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Unisys announces 10-to-1 stock compression

Denton Gentry

More room to fall

Reverse stock splits often just unlock more room to fall. When Sun reverse split 4:1, the stock promptly fell another 50%.

BitTorrent net meltdown delayed

Denton Gentry

TCP Vegas

> Like uTP, Microsoft’s Compound TCP begins to slow down when it detects latency increases.

This idea has been kicking around for a long time, as one might expect. The first implementation I am aware of is TCP Vegas, in the mid 1990s. It ran on BSD operating systems, and later Linux.

Sun readies entry Sparc T2 kicker

Denton Gentry

Probably does use Xaui

The expensive part of a 10Gig interface isn't the mere presence of the MAC inside the chip and the Xaui pins on the processor, its the XFP optics. I'd guess that the new server does use the Xaui in the Sparc chip but connects it directly to the 10 Gig Xaui on a Broadcom switch, which fans it out to multiple gigabit ethernet links which can use significantly cheaper copper ports.