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Enter if ye dare the Comment Dungeon

Iain Paterson

A Man From Mars

No gold nuggets from everyone's favorite babelfish talking loonybin?

I'm saddened by this!

Ten of the Best... laptop stands

Iain Paterson

Stanton Uberstand

It's a very purpose built piece, but it's worth mentioning the Stanton Uberstand


If you work standing up with a laptop it's a must have piece of kit, and absolutely indestructible in it's build quality.

Palm to take on iPhone with web 2.0 banana phone

Iain Paterson

Banana Phone?

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Banana Phone!

Those who know will have it stuck in their heads forever now.

Microsoft hits DHL with $2m lost Xbox action

Iain Paterson

In all fairness...

DHL probably saved them millions in RROD repairs here...

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

Iain Paterson

No Comparable Product?

The CyBook Bookeen is entirely comparable and has greater format compatibility.

Sony e-book reader to debut in UK tomorrow

Iain Paterson

An Alternative to the Sony

I got the CyBook Bookeen instead. Less DRMish stuff going on there. Also uses E-Ink. Less fidgety buttons too. Highly recommend it!

Vendor touts PC's Mac OS X compatibility

Iain Paterson


Because if you have to build an OS that runs on hardware other than the 10 pieces you've hand picked and tested into oblivion, your OS might have issues. MS build their OS to run on just about everything. OSX has conniptions if you change video cards to a non-apple supported flavor. I doubt you'll see Apple adopt this model anytime soon.

Quirky blank Qwerty keyboard goes on sale

Iain Paterson
Paris Hilton

A fool and his money

Wouldn't a $5 keyboard and a $2 bottle of Wite-Out (Tipp-Ex for you Brits) prove just as effective?

If you must have the clacking sound of the keyboard then apply the whiteout to that old IBM keyboard you've got stashed in the cupboard.

Paris, because she's permanently blank too

Anti-Israel hackers deface central bank site

Iain Paterson
Thumb Up

I Said, Mark It Zero

*Cocks 9mm*

Any Lebowski reference is a good Lebowski reference!

MP3 player looks like a cassette, is a cassette

Iain Paterson

Available for half the price

Deal Extreme has these for $21


Thinkgeek are overpriced on just about everything, and their shipping sucks too.

Sumvision shinks the iPod Touch... sort of

Iain Paterson

Looks nice, but...

will it blend?!

Netgear recalls 82,000 powerline Ethernet adaptors

Iain Paterson

Won't stay functional long enough to catch fire...

Reading some reviews over at Amazon.com about this product, it sounds like the failure rate is near as matters 100%. If it's broken within weeks of being out of the box, it's unlikely it'll be plugged in long enough to actually overheat. Typical Netgear crap.

Google trials GPS-without-GPS mobile navigator

Iain Paterson

Works great!

For people who are trying to get this going, make sure you're running Google maps 2.0.0

It works great here on my Blackberry 8700r.

Seems to be accurate within the tolerances they mentioned

Which NAS box is best?

Iain Paterson

Buffalo has what you need

Buffalo Terastation Live

Be sure to also check out Terastation.org for all your hacked firmware needs.

3D handset hits streets of Japan

Iain Paterson

I wonder if it'll be available..

...in a 3D Burberry finish. NEC needs to tap into the chav market if they want to compete in the UK!

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Iain Paterson

The solution to your email woes!

Clean out your mailbox you clarty bastard!