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WWW daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee stands up for end-to-end crypto


Re: No, it's not settled

This is the Register comments section, no the Daily Mails.

If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told


Remember folks

If your doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about... have you.

Ordinary punters will get squat from smart meters, reckons report



It's not the spy (sorry, smart) meters that I don't trust, it's the people reading them.

TeamViewer denies hack after PCs hijacked, PayPal accounts drained


New Contact Request

Been getting quite a few emails lately from (apparently) service@teamviewer.com where someone I've never heard of wants to add me as a new contact. I suspect this has probably got something to do with all this.

Cops hate encryption but the NSA loves it when you use PGP



Certainly sounds like it to me!

Boozing is unsafe at ‘any level’, thunders chief UK.gov quack


They want you to die

The sooner your dead the sooner they can stop paying your pension. It's probably a bit like Statins where you think your doing yourself good but actually your harming yourself.

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping


Re: Security Theatre and/or Snooping

"It's meant to be to protect us against terrorists that are so well-organised that they threaten the very fabric of our society" - I would not call the UK government well organised...

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT


They blew it

I was all for an upgrade to Windows 10 - until I saw the security issues. Looks like I'll be sticking with 7 like people stuck with XP. See you in ten years Microsoft... Or I *may* set up a Win 10 machine for gaming, and gaming only. None of my development machines are getting 10 in any which way, shape or form. Samsung have likewise shot themselves in the foot with their sneaky voice recordings. Sorry Sammy, them two TV's I have of yours are my last!

NASA: 'Closest thing yet to ANOTHER EARTH' - FOUND


Diet world!

Twice the gravity! twice the workout! Would be a stone cold killer lugging the paragliding kit up the hill though.

Why does the NSA's boss care so much about backdoors when he can just steal all our encryption keys?


Re: "We fully comply with the law"

Much like the tax dodgers fully comply with the law.


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