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Viral Chinese selfie app Meitu phones home with personal data

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Re: Say what … ?

Yep - typo - it is benign. He's saying the app devs could have trojanised it or something similar, but chose to limit it to raiding data for advertising instead.

Reghack Pauli

'fraid so, though it's a selfie put through the app's beautify skin pasting filter and then the 'handdrawn' one which gives it the anime crazy eyes that everyone's posting.

The reality is much worse:


Stealing, scamming, bluffing: El Reg rides along with pen-testing 'red team hackers'

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Re: Top stuff

Great idea, I'll run it by Gatford :)

Outed China ad firm infects 10m Androids, makes $300k a month

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Re: Android versions?

You're quite right, I've mixed up my candies, my mistake. Does Jellybean even function anymore?

'UnaPhone' promises Android privacy by binning Google Play

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Aye, that's the risk with these things. Not even going broke, just going dis-interested in any handset that leaves a retail shelf.

You can load something like Cyanogen to bring non-supported phones back to life but in this case doing so will brick your device.

High-heeled hacker builds pen-test kit into her skyscraper shoes

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Re: Somewhat prude?

Just being cautious. For added fun, click here Imgur name and check out here review on 3D body scanner printer things. That is legit NSFW.

Hacking Team hacked: Spyware source code torrent blurts govt customers

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That's what their customers will be fearing.

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care

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Re: What is missing from this article is...

Rightly so!

I've asked a couple of intelligent folks for advice and will post something once the data's in.


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