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Ten... freeware gems for new PCs

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Re: *twitch* *twitch*

I love how you're perfectly happy with "Intersting" and "ommision".

If you're going to be a pedantic dickweed, at least do a decent job of it.

Keep out of the Olympics' way, earn a haircut from TfL app

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Re: Haircut vouchers?

> "The rewards include coupons for haircuts and spa days"

Samsung outs Ivy Bridge notebooks

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I agree

I hate that they don't stick it in the middle. The arguments that "it must be centred to the keyboard" are correct, but miss the point: why the hell is there a number pad on an inherently small device where the keyboard is fiddly and cramped as it is?

Syrian secret police endorse male hair remover

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-1 for posting affiliate links here.

Botnet army flicks 'off' switch at UK crime agency website

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Re: Home office biometric systems down today too

This is relevant why?

Spotify dances onto iPad

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Re: Don't worry

Regarding me: you guessed wrong.

Regarding you: you don't need to justify something, but then you go on to protest it at length?

Look, you're posting in a community populated by Assembly programmers, aeronautical engineers and bearded guys who code using only a magnetised needled and a steady hand.

In this context, you, Mr. Shiny New Trinket, are not a geek.

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Don't worry

I hardly think that owning an iPad qualifies you for geekdom, any more than the BBC's endless reporting about Facebook belongs in their "technology" section.

Teradata gobbles eCircle to biggen digi-marketing message blast

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I believe the word is "embiggen".

"biggen" is not a cromulent word.

Ghost of HTML5 future: Web browser botnets

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Re: Open your Closed Minds .... Life is a Great ProgramMING Game*

And this, kids, is why drugs are bad.

Doh! Sage Pay forgets to renew SSL certificate

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Read Jeff's comment.

Ted Nugent fined for failing to kill bear

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> "Extreme left etc etc"

At least they're not pathetic internet trolls with no friends.

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Re: told the assembled NRA faithful

I'd rather he'd leave the guitar alone too.

> "dead or in jail"

Either would be fine, Teddy. Whenever you're ready.

Opera retires Unite, widgets in latest browser cut

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Re: A pity

You may want to try a new handset. Use it daily on my HTC and haven't had a problem with it myself.

Facebook IPO 'delay' as Zuckerberg keeps Wall St 'waiting'

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Re: Intellectual Property Offering SAPPPHic

This chap is either a bot or is clinically insane. A browse through his entertaining back posts is entertaining, but leaves me none the wiser.

Norwich City FC Web CMS exposes privates. Club respond by calling police.

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Re: New Web Designers

> "obviously has a bit of technical nouse [sic]"

I'm not sure "Right Click -> Save As..." counts as technical nous, but your point is valid.

Twitter poses patent non-aggression treaty to unblock industry

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I swear if I hear another American claim that they "reached out" to someone when they really mean that they sent them an email...

Samsung boss vows siblings won't see a penny of inheritance

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Re: Justice or not.

> "if by a doctor and evidence proves he is healthy as a young bull and mentaly alert and mentaly sound"

Not much chance of that, given that he died in 1987.

iPhone fanbois enraged by Instagram's Android triumph

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In fairness

"shit I found on Twitter" pretty much sums up most of the BBC's journalistic output these days.

Printers SMASHED to bits in Office Space copycat revenge vid

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> "the Office Space machine takedown to Geto Boys' Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"

Nope, that's a different scene. Not that I could name the track in the actual scene, that stuff all sounds a bit samy to me.

Teens break up with Facebook

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Re: Ad numbers

Aha, that explains it, thanks. It was the way it says "Cost per Impression" that misled me. I now see it does say CPM right next to it, at least.

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Ad numbers

$3.50 per ad *impression* seems an insane amount of money (hell, 50c seems like a lot). Can these numbers be verified?

Chinese coders beat all-comers

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Re: ..one way street

AC inadvertently raises a good point though. This use of "hacker" to mean either "programmer" or, well, "hacker" dependent on context is terribly confusing. Eric Bloody Raymond has a lot to answer for

Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record

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IT Angle

Re: "Show me on the doll where the bad environmentalist touched you."

Hm yeah. I come to the Reg for IT and tech news. Not sure that I stay for the ill-informed pseudo-scientific ranting hillbilly.

Whisky IN SPAAAAACE: Zero-G Scotch is matured aboard the ISS

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Pedantry alert

I feel honour-bound top point out that neither in space nor here on earth, does "Islay" come even close to rhyming with "away".

IT urine bandit fired and charged

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Re: What or who did he deem attractive?

Really, still this? Maybe it's time for pedants to get over the fact that the word "whom" is no longer part of the language.

Analogue switch-off hits London today

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Re: analogue / analog ?

> "Anyone know the definitive distinction between the two spellings?"

Yep. In this country it's "anorak".

Hope that helps.

Parents shocked by priestly PowerPoint pr0n

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Re: Wow...

> "as an ex-Catholic that the church refuses to acknowledge as an atheist"

As an atheist, why would you care what the church thinks at all?

Internet Explorer nibbles browser rivals, swells by 1%

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Re: Wahey!

Which one requires you to pay to opt out of ads?

Republicans shoot down proposed ban on Facebook login boss-snoop

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Thumb Down

Re: Did you actually read the House link to which you connected?

Your facts may be right (I really don't know), but your tone is entirely wrong.

Bio student thrown in the clink for Muamba Twitter rant

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Re: Clearly...

What "racism"? Unless we're not being told the whole story, there is none. It's like Cartman's Silly Hate Crime but in real life.

So, eight weeks in the slammer for being a bit of a dick on the internet? I dread to think what I deserve by those standards!

TSA bars security guru from perv scanner testimony

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Thumb Up

Thumbs up if you only clicked because of the girl in the pink hotpants.

CD: The indestructible music format that REFUSES TO DIE

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Must admit I rarely buy a CD myself these days, but I can see the point of them, and can imagine why they might cling on. If you actually want to hear and enjoy music, there's nothing like the quality of CD reproduced on even halfway decent Hi-Fi kit. Compressed MP3 through penny-sized plastic speakers isn't quite the same experience.

But our generation is spoilt: it just seems so much effort to get up and root out a CD and put it in the machine, and I'm as guilty of that as anyone.

Baidu! boss! says! no! to! Yahoo! gobble!

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Re: Would make sense for Apple

+1 for honesty.

The Register obtains covert snaps of Google's new London offices

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No you didn't. The building was only completed last year.

8,400 email addresses spaffed by Student Loans Company

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Re: Data breach ? Yes

How did you get my email address!???!

The Facebook job test: Now interviewers want your logins

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Re: Try this one on for size...

> " zap the profile and only keep the account to bar the name "

How does this work? As far as I can see, there are many, many people on Facebook with the same name. I don't believe this approach will "bar" anything.

Big Media drags 142,000 through UK's courts in a year

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Re: TV Tax Evasion

No, you're absolutely right. The only way they can get a prosecution is if they can prove some wrongdoing. The only way they've ever managed to do that is if the viewer signs a confession.

And this is what happens, because they pick on the vulnerable and stupid, pretend to be, essentially, law enforcement officials rather than the door-to-door salesmen they actually are, and bully people into signing.

Vimeo takedown leads to court loss

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Re: had he not

Agreed. Sadly it's a tool that's been (ab-)used by organisations such as the scientologists to effectively censor material that might be in some way critical of them.

Lawyers of Mordor retreat from The Hobbit

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Re: $100?

For all we know that's exactly what they did. Who can say. You know how effortlessly the internet suspends rational analysis of a situation when it gets a self-righteous bee in its bonnet.

Mega squid use HUMONGOUS eyes to spot ravenous sperm whales

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> "the boffins theorise that their eyes collect more light than other giant animals with smaller optical orbs".

Groundbreaking stuff, who would have thought it! I wonder how those eyes get so big in the first place?

> "Maybe they just grow that big."

Thanks, boffins. I don't know how much this research is costing, but it's worth every penny.

Cisco vows to give 4,000 Brit kids a proper IT schooling

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Well, that would be illegal.

If it happened to you, you'd have a very strong legal case on your hands. If.

Lawyers of Mordor menace Hobbit boozer

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Re: Are they also suing scientific journals?

Read the article: they're objecting to a lot more than just the pub's name.

Phone-hack cops nab six 'including Prime Ministerial horse lender'

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Old yolk, somewhat more surely.

Ever wondered how many limp todgers to the mile?

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Re: Beer!

Urine trouble now!

Google to app devs: Use our pay system ... OR ELSE

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Re: ..and ebay

> "Shame on you."

The Reg is only reporting the news, not laying down judgment.

Anonymous takes down Vatican website

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Re: And now more perps will go to prison

Says the anonymous guy.

Facebook IPO to stuff $2.5bn in California tax coffers

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Anonymous + self-righteous attitude = instant downvote from me.

UK tax fraud IT project 'missed virtually every delivery date'

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Re: Also....

> "Anything over this gets paid as a dividend each year which is taxed a corp tax rate of 20% where as if you have to pay 40% or 50% through PAYE"

Except this isn't true. I wish it were. Corporation tax takes 20%, but dividend tax then takes (effectively) 25%. Do the maths: take 20% off an amount and then 25% off the rest, and you've taken 40%. That isn't a coincidence.

You can't use your 20% income tax band *and* your 0% dividend tax band - the calculation is based on your combined personal income.

Yahoo! cutting! thousands! of! jobs! say! sources!

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Re: Ya Who ?

They're the company who host your mum's email.