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The Anti Defamation League is Musk's latest excuse for Twitter's tanking ad revenue

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Correction : Everyone but Them and Israel are evil

Here's a fun exercise.

Seach for "palestine" on their site and see how many articles come up about the ongoing destruction of the palestinians.

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Musk, suing *for* defamation


Bombshell biography: Fearing nuclear war, Musk blocked Starlink to stymie Ukraine attack on Russia

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Puh lease

Musk has zero ability to converse on nuclear weapon capabilities, much less make an informed decision about them. Much Much less take an action based on his internal reasoning on it.

Any suggestion of legitimizing his idiocy is offensive.

AI coding is 'inescapable' and here to stay, says GitLab

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Re: Troubles or Treats ahead? Who/What Chooses what IT and AI is Going to Deliver?

I'm not. And I don't get it either.

From browser brat to backend boss: Will WASM win the web wars?

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I saw some a-mazing stuff done in flash, back in the days. I got the feeling that was due to developer ingenuity & effort more than the tool itself.

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Re: Welcome back Java promise!!!

That's an interesting question.

Asked a different way ...

1) Why isn't java script ( or whatever other client side language) converted to java byte code ?

2) Why isn't wasm just a "compatability" tool to compile C down to java script ?

I think that the answers are

1) The JVM is too burdensome to deploy, update and/or run

2) java script isn't a suitable backend target for the programming languages being targeted.

In other words,

WASM is intended to be the right tool for the job.

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Re: Welcome back Java promise!!!

1.2 to 1.3 broke stuff, so you just missed out on that !

The issue isn't backwards compatability so much as forward fixes.

For C, you can sometimes rebuild your app and re-deploy it.

For Java you usually deploy a system upgrade.

Arm wrestles assembly language guru's domains away citing trademark issues

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Re: Surely this is going to escalate?

This is, precisely and concisely the issue. ARM's overly broad IP based takedown was given legal authority.

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s/b "given the relationship with Arm that I have built"

Six years of in depth technical writing and presentation means there is a good relationship with at least some of the staff.

The problem is Branding and Legal not making the effort to sort out who their allies are.

Silicon Valley billionaires secretly buy up land for new California city

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think of it this way

Corporations have an infinite life time, and are used to convey those billions forward to all of the future generations.

Zoom CEO reportedly tells staff: Workers can't build trust or collaborate... on Zoom

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The Concept IS the product

Zoom the product needs to be able to facilitate Remote work the concept. That is the mission of Zoom.

So every problem case X that he makes should be phrased as

"We need to make Zoom work for the case of X"

Also, I have both types of meetings with Zoom - the boring linear ones with Management, and the quick free-flowing ones with people who understand each other.

I don't need a CEO to decide for me how I should have a meeting.

Red Hat's Mexican standoff: Job cuts? Yes, but we still need someone to boot Linux

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Re: I don't get that, at all

Nice response, that's a very neat synopsis of Virtualiztion.

I picked AWS as the start of cloud, as the first (that I am aware of) commercially available VM service.

At that point, if you're building an x86 DC and are several tech generations removed from needing BIOS, I (still) don't see the reason to be building with it when UEFI is available. And even if you are upgrading the HW of an existing DC, is there some impediment to ditching BIOS ?

Grub is more of a personal axe, but my life has been much better since moving to rEFInd. Maybe a commercial env has other considerations, but Grub is not admin friendly - too much of the boot config is left to the OS distro.

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Re: I don't get that, at all

UEFI predates "Cloud" I am actually shocked that BIOS is still in play in modern data centers.

The other point I would make is that "One of the drivers for UEFI support" is getting TF away from GRUB.

80% of execs regret calling employees back to the office

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Suggested question at Sundar's next town hall "

mr. Pichai, could you briefly explain the principles of the sunk cost fallacy and efficient allocation in a free market, and then explain how forcing workers back is in agreement" ?

GNOME 45 beta: Less buggy, more colorful, and still not your grandma's desktop

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Re: Have they innovated a minimize button yet ?

Thanks, it's good to have a reliable solution for a huge annoyance.

Part of my frustration is that when I googled for a solution, I got several non-working solutions.

Another part of my frustration is that not having the button is a ridiculous default. As an example of their design philosophhy, it speaks volumes.

Another part of my frustration is needing a side app to control a basic setting. (which is the way I went, then lost the setting in an upgrade).

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Have they innovated a minimize button yet ?

I try to check in once every 5 years to see if they've gotten to CMM level "toddler".

GNOME project considers adding window tiling by default

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Why couldn't the tiling be user defined as an option ?

Oh right. "Gnome".

Why ask the user what they want, when you can mandate an API and then use questionalble data from it to enforce rules arbitrarily coded by the developer.

Wait, did I just write out the dictionary definition of "Gnome desktop" ...

ChatGPT's odds of getting code questions correct are worse than a coin flip

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Re: Soooo....

"Even when the answer has a glaring error, the paper stated, two out of the 12 participants still marked the response preferred. The paper attributes this to ChatGPT's pleasant, authoritative style."

Clearly a bright future as a tech / dev manager.

And *that's* how AI will take over the world, by co-opting middle managment. The Skynet model is waaay too much effort.

Cops cuff pregnant woman for carjacking after facial recog gets it wrong, again

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Yo downvote contards

google "Bias in image recognition training"

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It's results that matter

whereas intent is a matter of philosophy. If the people making & using the SW fail to account for bias in the algos and inputs, maybe that qualifies ? Refuse to process low light scans as a matter of policy and softrware input data cleaning ?

The software should asses it's probable accuracy and refuse to ID below a certain level.

And clearly instruct the cops to exercise judgement instead of relying on the results.

But then Data Works would have to be honest in their sales pitch, and liability.

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Re: Perhaps facial recognition isn't the issue

I would say that there's a good case to be made that the FR software is racist, and the procedures around it's use are racist.

So myabe not the only problem, but the FR software is the main problem, yes.

Couple admit they laundered $4B in stolen Bitcoins after Bitfinex super-heist

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You mean the Wild wild crypto West where

you are anonymous and the government can't track you ? Isn't that the reason bitcoin will succeed ?


Friendly AI chatbots will be designing bioweapons for criminals 'within years'

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Re: Dear journalists...

It's because destruction is so much simpler and easier to implement than "building" beneficial uses.

That's just the way human society works. Why bury the lede ?

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I'm confused

"Though the fundamental principles of modern nuclear weapons are publicly known and documented, actually engineering the devices – from producing the fuel and other materials at the heart of them, to designing the conventional explosives that trigger them, to miniaturizing them – is difficult and some of the steps remain highly classified. "

That implies some sort of practical difficulty in producing "modern nuclear weapons". Yet, the list of nuclear nations seems to show it is mostly a matter of political will :

United States, Russia, France, China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea.

By extrapolation ...

World's most internetty firm tries life off the net, and it's sillier than it seems

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Re: Not really an air-gap then

"Doen't matter if it's a serial cable or a fax, if it's wired into the rest of the world it's not an air-gap."

Not to take away from the excellent post, but an air gap is about unauthorized or priveleged read & write access. Fax doesn't give you that. Nor does the AC.

Also, the original question was "is it worth going back to those (isloated) systems"

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pedanticism misses the point ?

I think Katrinab is using "the internet" to refer to the point in time that companies made a wholesale move to interconnect permissively, using the internet to transact from * into their internal data bases, on demand from the external source. Not to mention online communities.

Fax is closer to a voice call in terms of attack surface. Not to mention BBSes

Google fails to get AI engineer lawsuit claiming wrongful termination thrown out

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Google Engineer - what are the legal issues ?

Broadly speaking, employment is "at will", so I wonder what is the basis of the legal challenge (and motion to dismiss)

Linux has nearly half of the desktop OS Linux market

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Re: If ChromeOS is Linux...

Ohhh, the unrequited love I had for the SonyTrinitron.

Sarah Silverman, novelists sue OpenAI for scraping their books to train ChatGPT

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"I, for one, had never heard of any of these award-winning litigants until now."

Because only people you've heard of, and/or personally approve of are entitled to copyright protection ?

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"Have any of them approached OpenAI and asked them to remove their material and / or requested that they don't use anything else they may produce?"

I think it's OpenAI's job to ensure their own lawful operation.

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Re: Hmmm, I wonder..

And maybe ChatGPT is covered by the existing copyright framework.

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Re: OpenAI could have avoided all this

The publishers don't own the copyright. They are given a limited liscence to reproduce the copyright work.

Red Hat's open source rot took root when IBM walked in

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"Do it for the advertising/exposure"

One of the business world's Big Lies.

Right up there with "trust me, I'm a manager".

As the article said, RH is leaving a lot of money on the table - that's Why.

Two new Linux desktops – one with deep roots – come to Debian

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I vote for NeXTstep

You meant to start a poll, right ?

California man's business is frustrating telemarketing scammers with chatbots

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This is the mistake in your thinking. The telemarketer calling you is getting paid very little. The real culprit is the _owner_ of the call center.

Canada plans brain drain of H-1B visa holders, with no-job, no-worries work permits

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On housing, Canada is suffering from allowing free markets to set the price.

On healthcare it is the respsonsibility of Provincial Governments, and some of those are sabotaging the healthcare system in the thrall of corporate interests. But it is not a Canada-wide problem. Some provincial governments are progressive and working for the public good.

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"For once" ?

Don't be ridiculous.

Missing Titan sub likely destroyed in implosion, no survivors

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Re: insensitive

Why ? Stockton Rush didn't just ignore safety, he flaunted his ignorance.

His only idea was to cut corners in design, construction and safety systems.

Whatever form of delusion or hubris drove that, his death only has value as a warning to others.

There should be outrage at that kind of callous disregard of real outcomes.

Inclusive Naming Initiative limps towards release of dangerous digital dictionary

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In my culture

a "Sanity check" is an initial test of rudimentary functionality across one or more systems.

Who are these INI morons to misapproporate my definitions ?

And even worse, they seem to be creating hate speach out of them.

Lenovo's Yoga 9 is flexible at home, but stretches the friendship at work

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Re: Why these

So ... they should review a PC, but only publish if they like it ?

Or they should just review PCs "guaranteed" to be popular ?

Time running out for crew of missing Titanic tourist submarine

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According to the cbs journalist reporting on the Titan, the ecidence points to either hull implosion or complete loss of electrical. Are the scrubbers purely mechanical, or do they need power?

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CEO View of regulations

I found this article that gives some interesting background on the design and amount of risk in the Titan. I see this quote as summing up the design ethos of the sub :

In a 2019 profile by Smithsonian Magazine, Rush was quoted railing against submarine regulations for prioritizing passenger safety over innovation: “There hasn’t been an injury in the commercial sub industry in over 35 years. It’s obscenely safe, because they have all these regulations. But it also hasn’t innovated or grown—because they have all these regulations.”

Full link is https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2023/06/20/video-game-controllers-and-a-single-button-what-its-like-on-board-the-missing-oceangate-sub.html

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Re: Where’s Dirk Pitt when you need him?

What would you kill someone with, the BT controller ? besides, struggle takes oxygen, so not much of an option.

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim

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It's amazon's process, it's their responsibility.

The delivery guy is just filling in until Amazon can deploy the AI delivery-bots. No thinking required.

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This needs to be emphasized

So many commentards think the story is abaut cloud control, smart homes, woke policies, tech dependence, etc. But the real issue is Amazon being negligent in the way they validate feedback. The driver could have entered the wrong customer. he could have butt dialed in the report. Amazon simply didn't build in a failure path tp their proess. Just like they do with all of their processes.

Windows XP's adventures in the afterlife shows copyright's copywrongs

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Copyright strikes a balance

Disney simply pushed the balance in favour of their corporate interests.

Copyright only has to make a socially acceptable tradeoff, not perfectly protect Microsoft, etc.

20 years sounds ok to me.

This ain't Boeing very well: Starliner's first crewed flight canceled yet again

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This is not the Boeing of 747 767 777

It is the Boeing of DC-10 MD-11 and 737-Max

Twitter now worth just a third of what Musk paid for it

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Re: Lesson on use of the sed command

Sadly, it's impossible to differentiate, these days. I suspect that the "you commie" signoff is the tipoff.

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Re: Lesson on use of the sed command

not sure about that. those investors take risks / blindly make mistakers like this all of the time. Sino Forrest anyone ? Bre-X, ...

AI menaces superbug by identifying potent antibiotic

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Re: AI to save the world!

Oh yes, I have been looking forward to this for some time. Now they just need to develop tha AI to verify the biologics that are too hard for humans to decipher.