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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account


A Sony spokesman told The Register: "We do insist (an obligation outlined in our Terms of Service) that the SEN account holder is responsible for all activity and transactions made on their account – due to the nature of digital content, in that it is made available immediately and cannot be returned. We need to insist that the account holder take full responsibility for their account security."

Rubbish, I had money stolen for a PS4 Game that was not released for 6 weeks, I don't even own a PlayStation, Sony stole this money from me and when my Bank recovered it back from them and they could not hurt me directly they limited access to my 9 year old sons Child Account (PSvita) in an attempt to Blackmail me into paying up. Sony are an absolutely disgusting company with no ethics whatsoever, deal with them at your own risk, for me, my family and friends I have shared my experience with there will be no more Sony Products Purchased.


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