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Nikola Tesla's greatest challenge: He could measure electricity but not stupidity


Re: The name 'Tesla' has been hijacked

Well, if Ford can sell cars with the name "Kuga" which means Plague / Black Death in SerboCroatian, the I guess even Tesla can sell a few cars over there. Its another matter that you hardly can charge it in any public location except along the Slovenian/Croatian coastal line so you will realy need the long range that Tesla provides.

Just check OpenChargeMap.

Europe is living in the past (by nearly six minutes) thanks to Serbia and Kosovo


And the Serbian electrical grid company, while being responsible for the electrical grid in that part of the region of Europe in general, points the finger at Kosovo privider KOSTT for the "missing" electricity..

You can read their response to the ENTSO-E report here:


Over Ireland? Bothered by Brexit? Find that new home for your cloud


Re: Over Ireland? Any reason why?

Actually, it not that far off the reality.

Just look at how many of Irelands internet connetion does NOT pass UK territory going towards the rest of Europe. Unless there some that are not visible on public.maps, you might find yourself having trouble gettin hold of your data in Ireland if EU protection laws doesnt let you exit EU borders, even if it your data just transit in flight (thru UK) to Ireland.

Ireland datacenters would quickly loose customers that cares about these laws and datacenters in ie Germany/Sweden/Frenace would take over these loads on top of the ones in Amsterdam.

So it there is a Brexit, If I were a politician in Ireland I would start looking for a company that could put down a underseas cable or two directly to France and Netherlands to avoid the scenarios customer/job drain due to a Brexit.

And that is just for the Datacenter industry.

Microsoft goes cloud KERR-AZY, chops Windows Server to bits


App-V for Servers is removed from next version of System Center

Just a heads up that App-V for Server is actualy removed from upcoming version of System Center. This was announced about the same time Microsoft started talking Docker, so my guess at that time was that Microsoft would go all-in on that technology. The document is fairly old, so there is no mention of container but points to templates as a replacement technology.

Regarding the removal of App-V for servers see: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn806370.aspx

Now with Hyper-V containers it seems that Microsoft if trying to use existing Windows technology to fill remainding possible use-case with containers as the reason for Hyper-V containers doesn't seem to be a large market for private cloud. My guess is that the largest use-case for Hyper-V containers will be Azure itself, ie for Cloud-services where a single deployment can take 20-30 minutes which our developers find very frustrating or WebServices (now called App) for more efficient use of resources.