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IETF moves meeting from USA to Canada to dodge Trump travel ban


Drop by and enjoy a day off Internet Engineering Task Force in Fenelon Falls, Canada.

Search results suddenly missing from Google? Well, BLAME CANADA!


Canadian World Wide Web

Hi I'm Canadian. Can't we just get along and be nice. Why do we need local laws for these www companies anyway? Can't we just have one government on this piece of dirt we all live on? Hell we are blowing holes in it, putting plastic all over it, thinning out the ionosphere, burning the air, killing the fish, frogs and bees ... it all logic gone?

If www courts could be organized so www companies could make money nicely it would be good. Right?


Re: Damned pushy Canucks!

Yes and we salute you with the raised central finger as we sing Stand on guard for thee.lol


Here's the rub. Us world dominated companies are making the laws to suit themselves or avoiding them wholesale. Canada's ruling is another wake up call for world government. Eventually laws will need to be world wide just as companies are world wide. We live on the same dirt in the vastness of space.


Re: Does this mean...

True north strong and free and logical too. Googles argument is theory. Canada Supreme Court is factual.


Re: Does this mean...

Yes. Canada has a legit greavence. Google lawyers in North Korea? Con ignor.


Re: The next logical step for Google

My dirt is connect to your dirt. It's worlds dirt and the minds connected by clear rules that the Canada rule iis thinking of. One for Canada.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee refuses to be King Canute, approves DRM as Web standard


Re: Another evil

Just the eb and flow of control. Remember when Satellite signals were "free"? Control of content and owners copyright income raises its head and opens your pocket book with every new communications system. My 900 videos on YouTube are by using the service owned by alphabet and eventually I'll need to pay to see them. If control can happen, it will happen. Gotta keep theses dividends flowing, eh!


Say bye-bye to net neutrality next year, gloats FCC commish Pai


WELCOME TO CANADA little lost lefty Americans.

Business plans, good ideas, and 8 other myths about startups – by Indiegogo's CEO


2015 eBike raised 5 Million

For me the year began by a net CDN $900 eBike Perk.


It will end when this bike arrives!

Snowden tells tech bigwigs: It's up to you to thwart mass surveillance


Nobel Prize

Snowdon gets my vote.

Page 33 "1984"

What are your links worth to Pinterest? $11 BEEELLION!


Bust or no bust that is the question?

Business cycles happen. Look at oil down from heavenly highs jus a year ago. Social networks con only make Big Bucks for clicks or in your face adv.

When users feeler used they just go away. Remember when a cell phone was for real talking person to, erson? "Just text me" is its use now. We will never know when the tipping point comes. (Much like Mother Earth overheating due to our arrogance, burning, hidden for millions of years little fuel bugs and rocks.)

Hail to the bubble!


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