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A bot lingua franca does not exist: Your machine-learning options for walking the talk



Wolfram's Mathematica is trying to carve out a place in this list. It's not free, but it is much cheaper than MatLab. It's still closed source, though.

White House taxes Silicon Valley to skill-up American workers


Re: hmm

Absolutely. A corporation doing a H1-B should basically be required to fast-track the imported worker as an American citizen, instant acceptance, with full voting rights and the right to switch jobs after 2 weeks notice, the same as the rest of us. None of this indentured servitude for pennies on the dollar crap. I doubt there would ever be more than a handful of H1-Bs requested after that was enacted.



We actually have a large number of unemployed older IT workers who already have more training than is needed for most of those jobs. They are not, however, 25 years old, with exactly two years experience in the latest technology and willing to relocate to Silicon Valley and work for whatever corporate America wants to pay them. H1-B visas should require forcing an equal number of executive vice-presidents to relocate to the appropriate third-world nation and take a pay cut to whatever is common there.

FREAKing hell: ALL Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop


Re: Irony

If you apply their workaround, you will no longer be able to access your Verizon email account. This is starting to look like it's going to be a PITA.


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