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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS arrives today complete with forbidden ZFS

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Re: Priorities?

"Nobody dares to say the emperor is actually naked"

I will..just give me a platform to say it from.

BOFH: Sure, I could make your cheapo printer perform miracles

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Re: bit complex and risky

I completely agree with the director there.

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Re: Slight tangent

Wait for w10. You will be boggled.

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Re: Appalling!

Back in the days I had a friend who would stab me with that fountain pen (its nib) on my buttocks. Not sure if it would have made much of a difference (to me) if it was hand carved after careful examination of the pen owner's habits..

Windows 10 with Ubuntu now in public preview

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Re: It is like a dog's walking on its hind legs.

Not hindlegs but doing a headstand to get *nix guys like us on to their crappy system. I would never use microsoft for anything at all.. thankfully don't have to.

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No thanks MS.. I will not touch microcrap if it means it will cost me my life.

Boffins: Large Hadron Collider NOW movin', we're getting down and crush groovin'

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Re: sucking up the funding

It stank.

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Does this count?

I made a smasher at home myself.. I tied two stones to two string (one string one stone). I had one guy spin that one way and another guy spun it the other way.. slowly we adjusted the height/plane of the spin such that the stones collided.. and smashed.. and a piece went and hit my brother in law in his buttocks and he had quite a visible "Black" bruise.. Does that count as dark matter? Or do I need to apply for a bazillion $$ grant and write some incomprehensible paper to prove that it was indeed dark and it quited mattered (to him).. Thanks

p.s If magnets and electricity are must have "qualifications" we are open to the idea.. but for now it was the first successful run of our smasher.

Anti-gay Indiana starts backtracking on hated law after tech pressure

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Re: Why is compelling servitude "freedom"?

Sorry sir. Your argument is totally misplaced. If a doctor has hangups as to blood tranfution or bovine produucts, his patients will reflect his preference. You as a CUSTOMER have a choice to go elsewhere. It is not discrimination. But if it is a monopolistic service which cannot be got elsewhere without undue hardship then it is a different matter and the state ought to step in. Those are extreme conditions as in mathematics we call it "outside the limits of an equation" i.e this equation fails when conditions like infinity are to be calculated. for example zero divided by zero...

Howver if a heart surgeon refuses you heart surgery because you choose to use some parts of your body below your heart line for purposes than it was naturally intended for (in his opinion) then that is discrimination..

I bet no one would refuse a specialized surgery from a doctor of different faith or sexual orientation if he happens to be the only one available on hand. Or if an accident victim is spotted and your offer to help is based on their sexual preference.. that is discrimination.

Just for the sake of argument, giving extreme examples is not smart. All equations fail at extremes.. including the ones used by NASA.

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Re: So what about the other nineteen states and the U.S. Government@the coward

That is the least USA can do for the Native americans .. the word "NATIVE" says it all.. it was their land that was taken forcibly from them by the eurpean sea farers.. HUGE land with HUGE riches and now they are given a insignificant part of it as their "reservation'..(btw reservation is a term used for wild animal/endangered species conservation). Well the argument that "was it correct" is not important here. Just a point to keep in mind. Stop bringing them in the equation. They are not bothering anyone and are still busy licking their woulds centuries later.

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Re: Inconsistent

That is a stupid argument.. you go into a jewish delicatessen and ask for pork they will say "we do not cook that here".. same as if you went into a vegeterian resturant and asked for egg or chicken.. "what part of vegeterian is not understandable?".. its like me going into a mosque and asking an imam there to do a hindu ritual for someone..

I guess it would be like going to a butcher for a surgery or a doctor to buy meat.. wrong place. That is NOT discrimination. You need specific type of food, you either cook it yourself or go to those speciaity restaurants. You cannot DEMAND someone give you service they do not provide and then sue them for discrimination.. try suing verizon for not providing you electricity

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Re: Inconsistent

UP votes or down votes.. what has this got to do with muslims or ANY religion for that matter.. two guys want to be romantic irrepsctive of their own gender or what the people think about them.. if they are adults and of sane mind, it should be none of the state's business.. They do whtever they want to do in the privacy of their home.. who is anybody else including the state to dictate? On one hand "privacy' or violation of it is wrong.. then you go about OKing discrimination.. and when asked bring in other religions into it?

P.S I am not a muslim or christian or jew or any other religion. I am an atheist but I think religion is a private affair and no one has the right to drag anyone else's religion as a valid argument for anything..

'What don't we want? Robots. When don't we want them? Ever.' Anti-droid hipsters hit SXSW

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Re: Anti Intelligence Group

Buddy you're intel make our life a big hell

Playin' with No I creating A I

You got mud in yo' brain

All the robots you train

Kickin' us all, oh you all are a pain


We idiots will zock you

We idiots will zock you

(Sing to the tune of we will rock you by QUEEN).

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Anti Intelligence Group

We protest. We are against intelligence of any form. How dare you develop intelligence artificially when we have taken every possible precaution to stay dumb.. We are idiots and we have the right to remain so.

This is crime against idiocy,


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