't see how it helps... Honest-tech-savvy folks will do the signing and everyone else... Won't understand it. AI has peed in the collective IP pool and we all have to deal with it.

Perfect system, maybe not... But at least tools would exist to unravel the tangles... Right now all we have is witnesses and the way back machine.

Windows boss takes on taskbar turmoil, pledges to 'make Start menu great again'


Re: Do what you like but give options

KDE is my choice, I run windows in a VM when I must have MS office.

In the winVM, I do what I have to do to get desktop shortcuts to everything I use and search the start menu for the rest. It seems I've manually rolled back to win3.0-like interface. Those guys in the 70's were on to something, I guess.

KDE is not without hazards itself though, for example keeping baloo from going nuts on external drives has been an intermittent problem.

A ship carrying 800 tonnes of Li-Ion batteries caught fire. What could possibly go wrong?


The real story here...

Very glad things didn't go worse, but going to be a lot of lightly-damaged li-ion batteries available on the market in the next few months after they scrap the damaged cargo from this event. And they'll cause the secondary fires the ship avoided.

So, buy now folks of you don't want your own fire or don't already have a trusted vendor to buy from.

Bricking it: Do you actually own anything digital?


So, the new generation

So, the new generation [re]discovers that rentals make sense and somehow the content providers are overcharging for a feature that none really needs (or actually wants/uses in practice).

What's old is new again, but with a different name so it sounds cool and new. Blockbuster 2.0--enjoy!

Cloud engineer wreaks havoc on bank network after getting fired


Re: Amazing!

There was never a movie; he was [failing to] deploying malware. And when he got canned, went for it. I think maybe he watched too many movies and thought it was part of his compensation pkg to be able to hack the bank for fun and profit.

He mentioned financial difficulties... Wonder if there was a dancer involved?

Polish train maker denies claims its software bricked rolling stock maintained by competitor


Malicious Compliance?

Malicious Compliance?

Dunno, Europe was the place where the diesel engine emissions hacks came from too. (Or were at least the first ones caught).

Maybe the corp officers just aren't as smart as they think they are and the coders are just letting nature take it's course.

Why Chromebooks are the new immortals of tech


Re: Microsoft offers 15 years in hardware support terms

Points to surface pro3... No win11, and end of support right at 10 years. So...



I bought an old Lenovo Intel Chromebook to administer my home network and putter about shopping. So, now it runs gallium and I have a newer arm-based pair that the kids use (and they mirror the setup their school uses... Just a little slower )

Unless I need to run jtag or some other embedded task, they are great windows into lots of things. And the batteries are amazing!!!!


Re: Data

I am not aware of any non Intel Chromebooks that can run Linux. Is there a list somewhere else?


Well there's another angle

Resale value will be higher for a supported machine too. When they extended support for my Lenovo that picked up for $50 (excellent condition, charger, and a battery that runs for days).... Suddenly double/tripled in price on the second hand market.

This will make it less painful to dispose of Chromebooks on the back end of leases... Much like windows/Intel machines. (I can install win10 on machines older than 10 years right now... Win11 well, that's another story)

Google goes geothermal to power some bitbarns


So, when are they going to quit being lazy?

I've had to power profile subroutines in the past to keep my power consumption undercontrol on a microcontroller....

Why aren't the middleware suppliers and application programmers checking for power optimizations, or even the compiler suppliers? Would help with this sort of problem if they used power efficient code, middleware, hardware, and operating systems....

...but they are throwing cash at power generation instead? I think I need to retire.

You get a Copilot, and you get a Copilot – Microsoft now the Copilot company



I miss Cortana. Just want that voice again!

US Air Force wants to see some atomic motors for future spacecraft



I am so used to unit abuse with respect to power I don't even notice it. Pays the bills though when they confuse themselves and I have to untangle it for them.

But it is likely unknown how much energy storage they plan now or in the future to have available. Probably not much at the start and more later--depending on payload configuration.

Child psychiatrist jailed after making pornographic AI deep-fakes of kids


Re: At what point do artificial images become "wrong"?

I think one place to find answers is the gun industry in the U.S. and how they struggle to control essentially blocks of metal and CAM files as weapons. Well maybe non answers. They are still struggling with it and will continue to do so.

Goes like this:

At what point is a kit that creates these treated the same as the material they create? Is the AI with training material and the additional inputs needed the csam? Or do you have to actually make the csam?

Microsoft's 11-year itch: The uncelebrated anniversary of Windows 8


The update was good, but too late.. it was already Me-2

The issue, IMHO, was the 4 modes and switching between them. Was great after the update when you got the Win2k-looking desktop back... Althought the clipboard silliness did hamper metro apps. I still use it on an air gapped standalone machine... It is quite snappy. And I can see a lot of it in Win 10/11. Just tried to fly too high Icarus.

Apple swipes left on the last Touch Bar Mac, replaces it with a pricier 14″ model



Showing my age, but overlays went out of favor for very similar reasons. Folks don't like having to study their keyboard layout as they use an application. we can only track so many screens at once.

Google - yes, that Google - testing proxy scheme to hide IP addresses for privacy



So, Google is going to protect my privacy? The folks that parse my emails and listen in on my house?

TBH, I trust apple and ms a lot more.... They at least have a separate revenue stream that isn't 100% funded by my info.

Atari pulls nostalgia power move and buys homebrew community forum


Plan for worst, hope for best

There is a lot more over there at Atari age than Atari 2600. The home computers, programs mods, and all sorts of things for commodores (all of them), RadioShack color computers (again, all of them), the TI home computers, and all sorts of other, lesser known, machines.

It is also pretty much a one stop for support (deep hardware and user-level) for all these platforms too... Not uncommon to get help from one of the folks that designed your machine, or be able to read archived posts from them too. Just incredibly unique and special.

There is a lot going on over there that may draw the wrong attention now that a commercial entity possesses it. But, this old stuff can't stay in the same hands forever. He re-homed it as he saw fit. And I think the community will support that as there really is nowhere else to go.

Infineon to offer recyclable circuit boards that dissolve in water


Re: “The collection and recovery process cost itself could be multiple times the component costs”

This is pretty much the definition case for tragedy of the commons.

It is what humans do, and we will continue to do it, even if folks try to pass laws, until we physically cannot do it anymore. We consume and destroy what we touch. Many of the oldest books we have are about it and we fight wars about it too.

If the processes kill more people, well, we are just not going to live as long anymore so we can have our fancy pocket light boxes of doom.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 9 requires a tedious balancing act


Re: I guess the Author is missing the point of the Surface Pro

I have been using these for many years as 2nd computing devices and as ultra portables (on vacation or surfing on the couch). With a reasonable dock, I have even used them as displays to debug embedded systems too (I am on my 3rd but the others still work fine). I do miss the heavy desktop docks I could throw them in though.

I really don't have much use for a machine to transcode video while I'm on a plane... just not something that comes up. Now, doing a power point, reviewing technical documents... Nothing better. iPads are toys for the kids these things work for a living.

Producers allegedly sought rights to replicate extras using AI, forever, for just $200



The approach is wrong here. They need to gather a bunch of pictures of normal folk, license them, and then generate fake people. They can create their own AI generated movie stars complete with voices. And they won't go on strike... You just hire new programmers when they get to uppity... Like in the software industry.

They are picking the wrong fight.

Microsoft admits unauthorized access to Exchange Online, blames Chinese gang


The key plz!

Looks like poor key management. Heck, could even be social engineering.

I want to know who the 25 were

Another redesign on the cards for iPhone as EU rules call for removable batteries


Re: UK specific model?

My rugby pro was submersible and had a replaceable battery. I miss it.


Re: As luck would have it....

They will.. a uk/us version and the let the EU drift as they get the rule repealed due to lack of non pirated iphones.

I really wanted a bl-5c powered device though.

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim


Re: Guilty until proven innocent.

What happens if there was no incident and the driver made it up? Which is really what happened here... The video is the only reason he got his stuff turned back on.



This is why you need self-host. Even the toys. Anything 'cloudy' is temporary and unreliable.

Will Flatpak and Snap replace desktop Linux native apps?


Flatpack/snaps are a party we left 25 years ago

The issue here is overhead and maintenance on the developer and admin/user sides. This was how it was done and it used a ton of disk space. Now I have to track the flat/snap versions and my os. The reason for tools like rpm and apt was monolithic applications weren't working... But here we are... Wasting time/resources on an ultimately doomed, monolithic path with a new catchy name.

The world of work is broken and it's Microsoft's fault


So, what do they think work is?

The 'work' includes everyone knowing the schedule and making sure that when overlap happens, at least it is consistent with consistent results. So if you have all the folks working in perfect unison all the time, with no meetings... I would say your work is a waste of time and better done by AI.

PyPI subpoenaed: US govt demands data on developers


The tragedy of the commons claimed the internet 20 years ago and these folks missed the memo.

If they want a wild wild west, that's fine, just give us a curated path too. Besides, leaving it to the users stopped being a viable solution in the late 80's. (Ask Bill about defaults)

Intel to rebrand client chips once Meteor Lake splashes down


Re: Don't forget the sockets

I just surrendered. I replace the MB and processor as a pair.. often the tam tech changes.. so it ends up a bare bones buy.


Re: Need to get away from these names

Look at the first 2 digits of the model numbers, they tell the generation. Pretty simple. When it gets shortened to the sticker is when most folks have issues and they drop that info... So you have to boot it up to see the number or take it apart... Not much different than the 486 days, as there were low power 486 that were the same speed as the fast 386.. and some fast 486 were faster than the following pentiums. And then there was the Celeron 300.... :) Ohh the days.

Firmware is on shaky ground – let's see what it's made of


Re: How far do you go?

You want attestation that what you are actually running is what you think you are running.

That can be built-in easily enough... GM had a car where if you swapped the radio it wouldn't start... The raido didn't pass the 'what was supposed to be there' list from the factory.

The technology to do this has existed for decades and the algorithms to implement the check securely have existed longer.

So, to answer your question... All the way. You go all the way because that's the only way you can be sure. Right now you have no idea what your sensor is actually running or even if it is physically there and not spoofed by any nuber of attacks.

Microsoft mucks with PrtScr key for first time in decades


Error in article...

This is wrong:"ALT+Print Screen to copy only what's on the active screen.".

It copies the "active window", which is a very different thing and may still spam multiple screens, or be a tiny part of one.

I am not for the change, but it does make it act closer to how gnome and kde are usually configured...

It's time to stop fearing CPU power management



This is similar to the rope-a-dope we had with the old P4 architecture. We were selling a lot of Pentium 3's and even mobile P4's to some customers as their power budgets just couldn't handle the extra watts banks and banks of the newer processors required. So, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Hey Siri, use this ultrasound attack to disarm a smart-home system


Content in the upper highs

There is content in the human voice, percussion, and strings upto and past 20k that lots of folks do hear. It is that airy and raspy quality you can hear from a CD or nice record that muddy FM (which stops around 15khz) is missing. And then there's AM which is what is being suggested here. In short, having the ability to record upto and past 20-20kHz is very desirable and produces a noticable improvement to the sound for nearly everyone. It also helps simplify the maths, but that's a whole other ballgame.

No reliable way to detect AI-generated text, boffins sigh



What we are left with is needing some sort of electronic signature and trusting that the human attesting to the properties of the text can be trusted.

In other words... Nothing can be trusted unless you wrote it yourself or witnessed it... Everything can be faked or lied about. There is literally nothing electronic that can be fully trusted anymore. Faked vids, faked stories, and who knows what else. I'm going to pretend I don't know any of this.

Boffins: Microgravity impacts cell repair systems in proteins


So, good or bad

Missing from article is if the 50% I'd a good or bad thing.... Or is a big don't care.

Microsoft's Copilot AI to pervade the whole 365 suite


Clippy 2.0?

I thought Cortana was clippy 2.0?

Boeing Starliner's 1st crewed trip to the ISS delayed again over battery overheating risk


From the airline burner/crasher company

This is the same company that was toasting airliners with poor battery designs that would cook-off and start fires.

So yeah, they should have 5 extra safety checks as the last couple of things they said 'this is easy to engineer', they nearly killed people... I wouldn't fly anywhere on anything they designed in the last 10 years.

And that's before we get to the software problems and management issues plaguing them.

Cosmic rays more likely to glitch out water-cooled computers


Significant increase?

How significant? From one every 10 years to ten?