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If you don't LARP, you'll cry: Armed fun police swoop to disarm knight-errant spotted patrolling Welsh parkland


Re: Plague Doctors?

Bring out your dead...


Re: "...society's untouchables..."

So during the peak of the anthrax scare in the USA... A friend went on a Hash House Harrier run. The rabbit left the bar as normal, marked the trail with flour as normal... a good time was had by all. Then the calls came in the next day. Piles of a white powder were found on streets at regular intervals, hazmat crews were called, huge areas were shut down.

If it isn't hurting you, don't be scared of it

UC Berkeley told to cough up $5m in compensation to comp-sci, engineering students recruited to teach classes


Re: Exploded Ironymeter...

Possibly different entities, but the same politics

Town admits 'a poor decision was made' after baseball field set on fire to 'dry' it more quickly


Missing other good government ideas

From the 70s...

Oregon Exploding Whale

So a large whale washes up on the beach... Rather than haul it away... load it with explosives and let the birds eat the bite size chunks that would be left...

You can read what really happened. Lets just say bite sized if you are an elephant sized bird and they still had to haul away 1/2 the carcass... I remember loving this video back in the early internet days

IETF moves meeting from USA to Canada to dodge Trump travel ban


Re: Sounds good to me

I wouldn't travel to Berkeley either and I live just down the street in San Jose. Berkeley isn't a safe place to visit as anyone with a controversial (to them) conservative opinion causes massive riots, destruction of property and shutting down of highways. Berkeley is just outside of Oakland that has one of the highest crime rates in the USA (your chance of being a victim of a major crime while living in Berkeley is ~ 2%/year).

Yeah San Francisco is working hard to take back those statistics from Berkeley/Oakland - but they haven't managed it yet. I would much rather travel to a nice Canadian city and worry about border control on the way back than have to deal with California

Bug in Microsoft's StorSimple arrays can kill backups


Microsoft's success in the hardware business

After all, the only time Microsoft made a product that didn't suck was when they got into the vacuum business.

(Thank you, I am here all night - don't forget to tip your waitress)

Angler hooks German's todger at nudist lake


Kickstarter folk pay $8 MEELLION for joys of EXPLODING KITTENS


Depends on how many decks are produced

Assume there is a magic 10 dollars to produce a deck and box and get it shipped out.

They get 4M to develop a killer product

It costs 4M to ship out 400K decks of cards.

Yes, if they were only shipping 100 decks of cards to 50 backers - I'd agree with you, but with most things, physical objects scale with the size of the delivery.

Intel's LAME DUCK mobile chips gobbled by CASH COW


Re: Intel never really got the "new embedded"

Really, The Microprocessor design didn't start with Intel? -- REALLY?


Oh well


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