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Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020


Re: Could it be the One?

Even the Zero?

Take two cornerstones of British life, booze and queues, then squirt them with face scans: AI Bar


Re: Talk about solving a problem that doesn't exist

Not being a cute girl is not a behaviour

It's all in the wrist: Your fitness tracker could be as much about data warfare as your welfare


Re: I'll stick with me old-fashioned watch

It was only a matter of time...

Marriott's Starwood hotels mega-hack: Half a BILLION guests' deets exposed over 4 years


Knee jerk... Breeches... Haha

(That was deliberate, right?)

From 'WebEx' to 'WebExec' to 'WTF, my PC!' Cisco rapped in chat app security flap


Check for updates...

"Cisco Webex Meetings 33.5.6 is currently the latest version available"


Erm... what did you say again, dear reader?



123-Reg customers outraged at automatic .UK domain registration


"So if I really want to move it from 123 where is cheap and competent?"

Gandi get my vote - bit of a learning curve on the way their systems work, but good value, decent visibility of options with sane defaults, tech support has been a bit dismissive of my misunderstandings, but prompt and effective nonetheless.

Boffins' five eyes surprise: Bees correct colour for ambient light


RE: stinging and dying

Bees' barbed stings only get caught in elastic mammalian flesh.

They are designed to cause complete havoc on other insects, both predatory and scavenging. For example, a wasp, hornet, or other bee attempting to raid the hive for pre-made honey will find that the defending bees' stings come out very easily; along with chunks of scavenging bee!

Germany, France lobby hard for terror-busting encryption backdoors – Europe seems to agree


Re: The test of truth is an experiment

Aye, but let's make it doubly secure; and run it through twice...

Ubuntu plugs code exec, DoS Linux kernel holes


Re: Attacjs

It's a new WebDev framework

500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record


Re: Wowsa.

The comments on this article are quite informative:


LastPass in 2FA lock down after 'fessing up to phishing attack


Re: KeePass Cross Platform Synching

https://keepass2android.codeplex.com/ - android Keepass2 client that you can give access to an app folder in your dropbox account. There is a non-network access version in the Play store that you can use if you're paranoid, or a networked version if you wish to trade a little security for convenience of sropbox sync.

Set up the desktop application to read/write directly to the Keepass2 file stored in the app folder in your dropbox folder on your PC/Laptop/MacBook/Mac/etc...

Can't help with iOS, sorry.

Slightly more advanced:

http://keepass.info/download.html - use the portable version of Keepass2 to allow access to your passwords on a USB stick. I have yet to find an acceptable dropbox add-on for the main application, so this route requires the odd synchronisation between the USB stored file and the dropbox version (Ctrl-R works really well for me, no problems so far).

IoT baby monitors STILL revealing live streams of sleeping kids


Re: My way of parenting...

Hear hear...

Sorry, obviously I mean +1... oops

British banks consider emoji as password replacement


Re: Optional

Don't change to the app version.

I did. Then my phone broke.

Easy, I thought, I'll just order a new key fob... But low and behold, you need the old authenticator to activate the new one. Which was on my phone. Which was broken.

It took ages on the phone, and another letter before I'd got the new fob working again. Grr.

(It's probably sensible that it's not easy to replace the authenticator, but it was posted to my house, which is deemed acceptable for my bank card and its associated pin)

This open-source personal crypto-key vault wants two things: To make the web safer ... and your donations


SSL certificate expired

Not a good start for a security company?!


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