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Surge pricing? How about surge fines: Pennsylvania orders Uber to cough up $11.4m


Re: Come on Reg

....And if I wanted to hear words like Commonwealth in an article. I'd read the Globe.

EMC's Chad Sakac once made a Gangnam Style parody music video



You are assuming he WILL get serious at the launch today. Probably not a good assumption. There will be discussions of face melting, awesomeness and other colorful adjectives one can be sure.

Doctor Who: The Hybrid finally reveals itself in the epic Heaven Sent


Re: 400 times harder than diamond???

Agree I don't like contemporary references.


During the monologue I was thinking Logopolis straight away and sure enough there was a lot of Doctor #4 in this episode. Loved it.

Doctor Who returns to our screens next week – so, WHO is the worst Time Lord of them all?


Pertwee grows on you, and no one palyed the Master like Roger Delgado.


Re: blech

I have to agree Peter Davidson was the beginning of a decline that bottomed out with Colin Baker. He was horrible. The next two were shite as well but I don't despise them like I do Baker.

Let's face it, none of those guys could life Tom Baker's sonic screwdriver!

We're not sure what it is, but we like it: Lexus NX300h hybrid SUV


Re: @Chadzo:Just bought one a week ago...

Fundamentally, car people shouldn't build apps and app guys shouldn't build cars!

I'm looking at you Lexus and Apple. Oh and you too google!


Just bought one a week ago...

I recently bought one. So far it drives well, the tech features are excellent. Especially like the radar cruise control. My first week of driving I'm getting 27MPG but expect it to go up as I get used to it.

The only negatives, and they are big, are the mobile apps.

1) The Enform App Suite -- After I signed up and installed the app it took my phone battery from 100% to 15% in four hours. Apparently a common problem. If you look at the reviews on the Google App store it's being savaged by end users. Right now this app is totally unusable and its been that way since Sep '14. Not looking good.

2) The remote starter app. I couldn't get this to work so the app suggested that I push the SOS button and talk to customer service to enable it. So last night at about 920, I did. They were very nice, took my email and a bunch of other info and said the app would be enabled within 24 hours and we hung up. Fast forward to 9:46PM. I'm in bed and the doorbell rings. There are two police cruisers in my driveway with lights blazing. Apparently the call to customer service caused Lexus to call the police on me. The police asked about this and whether my car had been out of the garage. I told them it hadn't but they wanted to see. So I showed them. Then of course they wanted to see my license and registration. Oh it was a mighty spectacle in the neighborhood. Me at 10PM being questioned in my driveway by the cops. Once I cleared it up with them i heard a voice from the car. Lexus was on the line (different person this time) trying to talk to me. I did most of the talking...shouting. I'll be shouting at the dealer later today.

So the car is great. All the mobile and add on services around it are total crap.




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