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NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box


Re: Not HCI

And what pros does it give to you to have compute and storage share CPU cores?

Pure Storage to punt out supersized FlashArray system


Have you ever tried to check "analyst" information before publishing it?

In spite of it's very silly to compare modern AFA by raw capacity, please tell me how "Mr. Analyst" managed to get only 380TB of raw capacity for SF9605/9010 if every node has 10 960GB SSD and there will be 100 nodes?

And as it was mentioned by commenter before, where is NetApp AFF?!

It can has tremendous 22.12PB raw capacity for NAS only cluster and 7.37PB raw for unified cluster.

That is simply capacity monster, not HPE.

Could NetApp buy SolidFire? It would be outside its comfort zone


Re: NetApp needs to do something

The funny thing that with flash storage every company became "king of performance". And after all that hype with big performance of flash customers need functionality and reliability. And NetApp is known for their functionality and reliability. They made quite impressive work with ONTAP to deliver consistent low latency performance with AFF. So just take AFF, test it and compare with other vendors.

This storage startup dedupes what to do what? How?


Re: @AC

And that's why most of storage vendors implement T10 PI/DIF support. Some of them did it 5-7 years ago, other - just year ago.

EMC mess sends New Zealand University TITSUP for two days


Oops, I did it again


"Dimension Data's Australian cloud has been down for over 24 hours after EMC kit failed"

Hitachi smashes SPC-1 benchmark, boasts: We HAF ways of crushing 2 million IOPs

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