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Google: Let us keep search data or die

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laughed, i almost fell off my donkey

Google, google, google, how its all going so wrong.

World domination is one thing but the more i hear of the 'darlings' of the internet the more i wonder who exactly supports them and why?

Most people in the know realise Google is of course as stated before a giant company who simply want to make money, the fact we seem to have all taken the 'Do no evil' motto, hook, line and sinker is our own fault.

Google is the new scientology, those who believe and those who are simply baffled.

Google blames Gmail outage on data centre collapse


isp with exchange

there are plenty of exchange setups at ISPs around the world.

several in europe and at least one in the uk, its a different beast entirely to corporate exchange setups but do the job very well.

'Windows Cloud' to descend this month, says Ballmer


as per usual

i used to like the register, was informative and useful, also proved an amusing ground for the witty internet generation to amaze us with their caustic wit.

unfortunately these days it appear to be more about which fan boy can shout the loudest, if its not MS vs Unix its PS3 vs Xbox etc etc etc

its all rather drole and boring now i find, if you don't like windows or unix or ps3's or xboxes or anything else for that matter how about (heres a novel idea) just don't use them!

is that visonary or what? thank you one and all, for my next trick i'll be solving world peace.

flame(d) as i'm sure i will be. much love.

Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser



I've got a staff, he's not some vicious killer dog either, but if someone, 'police' or not started pointing things at him or more importantly me i can imagine he may get the hump slightly and kick off. Like said above its the whole pack instinct thing.

Unfortunately i have little time for the police and there actions as usually in my experience they would rather nick people for no seatbelt or something equally as daft than actually do the job there paid to do which is nick criminals.

Boris backs weed for pain relief



as someone who can't take any painkillers for fear death by swelling up like some current flavour of the months WAG's chest i use weed quite abit and it does have rather excellent painkilling properties. does wonders for migraine.

I hate to say it but think Boris is right here and whats even more hard to say is that i think we should actually follow the merkins (the states that allow it anyway) in this one.

Actually that didn't feel quite so wrong saying that... surprising...

Gmail: a short, sharp rant


Actually ISP's like POP3

Think the comment about ISP's not liking POP3 is untrue, its IMAP we ISP mail admins hate, leaving all users mail on our servers, least with POP3 (if setup as per most ISP instructions) takes the mail off the servers and leave a nice clean mailbox, maybe a little white space but thats allowed.

The other point is that Gmail has been in beta since the dawn of time, how long does it actually take some thing to go from beta to release, i agree that its prolly so if something did die they can say 'its only a beta' but if its only a beta shouldn't the ads that make all that money for google be switched off?

Google at the end of the day like most of us like to have there cake and eat it.


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