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A drone of one's own: Reg buyers' guide for UAV fanciers

Mike Gove

Yup - ignore knowing you are in restricted airspace or within 1 mile of a nuclear reactor. Or that, when you drop the copter on the M4, you'll be politely asked about your insurance.

Whatever you do, definitely don't make sure you know how to operate a flying lawnmower safely and how to pilot it when all your electronic aids go tits up due to some bozo operating a WiFi repeater at 1000watts.

Most of all, don't worry about the 400ft legal restriction the CAA slap on all UAVs or SUSA (to give them the official designator). Why would you want to be concerned about smacking your craft into an aircraft ... what's the worst that can happen eh.

BTW Sir .. did you know you are flying in an area with a NOTAM on it? Those men in black suits want to have a word as you flew your craft in a very sensitive area and they really don't have a sense of humour ....

And no, the CAA are not about to lift the restrictions on commercial SUSA use (though they are looking to be a bit more sensible when your craft is under 7Kg).

Google's email service goes down

Mike Gove

It's back

All seems back now

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Mike Gove


Hmm .. you use a free product, don't login to the web site and thus see ads, Google gets no value from you as a user, you over-use the account.

Right so far ... ?

Then, because you are such an important journalist, you expect Google to fix this "bug" within a few days and get back to you? You get cross that they can't respond to important people though no doubt uncaring that 2.5m other users probably also have gripes with the service but would never expect a personal response.

Facts still right?

Good, just checking I understood the ego behind this post.