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Oracle Ads have had it: $2B operation shuts down after dwindling to $300M

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Re: When execs are spending other people's money....

this is a big part of collective corporate myth making ... governments are wastefull no matter what they do whereas because capitalists work in a free market, and those are perfectly efficient, thus are the businesses who work in those markets also perfectly efficient.

clearly, this oracle episode is the exception that proves the rule.

Tesla shareholders agree to pay Musk staggering sum of $48B

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classic trees for forest blind spot

His tesla share got him twitter. They must have some value.

Payoff from AI projects is 'dismal', biz leaders complain

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Re: So instead of bursting in 2026...

Companies pushing AI heavily:

Intel MS~1 AMD Nvidia Google Salesfarce SAP Oracle Amazon Tesla Facebook ...

Sure it's a bubble. A HYPE bubble.

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Re: Over 2500 participants

that's nice to know, but the story does report more important numbers about the survey population:

"The respondents, it's claimed, were drawn from 1,000 companies with 100 or more employees across 14 industries ..."

Oracle Java police start knocking on Fortune 200's doors for first time

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How does this play out for Oracle ?

is this like broadcom with vmware - Oracle is fine with reducing it's customer base to those incapable of escaping ?

Do they have another card to play that will broaden the customer base ?

Tesla chair begs investors to bless Musk's billions or face an Elon exodus

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i you ever go to work for a business

you'll quickly learn how easily and often they circumvent agreements, both explicit and implicit.

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I love that the chair is such a sock puppet.

This is a master class in the meaningless slogan "maximize value for the shareholders"

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I wonder if that was compliant with the chairs statement

that "Fairness and respect require that we honor ..."

I hope that in the future all Tesla announcements and personel decisions will be viewed against that standard.

Brit tech tycoon Mike Lynch cleared of all charges in US Autonomy fraud trial

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Re: Its a Fed Court so not a SF jury pool

Isn't a part of Lynch's defence that he's "just a Tech guy" and as a CEO doesn't have responsibility or insight into his CFOs adventures in audits ?

Given that, why wouldn't a prosecutor try to establish that he was a controlling micro-manager.

OpenAI to buy electricity from CEO Sam Altman's nuclear fusion side hustle

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Not sure about this quote from the story

"perhaps Helion aims to have more capacity than just that, and wants to sell its energy supply to OpenAI, which would need lots of power"

Did you mean "Energy surplus"

This strikes me as obsessing over a very remote (in time and probability) event; maybe Helion is desparate for R&D funds, and isn't so much worried about making the power numbers work, as it is about saying whatever is needed to get money.

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Re: So in summary

Can we call this "doing an Elon ?"

Sodium ion batteries: Yet another innovation poised to be dominated by China

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Re: China Singing

Does the video include a dancing cartoon honey bear ?

IBM spin-off Kyndryl accused of discriminating on basis of age, race, disability

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Re: Bad KPI

Ah, the always gameable internal ticket economy.

IT worker sued over ‘vengeful’ cyber harassment of policeman who issued a jaywalking ticket

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Re: Strange thing to do someone for

In practice, jaywalking is usually charged when the pedestrian actions are impeding traffic (illegally).

Those cases need to be ticketed.

NYC Comptroller and hedge funds urge Tesla shareholders to deny Musk $50B windfall

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define the "people"

that apparently voted for that, because in the US of A that includes corporations.

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Usefull to know

By your recogning the socialist parasites include

Amalgamated Bank,


Nordea Asset Management,


SOC Investment Group,


and United Church Funds.

Do you think the meant to out themselves ?

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I imagine the author mashing his typewriter keys, spittle flying through the air, some of it hitting his own eyes and causing temporary blindness, leading to hitting the "?" and "!" keys together at the same time. Cause you can't take seriously anyone writing that intentionally.

Really? A sarcasm detector? Wow. You shouldn't have

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What about being patronizing ?

Is that a sub class of sarcasm, or a helper class ?

An attorney says she saw her library reading habits reflected in mobile ads. That's not supposed to happen

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Re: Remedies?

Well no, that's like worrying about how to silence the nuclear icbm alert, instead of finding shelter.

The point isn't that there's and ad. The point is the presumed spying that resulted in the ad.

HR expert says biz leaders scared RTO mandates lead to staff attrition

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A middle finger manager?

Return to office mandates had senior employees jumping ship

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Re: Why?

The thing is, there is no Legal obligation for a vaguely defined "shareholder value". That's a fiction created by execs and corps and their propaganda arms, to cover their self-agandizing behaviour. Pick a jurisdiction ( Delaware, London, ... ) and see what sorts of Fiduciary violations are upheld in the courts - the bar is astoundingly low.

Those functions you mention are for SOX, other SEC compliance, IFRS, civil suits and ... reputational damage from mis-reporting the financials, which would result in investors selling their stock; but critically that's not a Legal obligation, it's the way that capitalism works.

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Re: Why?

I hope that's sarcasm.

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Re: Cynics

I think "Cynic" is used in the honorific sense, like Free Thinker, Critical thinker, Not a team player (per George Carlin).

Did IBM make a $6.4B blunder by buying HashiCorp?

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mainframe sales ...

Hw and sw.

Father of SQL says yes to NoSQL

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Re: The long view

The *intent* of SQL was to simplify the query language aka lower the entry bar.

Tesla devotee tests Cybertruck safety with his own finger – and fails

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Not bad, but real science

demands repeatability. He should have used 100 frankfurters then plotted the histogram.

But yes, I admire the confidence.

Palantir's CEO calls 'woke' a 'central risk to Palantir, America and the world'

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Re: Anything "left wing" is a threat to Palantir

What left wing ? In mainstream American politics, there aren't any.

Which US administrations have put restraints on the CIA ? NONE

How many "left wing" administrations has the US had ? NONE.

And you can repeat that argument for the Industrial complex - ALL admins are ALWAYS promoting the industry. F35 anyone ?

Has Windows 11 really lost marketshare to Windows 10?

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Re: Stats eh?

Or maybe some failed corporate trials reverted back to W10 ?

This dip does correspond with dropping Android For Windows.

Open Source world's Bruce Perens emits draft Post-Open Zero Cost License

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Re: define your freedom

"The quote was also considering corporate requirements".

No it wasn't. Here's the larger quote

"One of the goals for open source was you could use it without having to hire a lawyer. You could put [open source software] on your computer and run it and if you don't redistribute or modify it, you don't really have to read the license. This no longer applies for companies of a certain size. "

I see a pattern here where you invent new "context" to cover up for sloppy reasoning.

And still the flaw in this rationalization is equating persons with corporations.

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Re: Doesn't go far enough in some ways, goes too far in others

" Linux users using WINE? You should be buying Crossover."

Excellent point. I'll think about that, personally.

"So far as the license cost is concerned, it's a matter of pitching it low enough to be acceptable but not high enough to be annoying."

Exactly. And "pitching up" from Zero won't fly. Pitching down from millions is do-able. It's kind of like, why negotiate with a union when you can hire scabs.

"A development division may have a cost and management overhead"

This is different from my basic point (and to be clear, I am speaking specifically of a functionally equivalent in-house development) : for a LOT of companies the most substantial "cost" is the intellectual courage to enter the world of Production software development. And that's not a scaled cost. it's a cliff (or Moat) buttressed with FUD.

They simply will not make that leap, short of an exisitential threat.

That's why the Java conversion isn't really illustrative - there are free drop-in replacements available. But did your company actually consider the ongoing support ? Not saying it WILL BE an issue, but management tends to focus on the up-front costs instead of the long term consequences and risks.

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Re: Doesn't go far enough in some ways, goes too far in others

The proposed license isn't intended to simplify licensing for corporations, much in the same way that individual employment contracts are not intended to simplify employment for the individual.

Currently, there is no pie to fight over - isn't that the bigger issue ?

If some corps don't want to go with the license, that's not actually a negative for the developer. Maybe that corp will do it as a "real" open source project ? ha ha.

But on the matter of cost trade offs, I'll share a typical table with you:

Cost of Licence: Capped at 1% of TR (Total Revenue)

Cost of alternative : Untenable.

Upper management does not have the inclination or wherewithall to set up a development organization, staff it and oversee it on an ongoing basis.

To say nothing of committing to regular production releases.

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Well, the currency exchanges are very efficient, and Paypal is pretty convenient.

The global use of $USD is because of Bretton Woods, not the threat of Nuclear devastation.

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define your freedom

"You could put [open source software] on your computer and run it and if you don't redistribute or modify it, you don't really have to read the license." This no longer applies for companies of a certain size".

This sentence starts off talking about personal freedom, then moves to Corporate freedom.

They are not the same kind of freedom. Corporations are not persons; they are commercial revenue generating legal entities.

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Re: Who will benefit?

Only one way to prove your thesis - give developers the choice.

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Re: Pay who first?

"If they were to go bankrupt, the artists would get paid first."

In the event of bankruptcy, commercial law defines "Senior debt holders" who are first in line.

Employees and Suppliers (which is what the artists are) are not Senior.

You can see this in so many cases of corps filing for bankruptcy.

In and this race "not first " often means "excluded"

IBM to acquire Hashi for $6.4B, hopes it will boost software biz and Red Hat

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Yeah, that bit of self pimping caught my attention too.

Whistleblower cries foul over alleged fuselage gaps in Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Re: Anything to see here...?

That he's covered by NBC doesn't change the content of his testimony.

I don't care if he posted on Twitter, but the fact is that he is Testifying publically to the US CONGRESS.

You are citing a 1993 problem with DATELINE. That's is the definition of "Red Hearring".

And oh yeah, let's not forget, that was a real problem for GM:

" ... is the worst auto crash fire defect in the history of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Based on data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (formerly known as the Fatal Accident Reporting System),

over 2,000 people were killed in fire crashes involving these trucks from 1973 through 2009."

Now let's look at that testimony.

The phrases he used were "Premature fatigue failure" and "significant fatigue failure". NOT 'normal fatigue' after 'thousands of flights'.

Supporting evidence isn't his problem, that's up to regualtory investigators.

Nonetheless his testimony has a tonne of supporting evidence. Here's a sample quote :

"While Boeing insists that it follows industry standards, the Company’s own internal data on 28 787 airplanes,

provided to me by a Boeing Applied Mathematician in February 2022, revealed that up to 98.7% of gaps

over .005 inches have not been shimmed at all in sections 41/43 or 46/87 of the aircraft."

The truth is out there, if you are willng to accept it.

Here's someone who has become a whistle blower because of professional ethics. You know what kind of people try to cast that in a negative light ?

Incompetent people fearfull of losing their jobs.

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Absolutely right. Boeing appears to be buying poor tolerance "quality" on the sub-contractor side then "fixing it in QA". Anyone in a coding shop will recognize that approach as a disaster in waiting.

And if that behaviour is shown, there has to be an inquisition into the management "culture" that promotes that approach. This is like the VW Diesel emissions fraud - it didn't jut happen, it was a concious plan.

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Re: Anything to see here...?

No, Actually.

The Allegations are that the manufactured items are not close enough to the spec designs, reuslting in larger gaps than the design allows.

The solution would be to manufacture to better tolerances, but Boeing, to use your phrasing, is cutting corners and instigating poor working practices in order to shave costs.

So yeah, they are still doing the "thing" that has caused them so much recent trouble : profits over sound products.

And it's not opinion. It is a standard assembly practice to MEASURE the gaps, and if within tolerances, apply *designed* corrections.

But for that you need to keep records, right ?

I find it totally bizarre that you reach for the "15 minutes of fame" cover excuse. If you are going to mindlessly defend Boing, then I'd appreciate a little more effort.

This smells of pointlessly argumentative.

Tesla decimates staff amid ongoing performance woe

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Re: The truth a bout Truth Social

"It would be WAY over valued at even 25 cents. "

There's still a lot of time for that to happen. Yesterday's close : $22.80

"The entire value of the stock is based on the financial performance of Truth Social"

More specifically, anyone investing for *financial* reason will need to see profits. We don't disagree, there are none.

But that's not what I am questioning, what I am curious about is : "Trump selling even 1 share - what would that signal, and to whom ?"

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Re: Humm and Hummer

A "More Better Hummer"

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Re: The truth a bout Truth Social

"As soon as he sells even one share, the price will plummet like a stone."

I'm not sure about that. It's already gone from $65 to $25.

That would be the institutional speculators, betting on the cultists, getting out.

They will need to be out before Trump floods the market.

But, Trump selling even 1 share - what would that signal, and to whom ? I don't see the cultists looking away from their "truther" podcasts to notice the chief culter slipping out the back.

We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners

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Re: I very much doubt razor handles are or were ever sold at a loss

As a general business strategy, it may be valid, but Razors aren't the example. That's my main point.

Sure Gilette might do a marketing promo. But free / under cost product pricing is used for things like gaining market share, or breaking a "moat".

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I very much doubt razor handles are or were ever sold at a loss

In a competive market they should be sold at cost (but bundled with razors)

With IP protections, everything should be sold at a profit to maximize the value of marketing and technology advantages.

Notepad++ dev slams Google-clogging notepad.plus 'parasite'

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Re: vegans

Clearly veg*ism is a healthier choice, at least for all that choose it based on reasons of healthy nutrition.

Such as the author of the post.

" ... Yes, it's a healthier lifestyle ... "

I don't see how that statement is a "judgement on others"

Isn't it obvious from the other several hundred words in the post that that statement is in the context of personal circumstance ?

But going even further, it is generally true (even if not wholly true) that at the gross level of "diet with meat" vs "diet without meat" without meat is the better (healthier) choice.

There is solid science on that.

Engine cover flies from Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 during takeoff

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Re: Not Lazy at all

"minor incidents that wouldn't normally get reported, now make the news."

This is not minor. A detached anything in midair, that can strike a vital control system must be treated as critical. That's the NTSB methodology that has produced the level of safety that we have today.

" link two stories that aren't really linked"

And you know this because the investigation has completed and determined that it was NOT caused in wole or in part by

- An incorrect maintenance episode

- inadequate training

- inadequate supervision

- misleading the FAA about the training

- Not documenting the misleading training

- Not co-operating with the NTSB

"If I remember correctly it was 2 weeks after the door plug incident that the press were breathlessly reporting on the front wheel falling off a Boeing 777"

And now we come to the turn down the rabit hole.

Yes Indeed let's shift the discussion to an ENTIRELY unlreated news report. That's a lovely shorthand for lazy thinking.

Let's further rail against "The media" and get away from discussing this specific new report.

That's a lazy generalization that serves no purpose.

And a 30 year old aircraft is maintained to the same level as every other Aircraft of similiar type.

Citing age as a reason to dismiss the story is lazy.

You might want to have a glance at that bias mirror yourself.

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Not Lazy at all

If it was a Airbus, sure they get the benefit of a doubt. But when you have systemic safety and design issues and a culture of profits over sound engineering design (Boeing) it is at best naive to cast it as such.

Also, there's this quote (which could be clarified as to if it is specific to the A/C or the carrier)

"Reuters also pointed out that the FAA might impose engine housing inspections and component replacements on Boeing 737 NG aircraft following a 2018 Southwest Airlines incident."

And this report is not lazy reporting at all; it is stating relevant facts that are known, including that neither Southwest or Boeing have provided responses, and reasonably reporting the status of the investigation. I don't see any slanting or opinion expressed in the article.

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Please get a clue

The fact is there's almost nothing that you can "alarm" the aircrew about that will matter, once you are rolling.

The Aircraft becomes airborn about 30 seconds after starting.

Everything the pilots need to know at that point is coming from their controls and gauges.

Malicious xz backdoor reveals fragility of open source

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Not because of FOSS vs proprietary

but beacuse there would be people paid to do thinks like : review changes for security and functional issues; maintain the builds; nuke emotional blackmail posts from the dicussion threads. perform independant QA.

Want to keep Windows 10 secure? This is how much Microsoft will charge you

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Re: If only there was some technology

yes, you got it in one.