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Brit builders merchant Travis Perkins opts for Oracle after ERP disaster with Infor

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Oh, I could hardly contain my glee to finish reading the article and not just immediately jump to comment on this one. If they were disappointed that Infor was held together by "sellotape and elastic bands", I am most interested to hear how they feel about their new choice. My org is implementing Oracle Cloud Fusion for HCM, FIN and SCM. Let me see if I, too, can make some amusing analogies... "Byzantine lead pipe fitted together with paper drinking straws?" No... that's not really fair. "Russian space station Mir after a restoration by Tata Motors." Hrm... Tata might have actually improved matters... Nope. How about, "Big ERP whose only fitness for purpose is to drive the revenue that keeps Larry's yaght stocked with Scotch." That'll do nicely.

Voyager antenna operator: 'I was the first human to see images from Neptune'

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Re: "...uses a Solaris workstation running version 8 of the OS"

Overnight shipping, world-wide, has certainly been an option for as long as software on CD has been an option. I don't buy your story.

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?

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Re: My current mobile is a nokia E63

@Updraft102: Sounds like what you are really after is a Windows 8 tablet. Don't even bother with 8.1. Day-1 GA Win8. That's your flavor.

Three-commas Thiel expresses love for himself, Trump and downtrodden millionaires

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Google's hardware extravaganza: Ad giant takes on Sonos, Roku, Linksys, Amazon, Oculus... you name it

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Literally not one mention of the MIA Nexus 7 2016 in this article. THAT's the device I'm waiting for - something Google perfected (the small, affordable tablet), instead of something Google copied (iPhone, Echo, Samsung VR, etc.)

Snoop! stooge! Yahoo! handed! all! your! email! to! Uncle! Sam! – and! any! passing! hacker!

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Re: FBI contacted me one time

Expect the FBI to investigate AC's JFK post a serious lead.

Yelp wins fight to remain morally bankrupt

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Re: Really more shite

Dave, you must be invited to al the happening parties.

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Re: Yelp is a joke anyway

My down vote is attributable to the concept of a verification system based on scanned receipts. Such a system would not be simple to implement, nor practical for the average user.

Concerning flamingly negative reviews, I expect we have all found ways to contextualize such information as educated internet users. If, as a service provider, such as the complainant in the subject of this article, I have only received one flamingly negative review ever, the contextual clue to the customer is that I don't do much business and therefore may be lacking the experience to provide excellent service.

While I am very uncomfortable with the business model that yelp is accused of pursuing here, I don't think this complainant's case was even close to the adequate example to illustrate yelps abuses.

Windows 10 Anniversary on a Raspberry Pi: Another look at IoT Core

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Re: We should use neither

Sorry, downvoted you hplasm. You've got to keep your hardware and OS clearly separate in jokes here - we mostly all know the difference.

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Re: We should use neither

Folks are being brutal with boltar for merely speaking common sense. I didn't realize that Raspberry Pi had such ardent and, frankly, ignorant fanbois. Clearly their educational mission is missing the mark.

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Re: We should use neither


The clumsy "shield" system is for people that can't solder a stripboard...

Now, now, no point it trying to make it personal. I enjoy soldering, breadboarding and shielding equally. They all have their place.

Arduino was designed for experimenting. You know, popping things on, popping things off, switching things around, making mistakes; generally: learning.

Not all of us have become self-proclaimed mages yet, please be patient.

The developer died 14 years ago, here's a print out of his source code

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Re: Portrayal of computer tech guys in films/tv.

Need a dusting of graphite on that "1" key methinks.

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Re: h4rm0ny er....

@Matt Bryant:

Yea, I guess you're probably right. The governments of nearly every modernized country would have intervened back in 2008 to keep people borrowing if it important to world order.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: This design needs a dictator

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Re: Unified UI Unicorn

Re: down votes for ascii

Ok, you had your glee in pushing the down arrow, now defend your position. I'm truly curious.

Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?

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Re: "As Phomne 10 dead in water"

Not at all. Phomne is the god of phones dropped in toilets. You must have slept through mythology during grammar school.

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Re: Windows 10 is good if you don't care about controlling your own computer or your privacy

@TeacherMARK: the use of the expression "retard" in a derogatory way is ignorant and insensitive.

People with mental disabilities made no election to have such challenges in life, and yet they still manage to contribute greatly to their community. Please consider showing some respect.

That your handle includes "teacher" makes your choice of words doubly reprehensible.

What's losing steam at Apple? Pretty much everything

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Android keyboard

The July update to Android has decimated what had been becoming an excellent predictive keyboard. I believe they once again have tried to make it more Appleish.

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?

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Re: Windows8.2=10 is a fraud and a scam!

You don't buy new pots and pans just because you replaced the stove...

You don't pay for a new car just because you replaced the engine...

False analogies.

You haven't paid the pots and pans maker to warrant that their wares will both work with your terrifically complicated and rather unique stove, and that the pots and pans maker will provide technical support if they fail to work with said stove.

You don't, in fact, pay for a new computer (car) when you change the motherboard (engine). But you should expect to pay for the creation of the various drivers and other development effort that ensured the same OS will work exactly the same on a totally different piece of hardware. If you replaced your 2014 Ford's engine with a 2016 Ferrari engine, you would pay your mechanic the ensure those different parts contained to work together correctly, no?

If you don't like how MS earns their money, I've heard there might be other options for making your computer go. Apparently you can even help write the programs yourself. For free.

Microsoft ordered to fix 'excessively intrusive, insecure' Windows 10

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Re: I've said it before

Linux Mint Cinnamon has totally turned around my sexlife. On the very first day that I downloaded the ISO, before I had even written it over to a flash drive, the hunney from down the way came over on the premise of needing to borrow ingredients for a cake. Asked if I had some cinnamon, I invited her in to come and have some.

What's big, blue and red all over? IBM. Profit, z Systems down, cloud up

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...must be cracking their knuckles, ready for the second half. Too bad the US Government won't let them have it... Unless HRC wins, in which case the deal was already signed 16+ years ago.

Netflix and not chill

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Re: Maybe

I really don't know how Netflix thought it would be possible to grow the business while:

1. Approaching market saturation

2. Increasing their fees

3. Decreasing the variety and quality of third-party programing.

4. Failing miserably to repeat the success of new programming since OITNB (what they did to Arrested Development years back should have been a clear warning to investors that they are generally out of their depth).

5. Surrendering content to Amazon, who is offering an increasingly satisfying video service as only one facet of a suite of services that cost less than Netflix.

Their present business model, I'm guessing, must include a substantial portion of revenue from users who have forgotten or simply can't be bothered to cancel.

Happy 50th birthday, optical fibres for telecoms

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Once, while driving through Corning, New York, I was very excited to take break and visit the museum there. Of particular interest to me at the time was seeing some fiber optic history in the flesh.

Sadly, 2/3 of the museum is dedicated to glass baubles and objet d'art. The science room (kinda a big open room mind you) had a pretty excellent example a mirror from a telescope, and a lot of examples of automotive safety glass. I recall few or no examples of any of the fiber optic or tablet glass products that have kept Corning relevant that past 15 years.

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Re: Institution of Electrical Engineers

Clive: it must have been so exciting to put your training and expertise to work for such an important project as playing secretary for your boss.

I'm not sure if I feel more sorrow or disappointment for you.

Tor veteran Lucky Green exits, torpedos critical 'Tonga' node and relays

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@wolfetone: Perhaps. But do you tell the spooks, "I'll get to your polite request tinged with deeply disturbing undertones in about a month and a half?"

Seems to me that greatest motivation is to sever ties with those for whom he has no respect.

Empty your free 30GB OneDrive space today – before Microsoft deletes your files for you

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Re: Trying hard to annoy users

Oh, oh, we have one of those ISPs here in the States too. Except ours, naturally, is the top shelf provider. Verizon offers terribly attractive loss leader pricing, but then wallops the customer with unannounced price increases brought every 9 months.

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Re: NAS Drives

@JohnLBergqvist: do you mean the default firmware or the software did this mischief? Forgive me for sounding judge, but what you describe sounds more like the result of an errant operator of a disk operating system.

IBM scraps loyal staffer gifts in favour of... a congratulatory social page

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Re: A culture of feedback to cognitive learning that’s more mobile

That is IBMese. So much is lost in translation, but I'll give it a try:

A culture of misleading customers by the use of enigmatic phrases that suggest we are engaged in a terrifically complex business that the customer ought to understand but can't without our help.

It's mostly a game, like Mornington Crescent.

Microsoft's cringey 'Hey bae <3' recruiter email translated by El Reg

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Re: <3

PS. ♥

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Well, I had to search just to sort out what the <3 was about. As the most popular record on urban dictionary has it, it's a ball sack that some folks mistake for a heart.

To think I've been wasting my time studying the object model for several MSFT applications and didn't have time to learn about ASCII hearts. I'm clearly not MSFT material.

Android tablets too bitter a pill for Dell

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Re: Success requires hard work

Sorry, but had to do downvote you for the use of strong braces as HTML tag brackets.

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Remarkable! Dell finds itself the maker of yet another dead-end family of commodity items. Have they started making wearables yet? I believe they are due to start soon if not.

fMRI bugs could upend years of research

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The whole series of experiments were nothing more than a fishing expedition.

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Re: Good science

In medicine, as is increasingly true in other branches of science, research is largely conducted in the interests of corporations. This too often results not in a drive to learn and improve from mistakes, but to profit before the mistakes become obvious.

From Watson Jr to Watson AI: IBM's changed, and Papa Watson wouldn't approve

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@AC of "Watson is illustrative..."

Couldn't agree more. My last interaction with Watson was the recipe-wielding website supposedly powered by Watson. In spite of much bally-hoo, even from US public media, about the capabilities of the system, I found the UI profoundly enigmatic, and even after sticking with it much longer than the total prep time of three or four meals. I could only manage to eke out a recipe containing several ingredients I had not included in my inventory.

Prior to that, I spent about a week of my life actively trying to figure out what had become of Jeopardy Watson, and walked away only slightly better understanding IBM's truly archaic cloud services (stone tablets and bronze chisels... in the Cloud) and nothing more.

PC market sinking even faster than first thought, thanks to Windows 10

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Re: Desktop Android is the future

Ptzzap. I so disagree with you, Updraft102. At this point, anything that lets me open a remote session to a VM is fit for purpose. Android meets my criteria just fine. If I need a Windows machine, I've got one on my 'droid.

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Re: I wouldn't blame Windows 10

Whaaaat? You're able to find after-market batteries (for anything) that aren't total shite? Do tell!

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Re: Knew it!

I might have a go at the shop with a console that does VR, but it's value in anything other than gaming is totally lost on me. I appreciated the earlier comment about Clippy-VR. Most people are paid to get shit done, not have an "immersive experience." Then, when they are done working, most people have real lives to contend with.

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If MSFT had done nothing, I mean all we had today was a patched Win7, and none of the sturm und drang, does anyone think PC sales would have remained stable?

I'll be the first to ridicule MSFT for their ham fisted attempts to innovate, but I don't really think anyone was going to keep the PC platform relevant.

Microsoft offers Surface-as-a-Service from its own stores

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Re: Out of curiosity ...

I was under the impression that Master Slack had gone off the rails and that Slackware was no longer being maintained. We're you just kidding Andi didn't get it?

Google's 'fair use' mass slurping of books can continue – US Supremes snub writers' pleas

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Yes. The third vacation home kept by the average tenured professor does not usually cost as much as the first one, so they don't need to make quite as much money on the book publishing bit.

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Re: "Out of print" is a mortal sin

I think the opt-out for most thing these days is simply not to publish. Be it the novel that culminates your entire gift for writing, or your various predilections in the input box of a search engine.

Bay Area man forced out of his $400 box home

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Re: The housing situation in the Bay is obscene.

Whoa there AC. Rent in suburban NJ, as much a 40 miles west of NYC, which, at rush hour is a 2-hour commute, still has an absolute floor of $1500 a room, and that's if you are shtuping the landlord.

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Re: fire hazard

@anniemouse. Wish I could upvote twice. Hail Bob Dobbs.

Inside Nvidia's Pascal-powered Tesla P100: What's the big deal?

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Re: Deep Learning?

@hattivat: Now that was something I could sink my braincells into.

I'm not agnostic to the concept of AI. And I appreciate that some really amazing programming is happening right now that allows for astonishing patern detection. I clearly don't understand it, and I am frustrated that I'm probably just not bright enough to be able; but I don't deny it.

But I balk at giving these and other concepts names that attempt to anthropomorphize what the process is doing. That is just the arrogant, self-deification of, again, mostly the academic set who come up with pure theory, no practice and sure as hell no meaningful value.

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Re: Deep Learning?

Oh, it's all about finding an undefined "best answer." Perfect. I totally get it now.


Code For Broke

Re: Deep Learning?

Sorry Matthew, but you've delivered a response that is, again, jammed up with jargon.

Architecture is how the bits of wood or steel are fitted up to make a building.

Neural concerns neurons, which are nerve cells in a living organism.

Hidden layers are found in a lasagna, which is a fine meal to take a mourning friend.

Propagation is what males and females do when bored/anxious/angry to pass the time... oh, and make babies.

None of these concepts pertain to computing. They are the entropic banter of academics, bent on turning a stream of consciousness into way to pay the mortgage.

Can someone please explain what Deep Learning is without the shadow puppets and microtonal soundtrack?

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Deep Learning?

I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word of this Deep Learning b.s.

Any concept whose name immediately begs questions about the inverse of its name just rings painfully in my ears as the output of publish-or-perish academics with absolutely no experience in value creation. It's jargon backed up by explanations of jargon with jargon to help you understand the jargon in the jargon.

Having spent some time with Professor Wikipedia just now, I'm only more confident in my beliefs.

Has anyone a class of Deep Learning kool-aide for me to drink? Am I wrong? Please enlighten me?

Microsoft drives an Edge between Adobe and the web: Flash ads blocked

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Re: irresponsible

@bombastic bob: Downvote for the Tourette's-emulating use of caps. We apparently should expect no less, based on your handle, but they have medicine now for your condition.

AMD Bristol Ridge finds first home in HP ENVY x360

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Nope, no spectacles. But after one is finished reading the marketing blurb, their existing hardware immediately renders everything in a kind of early LCD resolution up-rendered softness.

How do you build a cheap iPhone? Use a lot of old parts

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Re: Hurray, finally an iPhone for poor people!

@Voyna: your perception of a joke and most of the world's appreciation of a joke are somewhat what out of whack.



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