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Myst: 20 years of point-and-click adventuring


Re: Cosmic Osmo?

Yes, the same Robyn and Rand Miller created Cosmic Osmo which I ran on the Mac Classic at work — loved it!

Tim Cook: Apple to manufacture Macs in US in 2013



"Customers want iOS and Mac OS X to work together seamlessly, not to be the same ..."

Thank God for that!

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'


I don't give a damn about "App Store"

... it's "genericness" I can't cope with!

Apple vanishes Java from Mac OS X Lion


Eudora ...

... still in use under 10.6.

Telegraph to charge for online news


I hope ...

... that the online Telegraph will serve up more 'real' news and analysis in its paying form. I'm very tired of the fashion rubbish, the cutesy animal pics, the celeb reports or what Google has put on its search page — that's news?

I wouldn't pay for it in its present state.

Kaspersky blocks BBC News over false phishing fears


Perhaps ...

… Kaspersky has done everyone a favour by denying access to a nastily-coloured and senseless revamp of the BBC News site.

Giving poor kids computers, internet makes them stupider


@ me 10

Er ... you're joking, aren't you?

Photographers slam British Library's mission creep



"Is freely available the same as available for free."

No, unfortunately it's not the same. The British Library already have an archive of newspapers from 1800-1900 online and it costs to view them. At first sight their prices seem reasonable, but you often get hundreds of incorrect search results because their OCR is not wonderful.


Police issue lock-up-your-chihuahuas killer owl warning


A pedant comments ...

"(aka Eurasian eagle owl, bubo bubo)"

It's Bubo bubo

Shame on you — the genus name ALWAYS starts with a capital (the species name is always in lower case).

Tsk, tsk!

BBC confirms death of 6Music, slashes online budget by a quarter


Additionally ...

"... the corporation won't provide its own email, webmail or instant messaging service, nor will it create social networking sites."

Thank God for that!

Wreck of 1930s flying aircraft carrier dubbed 'historic'


Re: Bah!

"Very long horizontal, free-floating buoyant structures have a tendency to want to become very tall *vertical* free-floating buoyant structures ... "

So, make them tall, vertical, free-floating structures to start with, no?


Must confess they kinda worry me!

Verified by Visa bitchslapped by Cambridge researchers


Re: Find date of birth

Searchable indexes to UK births, deaths and marriages are widely available. For example, the births' index shows only your name, the quarter and year of your birth, and the district your birth was registered.

Getting a copy of your birth certificate from the General Record Office costs £7 and if you were born within the last 50 years, you must supply your date of birth, actual birth place and your parents' names including mother's maiden name.

iPhone juices AT&T profits



I have a land line. I do not own a mobile.

I'm retired.

I don't need to shout over the muzak in the supermarket, "Shall I get some coffee? Have we run out? Where is it? What aisle?"


Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta


What language do these guys speak?

"... we are adding some additional infrastructure support to the Microsoft.com properties before we post the public beta"

The Plain English Campaign should offer their services to Redmond.

Telegraph.co.uk succumbs to typo irony


They're worse than the Grauniad

It is rare to find a news article on the online Telegraph WITHOUT a typo or grammatical error, and it is not always corrected after publishing. Damned laziness - where are the human sub-editors?

Think of the children!

Or, think of the teachers trying to teach kids how to spell ... well, some teachers.

OMFG, what have you done?


S'okay, I guess

I've been wondering when El Reg would go into redesign mode - had to happen eventually. 50% of the time I read El Reg on a 10-yr-old old machine, with a REALLY old browser so I'm grateful that I still can. The only thing that's broken (so far) are the images of the comments' icons which have disappeared, except for a half-eaten apple floating about - the radio buttons are there though.

But the comments' icons are anodyne! No chararcter, style or individuality whatsoever. Definitely cutesy, more like a politically correct Walt Disney effort. Just re-instate the old ones!

Apple's MobileMe plays into hands of spammers



AFAIK spammers have been harvesting .mac email addresses for years, long before the .me changeover. However, Apple filter out the spam pretty well - I've rarely seen junk mail coming through.

Sir Edmund Hillary dies at 88


Sir Ed

"Hillary was a Kiwi, maybe not many Kiwis read the register"

Here's one that does, who is intensely proud of Hillary and pleased that The Register has thought that his death should be reported here.

Haere ra, Sir Ed.

BT puts old phone books online


@ Whittler

Ah ... yes that's always the trap. You were referring to Scotland, I was thinking of England and Wales. The Eng/Wales birth/marriage/death indexes (originals) have now been removed from public access. There is a Govt project to digitise them, outsourced to India(?) and they were meant to be online before access was denied, but guess what - they're behind schedule and it will not happen now until next year ... or ... later!

I think Ancestry was somewhat precipitous in announcing that all the telephone books are available. They've been putting them up for months, chronologically, and it seems they've only got to the London area for 1984 - the rest of the country is covered up until the 1940s or so.


@ Whittler

"Typically, the same records can be accessed via government sites for free ..."

Ancestry.co.uk provide 19th century census records and GRO birth/death/marriage indexes. What Government sites provide those for free?

Oz convict ancestor database goes online


Yes we can (blame you)

Yes, Crowe was born in NZ but perhaps, like me, he has the misfortune to have an ancestor who was first sent out to Oz thanks to the British judiciary. (A gr-grandson decided enough was enough and headed across the Tasman in 1864.)