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Have I Been S0ld? Troy Hunt's security website is up for acquisition

Somewhere in the Colonies

A real CSR opportunity?

With so many big companies talking about their Corporate and Social Responsibility efforts - and then doing things like planting trees or helping in homeless shelters - perhaps on of them could step up and provide both people and resource to support this effort.

This work has been phenomenal, and has certainly earned him a place in Internet history. Like Wayback machine, it would be sad to see it go...or get corrupted from it's current highly trusted and reputable state.

Speaking in Tech: Techcast on Brexit 'You can't argue with people'

Somewhere in the Colonies

Not sure if that last interviewee was a parody or not. But definitely funny!

I assume it was like the old adverts that the team sometimes play - but this time taking the mickey about 1990s management techniques. Brilliant!

UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim

Somewhere in the Colonies

Re: Purpose

You make good points - but fwiw, our meter only provides readings 48 hours later (apparently because we are in a new apartment block).

Dick limps towards inglorious end: Gadget retailer on the brink

Somewhere in the Colonies

Re: It's a sad end

You are so right - they haven't been a proper Dick Smith for years now.

And fwiw, it has only gone into receivership in Australia so far. New Zealand is still trading - let's hope it survives to the end of the week.

LOHAN chap compiles 'tenner a week' cookbook

Somewhere in the Colonies

...or is available on that Interweb thingie (in exchange for actual money, rather than the conventional stolen method).


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