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Startup offers $10,000 to Silicon Valley techies … who will leave Bay Area


Outsourcing within the USA

I think this is a nice idea. It costs more than outsourcing to India or Malaysia. However, you will not have any cultural and language problems.

Indians speak English. (The following sentence has been deleted by the author and was not censored).

Companies driven by share holders value will not survive in the long run. Before this will happen, a lot of people making really good money NOW will be POOR before they are 45 years old.

What should password managers not do? Leak your passwords? What a great idea, LastPass


The perfect Password

The perfect password is not "''jjjJJz6&&//§ww".

Using "Iamsostupidthatiforgetmypasswordsallthetime2000" is a 1000 times safer. Brute force attacks do not care which characters humans use. It is the lenght of the password.

Just combine several words and password dictionaries will not work anymore.

"horsefrenchfriesgreengrass" is also pretty nice. And you can rember it.

And if you like to click on attachments of weird emails no password will ever protect you.

Safe, staffers? We'll let you know


A small company (still existing)

There is a small software company that has 6 employees.

There is one programmer.

Two people to manage the programmer.

Two managers who manage the programmer´s managers.

And the boss (CEO).

And what is the name of the company?

Oh, it got many names. Maybe you are using software developed by one of theese companies.

Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning – now throw yours in the trash


Re: Personal Advisor

Hi Dude,

you are absolutely right.

I do not have a Goofy account, I am not using FaceBroken or WhatsUp.

My internet connection is very slow.

There is hardly an internet site that does not connect to Google before I can see the homepage of the site I wanted to visit.

Thanks to my bad internet connection i can see what is happening.


Personal Advisor

My personal advisors are my best friends. Next comes my wife.

Those who need electronic personal advisors must be very desperate. The electronic advisor knows almost nothing about you. It knows everything you did via internet thanks to Google and Facebook.

Do not believe that a box made of plasic set up in your living room cares about YOU. If you do, you must be stupid, very stupid.

Manchester college swaps out disk for rackful of hybrid flash


A single array ...

I am quite old and so is may brain.

However, I still remember that a university in London had data problems recently.

A single array ??? (a thousand more "?"s).

What about replication. Do they have a disaster recovery plan. And just in case they do, I bet they have not tested it.

The system was probably designed by an outsourced sales SPECIALIST from India.

Good luck, very good luck.

HPE CEO Whitman says everything's 'on the right track' as sales are literally decimated


Wait a little bit ....

There are no more freee BIOS upgrades and Service Packs for Proliant (SPP) when the warranty period is over.

You will need a service contract to download a BIOS upgrade. The rest is still for free.

Symbolic IO reveals tech bound to give server old guard the willies


Huffman Code

This smells like a multidimensional Huffman tree. Using two bits as a starter you could go 4 different ways in 1 step. Doing the same again in step 2 you can go 16 different ways just using 2 comparison steps.

Oh, I do not really have an idea how it works. Maybe I had a beer too many.

Americans fear their data isn't safe, yet do little to defend it


Living outside the USA is not so bad

At least all your data will end NOT end up at government agencies. That is what large US cloud companies try to tell us.

The agencies are not allowed to get at MacroSoft, HairBook and Boogle information stored outside the US.

If you give your data to BodyBook, SemiSoft or Mooble anyway, everyday, on any occasion, it is YOUR problem.

If you want that your agencies can do a decent job (catch the bad guys) keep all your private stuff out of the internet.

Both HPs allegedly axed people just for being old, California court told


You Cannot Buy Experience and Love

Those who mix up LOVE and SEX should stop reading here. You cannot buy love.

Experience is a live-long process that gives you knowledge that you will not find in no training and no textbooks. When I finished my studies as an "IT expert" i thought I knew everything. Looking back I knew almost nothing.

Are all people in the HUMAN RESSORCES department younger than 35? If YES, everything is clear. At least for me.


customers do not like inexperienced people

Customers, especially the big ones, do not like inexperienced sales people. It even gets worse when service technicians do not know how to open the door of a rack. HPE has good products. Some are really fine. However, if you cannot support them anymore, the customers will look for other solutions. In a couple of years HPE will consist of only 500 persons. All of them managers trying to optimize their boni. I have got tears in my eyes, because it used to be such a good, really good company.

Nimble Storage ticks over nicely but will shareholders want more revs?


40 millions are gone

"Net income was negative $40M, but $23M of that was stock based compensation."

Come on, when 40.000.000 are gone, they are gone. This company will not survive another five years.

Actually I am quite amazed that they still exist.

Excel hell messes up ~20 per cent of genetic science papers



If you cnanont raed tihs txet it is due to autocroretcion. And yes, Ecxel can mkae you carcy.

LinkedIn sues 100 information scrapers after technical safeguard fail


LinkedIN - even when you are LinkedOUT

15 month ago I opened an accout with LinkedIn. I cancelled it 2 weeks later.

I still get offers to add other peoples data to my account. I do not have an account anymore.

Haven´t had one for MORE THAN A YEAR!!!

Even when you are not a customer anymore, they will bother you for ever with unwanted stuff.

Oh, i just got an idea ... i will register again, pretending to be a rocket engineer. A specialist for rocket fuels made of green beens and cat´s piss.

NASA will call me within three days. I am sure.

Microsoft wins landmark Irish data slurp warrant case against the US


I am an atheist and believe in god

The guys with the sunglasses in the states do not even care about european jurisdiction. The APIs to access the data were finished last week and will be part of the Win10 update. In Win server 2016 it will not be an API but a USF (undetectable secrect function).

The whole thing is nothing more than a cheap show to get more european customers.

It seems to be cheaper to keep your data in the cloud. Microsoft will give you another two years until all your data are cloud-based. Then the fees per gigabyte will rise dramatically. For some unexplainable technical reasons it will then be very hard to get your own data back onto local storage.

My father was a prophet and taught me to look 3 years into the future. If what I can see is true, i should buy MS shares within the next few weeks.

Server techies 'stiffed on overtime pay' banned from ganging up on HP


US farmers

Every US farmer treats his cows better than lady M. and company treat their employees. Oh, and all this for share holders value. I had Compaq shares that were automatically changed into HP shares. I somehow missed to sell them immediately. No gain in value since i bought the shares back in 1996.

Private clouds kinda suck, you know?


What is a cloud ?

The Anonymous Coward so far has given us a lot of good and very good feedback. However, he has not the slightest idea of what a cloud is. This is OK, because he already confessed he has no idea what a cloud is.

Something like DROPBOX? Definitely NOT!

So now i doubt if all his earlier stories - where he seems to be an expert in any topic - are based on phantasy or knowledge.

Drivers? Where we’re going, we don’t need drivers…


Brainless people

People cannot read anymore, can hardly intellectually understand soap operas anymore and soon they will not be able to drive cars anymore. At parties they cannot even talk anymore, exchanging messages via iPhones.

I still like driving my BMW on a german highway. I do it all by myself - and it is fun.

And sometimes i write handwritten letters - for special occasions. And I am not yet 90 years old.

EE Power Bar recall: Telco will waive £5 fee for laggards


EE and Microsoft

EE and Microsoft seem to have some things in common.

They want to have happy customers and do not understand haw to achieve this.

Brit-American hacker duo throws pwns on IoT BBQs, grills open admin


Too stupid ....

If someone is too stupid to control a basic device like a barbecue manually, he/she should go to a restaurant. No, not the good and expensive ones, the dirty and greasy ones.

IoT - not in my house. And I will never allow a TV set to connect to my wireless LAN.

The less people know about technology - the more they are interested in "high end features".

Whitman's split: The end of Fiorina's HP grand expansion era


HP and the future

HP cannot and will not improve its position in the industry. Kicking out the best of the best of those who still DO work and DO know their customers.

The company is now run by Excel spreadsheet specialists who like to give orders to others.

Fiorina, Hurd, Whitman. How many persons does it take to ruin a company? Leo´s ideas might have been looking strange at his time, however, he might have done a better job than the three persons mentioned before.

For almost 30 years i had close contacts to HP and even more to HP customers.

I still have good contacts to HP employees. It is the managers who are doing a bad job.

The customers do not really care who is the culprit.

HP customer service turned pretty bad, HP service technicians want me to shut dow my server to replace a hot-pluggable disk in a raid 1+0 configuration. I appreciate this experise of "experts".

And NO, it s not all HP´s fault. The world has become greedy and you will never get more than you want to pay for.

And when i look at our universities and colleges, they are still doing a good job, when it comes to technology. When it comes to law and business the only topics seem to be "how can i become rich without working 3 days a week".

And "The Machine" and "Memristor" seem to be further away than ever. If they cannot make it by 2018, noboby will listen to science fiction stories anymore. Prototypes were promised for 2016/2017. It does not look like it.

Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth


Microsoft and VolksWagen

VolksWagen thought they are too big a company that something could go wrong with their cheating.

MicroDumb thinks they are even better at cheating and lying. We will see.

Hey Scandos, missed that parcel? Here’s some ransomware instead


Thinking is extremely hard work

Thinking seems to be extremely hard work for a lot of people

If you get such a mail and open the appendix you should have thought of several things before:

1) Do they know my email address (usually not)

2) Are they interested to tell you if something goes wrong (usually not)

We saw the future: Apart from the bath apps it looks like the past



Hi folks

please have a look at my BrainOmatic. The latest and brightest of German engineerig. It switches off your brain automatically when you do not need it. That is 50% of the time. It will set your brain in standby when watching TV or listening to your wife. That is another 40%.

So this brain saver will save all your intelligence for challenging tasks.

Only 200$ for the basic version. If you can prove that you are an idiot, you will get it for free.

Volkswagen used software to CHEAT on AIR POLLUTION tests, alleges US gov


How did they find this out?

How did they find this out? Not by analysing the cars behaviour or analyzing the software. What else can you think of?

BOFH: Press 1. Press 2. Press whatever you damn well LIKE


@ Richard Altman

I think I can see (not hear) a German accent in YOUR English.

So what about your Spanish? You still do not speak Spanish after so many years? Do you still think that Spanish is the native language in China?

Mental heatsinks from THINKTOOFAST CO. are known for giving you problems every once in a while.

And please excuse me if my English is not perfect - I am a confessig German.

The insidious danger of the lone wolf control freak sysadmin


One sentence posts are like a ....

Most of the one sentence posts (if not ALL) in this forum are like a f*rt in the wind. This is a VERY GOOD and VERY TRUE article.

If I want to express my opinion, I will take some time and try to express my thoughts and will not just try to vomit a two second feeling before i click on the next post.

I am not a native speaker - and those of you who dislike Germans will now have one more reason if you belong to those who cannot express themselves.

If you DO work in the IT industry you should know that this article is some sort of historical documentation showing how our systems (politics and economy) are working today.

I am just afraid, that things will be worse in the future.

And to repeat what I wanted to say (yes I am repeating myself) - nobody is impressed by posts that are shorter than a twitter message.

And it is a PLEASURE for me to read posts from people who REALLY have something to say. I want to thank all of you who tried to let us know your point of view.

The rest is just f*rts in the wind.

Vintage Ask toolbar is malware – and we'll kill Jeeves, says Microsoft


I do not really like LINUX yet

I do not really like LINUX yet

however, in the future it might be the only operating system left

that can be configured the way you want it.

so I do see a future for LINUX when it comes to people who care

(mostly data center admins).

average peope do not know how to read maps anymore. without a navigation system they are lost.

SIRI users will not be able to type simple words anymore in less than a couple of years..

Sitting in a cafe they will say "my account number is xxxx and my password is xxx". If you are sitting in a cafe all by yourself and noboby is within hearing distance this might work for a while.

... but not forever

Germany drops probe into NSA's Merkel phone-hacking


No guts anymore

The Germans do not have guts anymore. After world war II we were educated to be docile and feel sorry for what our parents and grandparents did. However, the problem is different. Most people do not care about privacy anymore.

George Orwell (1984) is as amazing as Jules Vernes. Both were far ahead of their time.

WhatsApp /Google / Facebook?? - special services and everybody else who wants to know anything about you have lots of voluntary and unpaid employees. and it is YOU.

Yes, I am German.

However, one of the few advantages of being a German nowadys is being a German tourist. For reasons unknown to me, the rest of the world seems to like us.

By the way, I always behave in such a way that someone else might accept me (I even give tips).

Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone


I remember times when we were waiting for a new Windows version

I remember times when we were waiting for a new Windows version.

However, all those who are using Windows 7 will wait for another year or even two before they are willing to "upgrade".

At least most people I know. And as an IT specialist I always use the same OS on my private gadgets as on my work stations.

Tossed all your snaps into the new Google Photos? You read the terms, right? ... RIGHT?


So they look at every single foto

So they look at every single foto to find out if they can use it commercially. How stupid must you be to store youre data there.

Stranded Brussels airport passengers told to check Facebook


Re: Arrrrrgh! Zuck has bought the rights to Belgium? - German Beer


i am german and i would like to join your cave party. i could provide lots of german beer. and lots of "facebook - no thanks" and "twitter - do it yourself" stickers.

i will also bring my special poker cards. 56 cards instead of the usual 52. the extra cards are zuckerberg cards. if this card shows up as the last one in the game (river card) the player with the worst cards wins. and if you got 4 aces you will love mr. zuckerberg.

and thanks for the idea with the cave - i have just bought a spade to dig my own.

and do not tell me that we germans have no understanding for black humor.

HP Services engineer dispatch tool 'broken', say engineers


You can have the best workforce on this planet ...

You can have the best workforce on this planet ...

However, management and contractors can ruin even the best company.

I know what I am talking about. After working for 25 years for HP I saw how a once successful and highly esteemed company turned into the playing ground of incompetent and ruthless mangers.


Out of time: Huawei, LG unveil watches nobody wants to buy


I almost forgot ro recharge my battery

Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot ro recharge my battery. And I wil have some fun recharging the battery.


This s like a car that has to be refilled every 20 miles

This is like a car that has to be refilled every 20 miles. Nobody wants to have it. Oh, did I say nobody? The number of stupid people seems to increase every day.

Samsung in second SSD slowdown SNAFU


Samsung SSD 830

I have got an SSD 830 in my notebook. When i look at fotos taken last year it takes up to 5 seconds before the next picture shows up. My old notebook with a standard 500GB hardddisk shows the foto as soon as i press the cursor-to-the-right button.

I used to be a Samsung addict. However now, I am glad not to have one of these new Samsung TV sets that snoop your conversations in the living room. And my next SSD will definitely not be a 8xx series disk.

robert / germany


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