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The perils of pair programming

Marco Bizzarri

Did you really read the book you're talking about?

Perhaps I misunderstood your comments, but it looks like you just didn't read the book you're talking about (Pair Programming Illuminated).

Just three points:

1) PPI explicity states that you can have people who are not good at PP, to the point that you will have to design your development facilities to accodate them (for example, providing screen from noises from pairs);

2) the authors of PPI do not measure the experience of programmers in terms of years, as you implies; they measure it in terms of actual experience on the project they are working on; so, you can be an expert in terms of database programming, and a novice in terms of GUI programming;

3) you state "Not everyone is naturally extroverted or a social butterfly that will wither away if he doesn't get to chatter to his colleagues for eight hours a day."; pair programming, as the authors point, can be quite different according to the types of programmers (extrovert/extrover, introvert/introvert, etc.).

Am I missing something?


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